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Camping Chairs For Heavy People

Best Camping Chairs For Heavy People

This ultimate guide to finding the best camping chairs for heavy people will leave you with many options to suit a variety of needs. With the primary focus being around overweight and obese people. This is because the overweight population often gets neglected and when it comes to camping, no one should ever be left behind.

If you have been battling the bulge for a long time, experiencing camping for the first time can be overwhelming, to be honest, it can be daunting for any first-timer. But when you are a heavy person, the anxiety can deter you from ever packing the car with your essential camping equipment.  

This is because a large person will need an oversized camping chair, one that can withstand higher weight limits. The fear of breaking the chair while you’re in the middle of nowhere can put you off. This is why a heavy person needs to invest wisely into a camp chair specifically designed for the big and tall. The most important factors to consider are as follows:

Camping Chair Must-Haves If You’re A Big Man

  • High weight capacity – Most camp chairs will have a weight limit of between 220lbs and 250lbs. This is not enough and if you weigh more than this, you should not risk sitting in an underweighted chair.
  • Study armrests – The armrests of the chair are often overlooked, but as a big person you need to leverage the armrests to be able to get out of the chair. If you can find a chair with armrests similar to that of zero gravity chairs, you’re onto a winner.
  • Oversized chair – The camp chair needs to be big enough to suit the size of your body, don’t base your whole purchase simply on the fact the chair has a high weight capacity, investigate the dimensions of the chair also.
  • Lower back support – Many heavy people suffer from low back pain, so a camp chair with lumbar support is highly recommended, especially if you like to kick back and relax for hours on end when camping.
  • Seat Height – Especially important if you’re a short person as climbing into a camp chair for big and tall people can be difficult. The low profile camp chairs are the ideal choice for short and heavy people.

Best Camp Chair For Heavy People

800 LB Weight Limit

Being a big person and wanting to go camping can make for a difficult situation since nothing is really designed for us. Thankfully ALPS Mountaineering has heard our calls for help and has made this excellent camping chair designed for heavier people.

By making the frame out of tough steel and combining this frame with a 600D polyester fabric. They have made this one tough camping chair that has an impressive weight capacity of 800lbs. So finally big people can have peace of mind when they sit on this camping chair.

Extra Wide Seat

One of the important things a camping chair for heavy people needs to have is a good amount of seating room. There isn’t a lot of point to having a good weight capacity if we don’t fit on the seat. This is why I like how the seat is an impressive 24.5″ wide which is much wider than your standard camping chair.

Premium Quality

There are a number of features on this camping chair that are all small, but when you add up they really make a difference to how comfortable you will be when sitting in this chair. By adding two cupholders you’ll be able to have your next drink lined up so you won’t have to get up allowing you to relax for longer.

ALPS Mountaineering then added two side pockets and one large back pocket to the camping chair. So you’re able to store things like your books, phone, or tablets which makes them really convenient compared to camping chairs that don’t include these features.

There is an added bonus to this since they’re stored in the pockets they aren’t taking up space elsewhere so it will save you a bit of room. While this is a small bonus it’s still something that will make a difference when camping since space is important when camping.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Extra Wide Camping Chair 500 LB Capacity

Extra Wide Camping Chair

A Picnic Time Brand has really knocked it out of the park with this Big Bear XXL Camp Chair that’s designed for heavy people. The camping chair offers you a lot of space when you’re sitting on it and gives you peace of mind with a great maximum weight capacity of 500lbs.

While the steel frame is one of the reasons that this camping chair has a good weight capacity I find it’s the fabric they have used that stands out. It’s polyester canvas fabric that is really durable and will last a long time with minimum care.

Heavy People Need Space And This Camping Chair Has It

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, adding more space to your seat will help increase your comfort when relaxing. So it should come as no surprise that a camping chair named Big Bear is going to give you that room you’re looking for.

With an impressive width of 24″ and an excellent depth of 25″ you will have a great amount of room when sitting on this chair. Something that works even better with this is the high back that measures 26″. So you’re able to sit back in this chair and get a good amount of back support.

A Number Of Useful Features

This isn’t the first chair to have a back pocket on it but it’s one of very few that made the smart decision to include a zipper on it. This will help prevent people from trying to take your items since you will hear the zipper so it’s a nice bonus security feature.

