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Best Luxury Camping Tents

What Makes A Tent LuxuriousBest Luxury Camping Tents

In the world of camping, the term the best luxury camping tents can mean a lot of things. For one person, a luxury camping experience may be one that has water on-site, while for another person, the term luxurious may mean camping in a holiday park with access to all the amenities.

When it comes to tents, the term luxury may often get confused with ‘Glamping‘. If you ask me, there’s a vast difference between glamping and luxury camping tents. People will often hire a glamping tent for an overnight experience at a designated campsite.

To me, this is not a luxury tent that is to be used by the camper that wants a little more luxury from their regular camping trips. What makes a tent luxurious in my opinion includes some of, if not all the below features:

Front Awning/Porch

A tent with a porch or screen room capable of entertaining guests. This extra area of the tent will make your tent stand out from the rest. The porch area gives you an area where you can socialize and often be protected by mosquitoes and bad weather. 

Extra Height & Space

Luxurious Tent With Large Porch Area

Luxury is all about convenience, and a tent that offers enough space for you to camp in comfortably is a tent that’s convenient to your needs. 

A tent with tall ceilings allows the adults to walk around inside the tent without having to hunch over and feel uncomfortable. I consider many cabin tents to be luxurious as they have high ceilings and vertical walls. The vertical walls allow you to feel more comfortable walking and sleeping along the edges of the tent. 

Ample Storage Solutions

Luxury camping tents will generally offer a more significant amount of storage pockets, lofts, and even built-in closets for neatly and safely storing away your gear. 

A tent that is scattered with gear all over the place is stressful — quite the contrast to luxury. Trying to find your spare batteries, or your toothbrush in the dark of night in a tent with no storage solutions is hardly relaxing. 

Well Suited To The Climate

When you think about luxury, you don’t imagine yourself confined in a small space sweating it out on a hot summer night or freezing to death during the colder nights. Nor do you imagine luxury as dodging water droplets dripping inside your tent as you quickly try to save your valuables from getting wet. 

A luxury tent needs to be able to handle the cold, heat and severe weather like high winds and heavy rain. 

Bonus Features

Some tents go above and beyond when it comes to luxury accessories. These types of inclusions may not necessarily be what you’re after, but for some people, they are what sell the tent to them. 

Some of these extra features can include:

Best Luxury Family Cabin Tent

Best Luxury Family Cabin Tent

Coleman makes some of the most exquisite family tents on the market, so it should come as no surprise that this 8 person model has made the luxury list.

This tent offers a lot of great features that a lot of other tents don’t even think about including. These extravagant features I’m about to disclose are what make this tent a leader in the luxury tent industry.

There a lot of lavish features that this Coleman tent boasts. It’s the simple things that this tent does well, which makes it stand out. Adding the port for an electrical lead is small but useful if you’re camping at a ground that supports power.

Built-In Closet Fit For The Queen

The living area in a tent is crucial, whether it’s one person camping or the whole family. It allows you that extra room to store extra gear without feeling cramped and overwhelmed. This tent takes the luxurious space one step further, by including a built-in closet. Not many tents include a built-in cupboard, and I find it extremely useful for storing those items that normally get kicked around on the floor of the tent.

One feature of this tent that I really like is the door which sounds strange, but Coleman went with a unique design for this tent’s door. It’s because they went with a hinged door, which acts more like a normal door than the usual zip-up door. This is a small quality of life feature that I really like.

As I mentioned, it’s the little things that this tent does that make it so good. Setting up any tent can be frustrating at times, but Coleman made this more manageable with a straightforward yet intelligent system. They made the poles color-coded, so you will always know which pole goes where. 

What I Consider Luxury About This Tent

  1. Without a doubt, the built-in cupboard. This feature is amazing whether you’re camping with the kids or just your partner. Being able to organize your clothes in a decent manner is not something you’ve come to expect when camping.
  2. The Hinged door is a convenience that screams luxury. During the day you don’t need to fuss around with the zipper getting snagged or jammed as you can use this door like a regular hinged door at home. At night you can zip it up to keep the bugs out while you sleep.
  3. The bathtub floor is high quality and helps to keep the floor of the tent dry from external surface water.

My Only Gripe

If I had to pick a negative about this Coleman tent, it would be the rainfly. While some folks prefer the top hat style of fly, I typically prefer to have tents with a full-length rainfly. Because the majority of the walls are one layer, you will need to ensure you apply additional coats of waterproofing to be on the safe side.

Overall this is a fantastic tent that will make other campers envious of your tent. It’s a cut above most other tents and offers all those quality of life features that make camping more relaxing.

Coleman 8 Person Tenaya Lake Fast Pitch Cabin Tent with Closet


Premium Tent Instant Pop Up 

Premium Tent Instant Pop Up 

Pop up tents have a real big advantage over most other tents, with their set up times, and ease of use being the number one factor. This Gazelle pop up tent offers just that, and with it taking only a few minutes to set up, it gives you more time to relax and enjoy your camping.

