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The Best Serta Air Bed Reviews

The Best Serta Air Bed Reviews

Here you can find our top 4 Serta Air Bed Reviews from 4 different styles of air mattresses. Serta have been making some top notch products of late, not just air beds, but across many sectors. Serta are quickly becoming one of our trusted and favorite brands when it comes to anything that requires high comfort levels. After all, Serta mattresses are designed and built in the USA.

Below you can find 4 of what we think are the best Serta air beds on the market for 2024. Each air mattress will cater to a specific need/want. So we hope one of these Serta air mattresses will soon become your new favorite bedding belongings.

The Serta Raised Air Mattress With Never-Flat Pump Review


The Best Never Flat Air Bed

Serta Raised Air Mattress With Never-Flat Pump Review

Serta Raised Air Mattress With Never-Flat Pump Review

This particular Serta air mattress comes in a number of different sizes, including Twin and is also one of our best rated Queen air beds. It also comes equipped with a pump system that is an amazing feature which assists in keeping the bed inflated throughout the night. Hence the ‘never flat’ tag line.

In terms of speed, I find the Serta Never Flat relatively fast to inflate for such a large air bed. One could be able to pump up or deflate the air mattress in about four minutes. Which is not bad at all for a raised air bed of this size.

The Queen size mattress itself comes equipped with 35 unique air coils which helps to support the body and give that flat bed sensation. Which ultimately should result in a good nights sleep for many folks. However, not everyone likes the firm feel of bedding, but with the multi function pump, a user can set the desired firmness for a personalized comfort level.

We found the bedding’s materials to be highly durable which hopefully should lead to a longer lifespan. The extra strong build and thickness of this Serta air bed makes it rather resistant to punctures. But it’s always advisable to be prepared to repair holes in the future to greatly increase the lifespan. The height of the mattress itself is 18 inches at the highest point of the bed above floor level. Lower mattresses can be hard to maneuver on and off the bed. But 18″ is a good height for easy access both in and out of the bed.

Serta Raised Air Mattress With Never-Flat Pump

The Serta Air Mattress With External AC Pump Review

The Serta Air Mattress With External AC Pump Review

This air mattress also comes in Queen and twin sizes. It features a double flocked top which is not only soft enough for a great rest, but is also very helpful when it comes to fitting the air bed with sheets.

Depending on the size of air bed, the similar size fitted sheets fit this air bed really well. For the dimensions of the beds to match your sheets check out the numbers: For the twin Serta air bed 74″ x 39″ x 17″ in height. In terms of dimensions for the queen bed, you can expect 78″ x 60″ x 15″ in height.

It comes equipped with an external pump which will allow you to inflate and deflate the mattress in rather quick succession. The support and comfort on this Serta is achieved by the internal 35 air coil system. This is similar to much more expensive air beds.

Overall I not only think this is one of the best affordable versions of the Serta air mattress range, but one of the best in general. I found the air leakage on this Serta to be very minimal, there’s even cases of weeks without having to re inflate the mattress. Which is quite incredible considering the price. I find this Serta offers great value for money. A much more comfortable surface compared to your typical camping mattress, but not quite as high quality of a quality mattress.

Serta Air Mattress With External AC Pump

The Best Portable Air Bed

The Serta EZ Bed

The Best Portable Air Bed on frame

The ultimate in portable bedding. The EZ Bed by Serta is the closest thing you can get to a air bed that resembles sleeping on a real bed. But without the hassle of lugging around a huge mattress.

The EZ bed is a folding air mattress on a frame. Folded up, it’s ready to take traveling around the world wherever the backpacking journey leads to. This Serta EZ Bed even has convenient wheels like a wheeled suitcase and folds down to about 2 foot by 3 foot in size. Which makes this air bed the perfect traveling companion.

This is a queen sized bed that has a number of different settings depending on the level of comfort that you enjoy. For example, some people enjoy plush, soft mattresses while others prefer incredibly firm mattresses for added back support. Some people looking for something more in the middle. Regardless of what you like, this mattress can accommodate many sleeping styles.

This is achieved by the Never Flat pump, which is a feature from the ever popular raised Serta Never Flat range. However, for this portable air bed, only 1 level of mattress is included. After all, no one wants to carry around a huge and heavy bed. Which the EZ Bed is not.

In terms of pump speed, you will be able to either pump up or deflate this mattress in about 4 minutes, much like the raised model. The mattress will last throughout the course of the night because of the Never Flat technology.Which is especially useful for the backpacker sleeping on all sorts of landscape.

This mattress is suitable both for indoor use or for outdoor use if you enjoy camping or hiking. The EZ Bed was also rated our best air bed for everyday use. It also has an automatic shut off that will prevent the air mattress from becoming too inflated over time. The safety mechanisms and pressure regulations make it easy for you to get whatever you need out of this mattress for as long as you own it.

The Serta EZ Bed

Serta Perfect Sleeper Air Mattress With Headboard Support Review

Serta Perfect Sleeper Air Mattress With Headboard Support Review

Air mattresses with built in headrests are one of those things that you either love or hate. I personally like the headrest when sitting up in bed with an additional pillow. It makes me feel as tho I’m sitting in bed reading my book, when in actual fact I’m in the outdoors surrounded by darkness camping.

For the price of the Serta Perfect Sleeper, I find it offers plenty of comfort and support. Especially as the air bed sits about 18″ in height and offers a supportive headboard. So getting in and out of bed is not such a battle anymore.

Overall, I don’t think this is the best Serta air bed on the market. However, it’s still one feature packed mattress for the respectable price tag. The headrest won’t win everybody over, but for some it will be a dream come true. A truly good mattress with the essentials a air mattress should have.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Air Mattress With Headboard