One thing that I really like is the detachable cooler bag that you can store food and drinks in. This works really well with the cupholder since you can put several drinks in the cooler and not need to get up all the time to get another.

a Picnic Time Brand Big Bear XXL Camp Chair

1000 LB Capacity Heavy-Duty Camping Chair

1000 LB Capacity Camping Chair

From a first glance, you would look at this camping chair and would just assume it’s your standard camping chair and I wouldn’t blame you. Don’t let looks deceive you tho, this camping chair is one of the toughest on the market coming in with an incredible weight capacity of 1000lbs.

Yes, you read that right, this camping chair has one of the highest maximum weight capacity on the market in my opinion. If you’re on the bigger side and want to be able to feel safe when sitting in a camping chair then this is a great option for you.

Sturdiness Is More Important Than You Think

One of the problems that I often find with camping chairs for heavier people is that the arms are never strong enough. This can make getting out of them incredibly difficult to do. That isn’t the case with this camping chair since the arms are incredibly strong which allows you to get up easier.

The biggest reason for the strength of this camping chair is the excellent frame that it has been designed with. It’s a tubular steel frame like a lot of others but it’s 22mm thick which is much bigger than your standard chair. This is what gives this camping chair its added strength.

Useful Features To Increase Your Relaxation

Most camping chairs have a cup holder so it comes as no surprise that this model does as well. What most don’t have is a zippered cooler on the arm that is able to fit a 6-pack in it. I feel I don’t need to say why this is a great and useful feature that most people will like.

While this may not be the biggest thing but I do like that you can get this chair in three different colors. You can get it in a blue, black, or a charcoal so hopefully there is one that will suit your style.

1000 LB Camp Chair By Living XL

Oversized Camping Chair For Big & Tall People

Camping Chair For Big & Tall People

Are you a heavier person? What about a tall person? What about being a combination of the two? Being a big and tall person leaves you with very little options when it comes to camping chairs. Rarely are their chairs such as this amazing chair from EasyGoProducts who have designed a camping chair for the big and tall.

One thing that this camping chair does that not a lot of camping chairs do is give you a high amount of cupholders. It includes a total of 6 cupholders which certainly does have some benefits.

Size Matters!

There is a lot to love about this camping chair but it’s hard to argue that the size of it is extremely impressive. This camping chair has an impressive height of 66″ which makes it one of the largest camping chairs on the market.

Now for the actual dimensions that really matter for us big folk. The seat of this camping chair is on another level compared to most others on the market in my opinion. It has an impressive width of 36″ and a depth of 31″ and a height of 30″ which makes it great for the big and tall. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re shorter.

Being such a large chair does mean that it does weigh more than a lot of other chairs on the market. Weighing around 23lbs can make it a little difficult to transport when you have to carry it. Surprisingly it does fold down really well with it only measuring 51″ by 9″ by 9″ making it very easy to store.

Weight Might Be An Issue

The size of this camping chair makes it really stand out but I do wish that EasyGoProducts made it a bit tougher. Its maximum weight capacity is 340lbs which won’t be helpful for the truly heavier people out there which is disappointing since the size of the chair is great for them.

Giant Oversized By EasyGoProducts

Reclining Camping Chair With Adjustable Feet

Reclining Camping Chair With Adjustable Feet

Have you ever wanted a camping chair that is so comfortable that you won’t want to get out of it? Then let me introduce you to this excellent reclining camping chair from Vingli. While there are a lot of comfortable camping chairs on the market I find it’s difficult to beat the comfort that this camping chair offers.

The first thing you notice when you look at this camping chair is the included footrest it has. This gives you the ability to lay down and relax which really takes comfort to another level with this camping chair. You’re also able to remove it if you just want to sit down so you have the best of both worlds.

To increase the comfort that has added padding and a mesh to this camping chair. The padding makes it softer to sit on and the mesh allows it to breathe keeping you cooler.

Legs And Feet That Stand Out!

One issue that you come across when you go camping is that the ground is often uneven so when you try to sit, you’re often unbalanced. This is why the adjustable legs on a camping chair are so important especially if you’re a bigger person since stability is key for us.

Vingli has also included duck feet to this camping chair which is an extremely useful accessory. It allows this camping chair to be used on a softer surface and helps prevent it from sinking which helps keep the stability of the chair.

Heavy-Duty But Is It Enough?

You can’t take the comfort away from this chair since it’s one of its stand out features. But the weight capacity of this chair is only 350lbs which is going to be okay for a lot of people but can be on the low side for a heavier person and something that’s worth considering beforehand.