It’s difficult to know where to begin with this tent with just how amazing I find it. There are many lavish, luxurious, quality of life improvements that I like, such as the detachable floor, which makes cleaning the tent extremely easy.

Unique Rainfly That Provides Unmatched Ventilation

The rainfly on a tent is a great addition, but sometimes it can get in the way of a tent’s ability to breathe. This isn’t the case with this impressive Gazelle tent since it’s rainfly can be positioned to be further away from the tent.

Not only does this give you more shade inside the tent, but it also doesn’t block air from flowing in between the rainfly and inner walls of the tent. I quite like this design as it is a great way to reduce condensation build-up and keep fresh air flowing in, even when its raining and all the windows are done up. 

One of my favorite things about this tent is its ability to turn one side of the tent into a porch section. This allows you to have an area to sit and relax without feeling cramped. The covered porch area is perfect for when it rains, and you can’t go outside and enjoy nature. So instead you can relax with a good book and listen to the rain.

Heavy Duty YKK Zippers

When a company pays attention to even the smallest features of a tent, it makes you appreciate how much they care about their products and their customers. Attention to detail is precisely what Gazelle has done with this tent, with even its zippers being of the highest quality, being the world leaders YKK zippers.

Don’t underestimate this feature just because they are a small part of the tent, YKK makes the most sturdy zippers out there to ensure you get the most luxurious camping experience you can.

Since this is an 8 person tent you’re going to be getting a good amount of room for people and gear. They included extra storage pockets that are useful for storing those smaller items you don’t want to lose or find lying around on the tent floor covered in sand and dirt.

The Features I Love

  • The instant pop up design is especially handy for families, as most tents of this size don’t have the instant pop up design, setting this tent up will help all the parents out there.
  • The removable floor makes cleaning sand and dirt from inside the tent super easy. I quite like this feature for long camping trips as sand and dirt start to get into everything after a few days.
  • The front screen room is a brilliant touch.

The Downsides

  • Quite bulky in size and heavy to transport once packed away. It’s so big some folks have trouble fitting it into the trunk of their sedans. I camp with a trailer and roof racks, so storage is not a big deal for me.
  • Fitting the tent and the poles back into the carry bag is a tight fit. I generally separate poles into a more durable heavy-duty mesh bag anyway as poles can rip nylon material too easy. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy a canvas bag just for your poles to go in.

Gazelle Instant Pop Up Tent With Removable Floor


 High-End Coleman Tent 

High-End Coleman Tent 

For people who want to camp in style, while maximizing the level of creature comforts, it’s hard to go past this fantastic Coleman tent. With the features present in this tent, you may start to wonder how you ever lived without them on your previous camping trips.

The big stand out feature of this tent is the power pack it includes, which is one of the most useful features a tent can have. The built-in power supply allows you to charge your USB devices when camping and is helpful for the more tech-focused people out there.

Safety items can require a USB to charge them, so it can increase your overall safety by having this backup power source.

Built-In LED Lights

When camping, the lack of light at night time can be frustrating, especially when you have little children relying on you to light the way. One of the most luxurious features of this tent is the built-in LED lights (Requires 4 D Batteries or the use of the included power pack) that have multiple settings, so there’s no more fumbling in the dark! The dimmed nightlight is especially helpful for when its time for the kids to go to sleep. 

While there aren’t a lot of windows on this tent, the windows it does have are magnificent and have a feature most tents don’t have. The windows on this Elite tent are auto-rolling windows, which will roll down when you begin to unzip them instead of falling randomly. Self-rolling windows may seem like a small thing, but trust me, they are instrumental to the tent.

Hinged Door – Brilliant!

Being part of the Elite line of tents by Coleman, means that this tent also has the hinged door design, which I personally find is a great improvement over traditional zippered doors. It makes it difficult to ever go back to the standard doors after using this kind of camping door!

This tent has been designed with comfort and luxury in mind and really does set itself apart from the others. If you’re someone who wants to improve the comfort and enjoyment of your next camping trip, I’d find it hard to go past this incredible tent.

 Additional Pros

  1. Awning over the front door for protection from rain when entering/exiting the tent. Not to be confused with a larger size porch tho.
  2. Awnings over the two end windows allow you to have the windows open when it’s raining and allow fresh air to circulate without the inside getting wet.
  3. Excellent waterproofing features including sturdy bathtub flooring with welded seams.
  4. Good design for high winds – Wind rolls over the dome style cabin tent rather than pushing into the vertical walls.
  5. Removable rainfly for hot nights when you want to sleep directly under the stars

The Cons

  1. Like most tents, the stakes need to be upgraded to at least 10″ or 12″ heavy-duty stakes if you plan to camp in bad weather.
  2. Lacks enough cross ventilation, which is why leaving the fly off is a good idea unless you’re anticipating rain.

