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The Best Portable Coffee Makers For Camping, Hiking, Travel & More

The Best Portable Coffee Makers For Camping, Hiking, Travel

For many coffee is an essential that you can’t live without, myself included (No coffee makes me green like the Hulk). But unfortunately there’s not a Barista waiting on every corner to satisfy my coffee urge when away from home. Which is why I went on the hunt for the best portable coffee makers for camping trips, hiking adventures, backpacking or simple interstate traveling.

What Makes A Coffee Maker Portable?

To be classified as portable, the coffee maker needs to be very easy to use. Not necessarily fast to brew, but not require any electricity. Well if you are traveling, then electricity may not always be an issue. But for adventures outdoors like camping or hiking. Power is not the most reliable source. Generally smaller in size so that carrying around the coffee maker won’t be such a bulky item, especially when hiking.

So being able to make a fresh brew (Especially in the morning) without limitations is very important to me. While we have discussed in great detail various coffee making methods when away from society, portability was not always at the forefront of our minds. So today, we have made it our mission to find ways to make coffee using a portable coffee machine designed to handle the camping and hiking lifestyle.

Award Winning Portable Coffee Maker For One

Cafflano Review

Portable Coffee Maker For One

You get an immediate impression that guys behind Cafflano are extremely dedicated to this product and driven to provide the best portable cup of coffee known. All just from looking at the design, packaging and quality of the build. A fine coffee maker in deed for the solo coffee drinker. Perhaps the reason for receiving coffee maker awards in 2015/16.

Similar to the All In One above, but made from a higher grade double wall stainless steel. This is ideal for camping as it keeps the coffee nice and warm, while also being a more heavy duty product.

The ceramic burr grinder can be adjusted by the turn of the screw located just below the handle on the side, similar to stand a alone grinders. This allows you to grind to the coarseness level of your desire. Once finished the handle folds down to one side and is out of the way.

While it is a little bit pricey compared to the ‘budget model’, you are getting a much better build. Plus a few extras like a pouring spout for the water which has a lid so that you can pour the measured hot water onto the beans, max fluid oz of 13 and a very nice coaster that sits on top of the coffee maker but can be used as a coaster once the coffee is brewed. Comes in black or Red, the one on display here is the black version.

Cafflano All In One Premium Coffee Maker

The Best Portable On The Go Espresso Machine Campers Will Love

Staresso Espressso, Quick Cold Brew, Cappuccino Review

Don’t want the hassle of grinding your own beans and love the taste of an Espresso?. The Staresso is the machine for you. This machine makes coffee very fast and in a variety of ways, all without the need for electricity or batteries?.

How does it work? It’s very simple, but does have a few moving parts yet small enough to fit in your hand bag, so I recommend assembly before going camping. Place the coffee into the basket, add hot water (Or cold if you want a cold brew), close the lid and press down on the top. Within seconds you can start to see your coffee being formed. The filtered coffee is then dripped down into a clear drinking glass ready to serve.

But whats REALLY cool about the Staresso is that you can use it to froth milk and create a cappuccino or Black Tea Latte. Perhaps a Babychino for the kids (Only if they have been well behaved of course). To make the frothed milk, you just add the milk into a clear glass and place the lid with the plunger on it. After a few pumps of the plunger the milk begins to froth. It’s simple amazing how quick this machine makes a quality Espresso. Maybe not quites as good as lets say a Breville or Delonghi that’s sitting on the kitchen bench top, but then again neither or those fit into your camping bag and require power. So not very portable unlike the Staresso. Highly recommended for lovers of Espresso coffee and the great outdoors!.

Staresso Espresso Portable Coffee Maker With Milk Frother

On The Go French Press Coffee Maker For Hikers

By Zell

This is essentially a travel coffee mug, but with a difference. It brews it’s own coffee!. How amazing is that right. Gone are the days of boiling the pot over a campfire and making instant coffee. Not when you can use your very own French Press on the go portable coffee machine!.

So simple to use and very made. Not too mention an extremely affordable price for the shear joy of fresh aromatic coffee (Or Tea). So the mug is made form double walled stainless steel (18/8) to keep the coffee hot for up to 12 hours. Well insulated we should say. On the bottom of the typical french press coffee plunger is a very fine filter to keep the bean grinds out of your final product. On the top is the lid with the plunger and drinking spout.

Making the portable camping coffee is a breeze. Add your coffee grinds, soak the beans for 30 seconds in hot water then add the rest of the hot water. Push down on the plunger and you are good to go. Does taking a coffee while going on a hike get any easier?.

ZELL Portable French Press Coffee Maker For One

The Best Budget All In One Camping Coffee Maker

By Otii Products

If you are starting out from scratch and don’t have a single bit of coffee related camping gear, then this could be the answer to your prayers. Especially if you are on a budget. Forget buying a bean grinder, filters, machines and coffee storage as this All In One does it all.

This all in one coffee maker fits the portability class perfectly. No batteries or electricity are needed at any stage of the coffee preparation. On the top/side of the machine is a hand powered ceramic ‘Burr’ grinder. This alone adds massive value to the product. Being able to grind your own fresh brew at any stage during camping surely is a pleasure. But having the ability to grind to your own preference opens up different coffee types from the French press to Espressos.

What I really love about the All In One, is the hidden coffee bean storage compartment. Its the little things that make life easier, like having your beans ready to go before you wake up. Once your beans are ground, normally you have to get the disposable filter ready to go. But not with this model.

The environmentally friendly way is to use a reusable stainless steel filter. This not only saves you money on buying filters every trip, but is also reducing waste on the Earth. Way to go!. Lastly, there are 2 cups included. One is for measuring and the second one is for drinking your hot cup of coffee. This portable coffee maker can make 8 OZ at a time with 4oz and 8oz as the markings on the measuring cup.

Frankly, its hard to get a more compact, lightweight and portable coffee machine designed for the great outdoors. Not at this price anyways. Bring the beans and the water and you are good to go. Comes with a nice little carry case too.

Coffee Is Easy When Camping…If Done Right

So that wraps up our top 4 rated portable coffee makers for camping, hiking etc. These coffee makers are all wonderful in their own right. Each one has a purpose and delivers on a fresh brewed cup of coffee in mere minutes. No standing around waiting for 30 minutes. Plus they are all very lightweight and easy to carry around. Ideal for campers the world over.

If you don’t need a coffee on the go, have you considered the use of a camping coffee percolator?. Preferred by many campers, the Percolator is a great choice when there is more than one coffee drinker in the house, or should I say tent. Again, no need for power here, just a heat source and even the campfire will do.