VINGLI Folding Fishing Chair Plus Foot Rest Attachment

Extra Wide Camping Directors Chair

500 LB Capacity 25.6″ Wide

Extra Wide Camping Directors Chair

Ozark Trail is a company that has made a name for themselves making excellent camping products and this extra-wide director’s camping chair continues this name. It has an impressive weight capacity of 500lbs combined with the seat having a good amount of width to it.

While it’s not as wide as the impressive oversized camping chair above it still holds its own and supports heavier people better. The width is an incredible 28″ making it one of the wider chairs on the market and perfect for those who need a bit more room.

In my opinion, the height of the seat is something that should be considered since it can make a difference in getting into and out of the chair. This chair sit is roughly 18″ off the ground making it very similar to your standard diner chair so it’s a comfortable height for most people.

Useful Feature

Something that I really like about this camping chair is the added side table that makes eating easier on this chair. It also has a cupholder attached to the table and not the armrest. This does actually make it more comfortable to sit on this chair since the cupholder isn’t in the way like most other chairs.

One thing you can do with the cupholder if you’re not using is put your phone in it. The cupholder has an extra part cut out of it so your phone can sit in there standing up so you don’t have to have it in your pocket.

One Small Downside

While there is a lot to like about this director’s camping chair it does have one downside that is worth your time considering if it will be an issue for you. That is it doesn’t include a carry bag or a handle to carry it when you have it folded. Not a deal-breaker but something that is worth considering beforehand.

Ozark Trail 500 lb Capacity XXL Director Chair

Best Camping Chair For Obese People

Double Wide Zero Gravity Chair 450 LB Capacity

Best Camping Chair For Obese People

If you have never used a zero gravity chair before then you’re in for a treat with this excellent chair from Best Choice Products. Zero gravity chairs are well known for being some of the most comfortable styles of camping chairs on the market and this one is no exception.

The unique design of zero gravity chair makes it feel like you’re sitting on air which is one of the big appeal with these types of chairs. It does make the comfort they offer much higher in my opinion and something that is worth your time considering.

Comfort will always be important when it comes to camping chairs and this zero gravity chair has improved comfort in a very simple way. By including a removable padded headrest you’re able to sit back and relax on this chair and often find yourself drifting off for a nap.

Extra Wide For Heavy People

Since this has been designed for two people the width of the chair is something that bigger people won’t have to worry about. It gives this zero gravity chair an impressive width of 50″ which will be enough room for most people to be able to sit on and relax.

Designed To Handle The Elements

One thing that I really like about this chair is that it can easily handle the outside elements which makes it a great choice for camping. Best Choice Products have gone with a UV-resistant mesh that helps stop it from getting brittle from extreme sun exposure which gives it a longer life expectancy.

Easy To Transport

Some people might be concerned that since this isn’t your traditional camping chair that transporting it would be difficult. It does weigh (34lbs) more than your standard chair but it was built for two people. You’re able to fold this chair up which does make moving it much easier to do.

2-Person Double Wide Folding Zero Gravity Chair

Big Mans Camp Chair Buyers GuideGuide To Buying A Camping Chair

Most people when they go looking for a camping chair will just grab one of the cheapest from a big box store and be happy with it. It’s not so simple for us big people who have some requirements that others don’t so we need to do more research which is why I put this buyer guide for camping chairs for heavy people.

There are a number of things that you will need to do before you go off and buy a camping chair since they’re more complicated than most people think. Thankfully this is all things you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Short Guide On What To Look For

  • Check the weight capacity and go with something that can handle someone who is heavier than you if you want to feel safe on the chair.
  • Make sure the measurements of the chair will suit you and will give you enough room to feel comfortable in.
  • The height of the chair needs to suit your overall height as you don’t want it to be to low to the ground and be difficult to get out of.
  • Bonus features are always nice but aren’t essential and should only be considered after you know if the chair will fit and hold you.
  • If you’re unable to lift a lot of weight I recommend finding out what the weight of the chair is to see if you can lift it.
  • Work out how much you can afford and are willing to spend on a camping chair and be prepared to cut features to make way for safety.

What You Need To Check First

The first thing you will want to do is take your own measurements and find out how much you weigh, and how wide your hips are. Using a simple tape measure and scales is a good way to do this and is something you should do before considering purchasing a camping chair.

Knowing how much you weigh will give you an idea of what weight capacity you will be looking for which can help narrow down your search making it easier. This also goes for knowing how wide you are at the hips as you can tell if you will fit in a chair before purchasing.