Coleman Elite Montana Lighted Tent


Best Glamping Tent

Best Glamping Tent

When you’re looking for a tent with lots of room it’s hard to go past this tent from Whiteduck! It comes in 3 different sizes with it’s largest having an impressive amount of room of 6M (20′). This is an incredible amount of room for those larger camping groups who need a lot of living area.

Most tents you come across are 3-season tents, these tents can’t handle the winter months. Fortunately, that’s not the case with this tent, as it’s an all-season tent. Meaning it can be used year-round and you only need one tent for all your camping needs, instead of having multiple for different seasons.

Open Living For A Luxury Camping Experience

Being a canvas tent made from cotton makes this tent very breathable, which is important to a year-round tent like this one. They went one step better by including a lot of windows, with the smallest tent having 8 windows and the largest having an impressive 12 windows.

There are a number of reasons this tent is great in the winter, but it would be the stove jack that makes it excel in those cold months. Being able to have a stove in a tent really warms up those cold nights. Plus being able to cook safely inside your tent makes those colder months some of the most enjoyable times to camp in my opinion.

You can’t have a stove jack and not be fire repellent which is exactly what this tent is. It’s also water repellent so it has a good amount of protection from most things you’ll face when camping. It’s difficult to past this tent up as it just offers so much versatility.

Not only is there a lot of room in this tent, it offers a lot of height for tall people out there. It has a peak height of 9 feet, which is in the center of the tent and gets smaller the further it goes out. It’s still nice for taller people who are tired of constantly having to bend over when inside a tent.

 Luxury Features Include:

  • Ykk zippers – Heavy-duty tough zippers that are designed to hold up to extreme camping environments
  • Stove jack for cooking inside the tent and staying warm on colder nights
  • Fire repellant
  • 3-way zipper on the front door
  • 3 layer windows for better ventilation and protection from mosquitoes and rain
  • Multiple sizes with ample windows

White Duck Outdoors Luxury Tent With Stove Jack


Bext Luxury Canvas Cabin Tent

Bext Luxury Canvas Cabin Tent

If there is one thing that I really like about a tent is that it’s a canvas tent made out of cotton. There aren’t a lot of them left on the market, thankfully Kodiak has this excellent 8 person canvas tent that’s made out of 100% cotton duck. Kodiak also have canvas tents of varying sizes as well.

Kodiak has made this cotton canvas tent even better by adding a silicone finish to it. What this does is it allows it to be waterproof and not lose its ability to breathe which is quite unique. It’s these kinds of extra features that make this tent excellent for someone who wants to camp in luxury.

One of the best features of this tent is the way it funnels the flow of air inside the tent. It’s designed with a two funnel-flow vent system that helps regulate the temperature. This is an excellent feature for the warmer months when you want to keep the temperature down.

Having extra areas to store your camping equipment is really useful, and this tent has a customizable gear loft. This gives you plenty of space to store your gear without sacrificing floor space.

Heavy Duty Stakes Included

Most tents come with stakes that the first thing you do is go out and replace them with something better. This is one of the few tents on the market where I don’t believe you have to do this since they’re a heavy-duty stake. They’re also a decent length with them being 12 inches long instead of what many other tents provide.

A Heavy Con

This tent is a little on the heavy side with it weighing a total 79lbs, so this can make difficult for some people to carry. It doesn’t take up to much room when it’s packed up so it’s easy to store in your vehicle when you go camping, and easy to store at home. Just be aware of the fact that canvas tents are heavier than nylon or polyester tents.

Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe Tent


High-End Bell Yurt Tent

Yurt tents are some of the most spacious and durable tents on the market, which make them excellent for those who want a more relaxing, and luxurious style of camping. Having the extra spaces gives people that little bit of extra room so everyone isn’t crammed together, which is what this tent by Dream House provides.

It offers a variety of different sizes from a smaller 9.84 ft diameter to an impressive 19.7 ft diameter. So there’s a size to suit practically everyone, which is something I personally like since I’m a fan of having options before purchasing anything.

This is a four-season tent for those who like to camp in the winter or someone who only wants to own one tent. It comes with a stove jack which is why it handles the winter so well and makes it work perfectly in those colder months.

Awesome Protection From Mosquitoes

One thing I like about this tent is just how well it handles the mosquitos and other bugs you find when camping. When designing this tent they made sure the windows are made out of an ultra-fine mesh that keeps even the smallest bugs out which I find is very effective compared to others. This makes camping much more enjoyable and is certainly a feature I consider to be luxury.

Being a canvas tent gives this tent an advantage over other nylon tents. Canvas cotton tents are heavy, which sounds like something you don’t want in a tent, but that’s not the case. The heavier fabric means the tent doesn’t blow around as much in the wind, this makes it quieter at night when you’re trying to sleep.

Can Be Expensive As A Result

Yurt tents can have a higher upfront cost, which can put some people off buying them. I can understand why that does put people off, but at the same time, I find yurt tents offer better protection and versatility compared to most other tents. Not to mention most are four-season tents, so you don’t need 2 different tents just to get you through the year. So it can save you money in the long run.

Dream House Luxury Bell Glamping Tent


Luxury Tent That Looks Like A House

Extra Large Luxury Tent

This tent looks remarkably like a house, which is not something that you come across every day. Just because a tent looks like a house doesn’t instantly get you a spot on this list either. The tent needs to have these important qualities of life improvements, which I find this tent meets both of these requirements.

Being a 10 person tent means this is great for a family group who like to go camping. But camping with the family can take a toll on your sanity, especially when taking young kids on an extended trip. This tent includes a room divider so you can have some privacy and take a break from the kids when the time arises, and it will.

Huge Front Porch Area For Entertaining

While personally, the room divider is my favorite feature of this tent with the front porch a very close second. Having a porch for your tent is really useful feature to have in the wet weather. As you can get out of the rain and not be forced to open the tent and risk letting the tent get wet inside.

During the hotter months, the porch also offers much-welcomed shade and protection from harmful UV rays. Anytime I go camping with my 3 kids, the tent I take must have a porch area. It’s just a great feature to have.

One thing that Northwest Enterprises did when they designed this tent was the intelligent decision of making the poles color-coded. This is a useful feature as it makes this tent incredibly easy to set up. For those who aren’t very good at setting up a tent, this will make your life easier.

The amount the tent can breathe (vent) is an important feature to consider when buying a tent, as this is what makes the warmer months possible to camp in. This tent has an impressive 6 windows which are capable of being zipped up. It also has a front and back door so you can get a nice breeze to go through the tent which allows the fresh air to circulate better.

A small feature on this tent that I really like is how it has pockets specifically designed with a smart tablet in mind. It allows you to put your tablet in it and still be able to see the screen which is useful with kids as well as us adults.

Large Cabin House Tent


Best Expensive Waterproof Tent

Best Expensive Waterproof Tent

When you want a luxury tent that handles wet weather better than most tents on the market, it’s hard to go past this incredible tent from NTK. It’s been designed to keep the water out, while you and your gear stay dry at all times.

There are a number of waterproof tents on the market, but very few cheaper models have a bathtub floor finished in a thermal silver coating. A bathtub floor is an excellent design choice as it keeps water out with its simple design. It means that the floor of the tent actually goes up the wall of the tent by 6 inches.

Because the floor of the tent comes up the sidewalls, the water that is present on the grass can’t seep into the joining seams of the tent. The rain fly on this NTK which has a 2500mm waterproof coating on it comes all the way to the ground. This also adds to the high level of waterproofing as the inner wall of the tent will never get wet provided you have the windows closed. 

Oversized Family Tent

If you have a large group then this tent is a great option since it’s a 12 person tent. It has an incredible length of over 20.6 ft giving you a lot of room for people and your gear. NTK has also included a divider which lets you separate the rooms.

While this tent doesn’t come with lights like the above Coleman Elite, it does come with a lantern “O” ring holder. So you can have a lantern hanging in the inside of the tent which is really useful. NTK then made the smart choice of making the area above it a small storage area for smaller things, which is very useful.

NTK Super Arizona GT 12 Person Tent

Other Ways To Make Camping LuxuriousWays To Make Camping Luxurious

Now that you have discovered some of the best luxury camping tents, you may be wanting to up your game. By this I mean, ways to further enhance the camping experience.

When many people think of camping, they think of isolation in the middle of nowhere with no access to the basic needs we have at home. This is enough to deter people from ever camping, which is really quite sad.

The truth is, you can make camping as luxurious as you need. There are products for just about any occasion you can think of. These products will turn your remote living off the land camping into a more civilized approach. Some of these camping upgrades if you will include the following:

  1. It didn’t take me long after buying a real coffee machine for the home to upgrade my camp coffee into a portable barista-style coffee machine. These portable coffee makers are for the lovers of coffee and hate the thought of living off instant coffee for a few days.
  2. Upgrading to a luxury camp cot was the best thing I could have ever of done for the best nights sleep under the stars.
  3. Being able to have hot water on demand while camping really changed the game for my family. Now we camp more than ever thanks to the portable hot water showers available.
  4. Propane tent heaters that are safe to use inside a tent will encourage you to camp in cooler conditions and get the most out of any camping season. 
  5. As a family of 5 campers, a portable toilet is a necessity. As we like to camp in national parks, access to public toilets is few and far between. By having a portable flushing toilet on hand, going to the toilet while camping is now a luxury we never once had at our disposal.