This is important as it will narrow down your search and help save you money in the long run. Since you won’t have to try and return things that weren’t the right size for you so this is a great place to start in my opinion.

Checking The Weight Capacity Of A Camping Chair

Before even considering if a camping chair is right for you is finding out what its weight capacity is. Camping chairs come in a wide variety of weight capacities and there is practically something for everyone since they can go up to 1000lbs.

What you choose should be something that you will feel comfortable with sitting in. What I mean by this is, will you trust the chair when you’re sitting in it? I know when I sit in some chairs I’m unable to feel comfortable because I think they’re not going to hold me.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to go with something that has a much higher weight capacity then what you actually weigh. This is a good way of giving you peace of mind when sitting on a camping chair. By going with a chair that has an 800lbs weight capacity when you weigh 400lbs will feel much sturdier then if the chair was rated at 450lbs.

How Important Is The Size Of The Chair?

Camping chairs have a number of different measurements with all of them playing a factor in if it’s right for you. Size is crucial in making sure you feel comfortable and don’t feel cramped up when you’re sitting! Who can relax when they feel like they’re trapped like a sardine in a can!

One of the first measurements you should find out first is how wide the seat is between the armrests if they have them. Making sure the width of the seat will be able to fit you comfortably is one of the more important things to check and should be the first thing you check after weight capacity.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore things like the seat depth and how high the backrest is. By making sure the seat is deep enough for you to sit back on and not have too much of your legs overhanging. This will help with comfort and is highly recommend that your knees are only around 2 to 3 inches from the front of the chair.

Heavier people often get back pain which is no secret so it’s important that you find ways to minimize this. Choosing a camping chair that has a higher back will give more of your back support which can help with this pain.

The Forgotten Measurement

Something that people often forget to do when they’re measuring camping chairs is to measure the distance between the seat and the floor. This is something that tall people understand really well and is just as important for bigger people as well.

The reason being that the lower the chair is to the ground, the more difficult it is to get in and out of. Going with something that is a bit higher can make getting in and out of it easier if you’re of average or taller height.

Making Sure The Chair Isn’t Too Heavy

Depending on the type of camping you will be doing the weight of the chair can come into play in a more important way then you think. Most campsites you can just drive up to your spot so the weight of your chair isn’t a massive factor since you only need to carry it a short distance.

If you’re going to be camping far away from your vehicle and need to carry the chair for a longer distance. The weight will play a far larger part and going with something lighter is the best way to go in my opinion.

One thing to consider is if you have mobility restrictions and lifting things are difficult for you. Finding out how much the chair weighs beforehand can help save you from having to return it for being too heavy.

What Useful Features Does The Chair Come With?

Camping chairs come with a lot of different features in this day and age with cupholders being almost standard on ever camping chair on the market. By adding certain features to camping chairs they can help increase your relaxation which in turn increases the comfort of them.

Simple things like pockets on the side and back are great ways of keeping things you want to check on in close proximity so you don’t have to get up all the time. It can always be a good way to help keep some of your items more secure since they’re right next to you and not sitting in the tent.

While not all camping chairs offer this feature it’s one that can take your relaxation even further. This is if it has a cooler attached to it so you can put several drinks in it so you don’t have to get up and get more so you can enjoy sitting around the campfire!

Comfort Is Important But Hard To Understand

You might be wondering why comfort is so far down on this list of recommendations. The answer to this is quite simple, it’s hard to gauge the comfort of a camping chair and what I find comfortable you might not.

This is why I always suggest going with a chair that can hold your weight, and fit your frame. I find these two to be far more important as they can be the difference between sitting and ending up on the ground.

How Often Will You Use The Chair?

This may not seem so obvious at first but depending on how often you will be using the chair will make a difference. It’s no secret that our extra weight can put stress on things we sit on and camping chairs are no different even when they’re rated for us.

How often you plan on using the camping chair is something you should consider. If you’re planning on using it quite frequently then I’d suggest going with one that has a much higher weight capacity since it isn’t under as much stress as something weaker.

Work Out Your Budget

In my opinion, you could actually put this and how often you will be using the camping chair together. Not a lot of people can afford to just throw a lot of money at something they will only be using once or twice a year.

Thankfully camping chairs offer a wide range for different prices and you can find something that will suit your budget. You might have to sacrifice a useful feature here or there but I’d rather feel safe sitting on the camping chair then making sure I have a side pocket.