Best 3 Room Tents For Camping With Family

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Best 3 Room Tents For Camping With Family Ah camping with the extended family can be such a wonderful time, provided you have your own living space that is. But sometimes, a tent for each person or couple simply isn’t practical.

This is when 6-12 people have to squeeze into a singular tent. But not just any tent, the best 3 room tents for camping with the family!.

Even when just bringing the kids along for the outdoors adventure, a three room tent can prove to be the best thing you may do the whole camping trip.

Lets face it, as kids get older, they need there own space. Sleeping with Mom and Dad is no longer considered ‘cool’. But as part of the imaginary family agreement, the whole family must sleep under the one tent roof.

Rules are rules. So now its time to find a 3 roomed tent where the kids and the parents can sleep under the one roof, but also be spacious enough that Parents can also get their privacy. Further storage space for gear and laundry are welcomed inside this multiple room tent as well.

Now that we have some pretty basic prerequisites for a three room camping tent, lets go find some of the best tents on the market right now.

*If you think these tents are ‘Too Big’ for your needs, perhaps check out our selection of 2 Room Tents.

My Top Rated Three Room Camping Tent

Ozark Trail 12-Person 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent Review

Top Rated Three Room Camping TentThis cabin tent is great for a large group of people on an extended vacation. It is roomy, airy, and attractive similar to most of the other products released by Ozark Trail.

There are pre-attached poles that help set-up the tent in less than two minutes time. In fact, there is no complicated assembly required – you just have to unfold and extend the tent – And the tent is ready for some great camping experience for you and your family.

You can accommodate 3 queen airbeds inside the tent which is ideal for up to 12 campers (Depending on body size). I find this tent perfect for a family of five campers.

It has enough room to stand up with large windows on all sides of the tent. The room dividers come in handy to separate the living and sleeping spaces in a jiffy.

What Features The Ozark Trail Wows Me With

  • First and foremost is the unique design. This is perfect for my family of 5. We can sleep at separate ends of the tent with more privacy than our previous tent.
  • The set up time still boggles my mind. So fast it’s almost unbelievable
  • Very well ventilated with 7 windows the close up completely. A window on each side to allow for air to circulate regardless of wind direction.
  • Great in Winter but even better in Summer due to the large air vent on the bottom. This is intended for a portable air conditioner to keep the tent nice and cool during the heat of Summer.
  • The large front awning is probably my favorite feature. It allows us protection from the Sun and also encourages us to sit in a group together and share experiences.
  • Spacious 8 x 8 foot rooms with high enough ceilings to walk around in.
  • Power outlet portal – Great for zipping up tight to keep the critters out while accessing power.

Just A Few Hiccups

All in all I find this Ozark Trail to be one of the most superior tents for Families needing spacious 3 bedrooms. But with anything great, there are bound to be a couple flaws. The things that bugged me about this tent are the fact the center room is the only room with a light hook in the ceiling. The front awning while great in sunlight, is not the best during rain. There’s a wind vent to prevent the tent from floating away in a wind storm. But when it rains this vent lets rain into the covered awning area. Other than those 2 smaller issues, I have no issues with this great 3 room tent.

Ozark Trail 16x16-Feet 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent


CORE 12 Person 3 Room Tent For Camping

CORE 12 Person 3 Room Tent For Camping Review
This tent by Core Equipment is another quality camping tent for the whole family. It has plenty of space for up to twelve campers. In fact, you can fit three queen airbeds on the floor with ease.This tent is a different design to the above Ozark Trail as it is a rectangular shape. This tent therefor measures in at 18 foot by 10 foot.

There are large double doors on the front and back of the tent for easy entry and exit to the tent. I love this feature because my previous tent only had one entrance and use to drive us all nuts trying to get in and out through one door. Especially in the rain.

There are multiple options when it comes to ventilation and access to the tent. There are four large storage pockets and gear lofts to keep your personal items off the tent floor. There is a gear loft hook to hang a small battery lantern to light the tent in the night time. There are two room dividers that will help you create a three-roomed tent. If not, you may roll back the dividers are create a large interior area. There are zippered privacy panels on all windows and doors of the tent. This helps guarantee your privacy when needed.

Some Of The Pros Include:

  • I love the spacious layout. Extremely large to accommodate 3 queen size air mattresses
  • Makes for a great Car Camping Family Tent due to it’s shape and size.
  • Very waterproof and can withstand a good downpour.
  • The design makes it rather windproof as well which is relevant to some campers.
  • Fully close-able electrical port if you don’t need to run a lead in and out of tent.
  • The windows zip downwards!. Think back to your last tent and how the windows zippered upwards and didn’t really give you privacy. When they zip down you can unzip just a little to let light in, fresh air and still maintain privacy. Excellent.

Any Cons?

While the CORE is a great family tent, I have read some reviews from other campers who had a nasty experience. So I think it’s worth mentioning just so you are aware. Apparently the heavier top on this tent can cause it to cave inwards when too much downward pressure from rain or wind is applied. Whether this is due to incorrect set up and not using the guy lines I’m not sure. But besides from those couple complaints, I’m sold on it being a solid tent.

CORE 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent


Best 3 To 4 Room Tent For Large Camping Groups

 Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Tent 14-Person

Best 3 To 4 Room Tent For Large Camping Groups
If you have a large group of campers in your family, this tent is ideal for you. It can accommodate up to 14 persons. In fact, the base of the tent would take a large plus sign when viewed from above. There are three sewn-in dividers to separate the space into four rooms. So if you are camping with friends that are couples, each couple can get a private room to themselves. This tent really does offer up numerous camping possibilities.

The all round ventilation and visibility are excellent. The mesh roof helps keep mosquitoes and other insects away. All campers will have their own access and exit points to the camp. Which is very important for family members and also group campers.

Hence, they can come in and go out without disturbing their colleagues in the process. The entire tent can be set-up within 15-20 minutes. The tent fits up to five queen air beds which is just massive. There are taped fly seams that help prevent leakages during heavy downpours.

Some Key Features Of This 3/4 Room Tent

  • Technically a 14 person tent, this multi room tent offers great flexibility in regards to rooms and storage possibilities.
  • Holds up well in heavy downpours without any leakages. However with a tent of this size, I would want to maybe waterproof the seams or have a bottle on hand for emergencies.
  • The unique + design allows for plenty of storage space with good standing height.
  • There is an e-port access for all your electrical extension cords.
  • Well designed windows for maximum air flow. The mesh ceiling also allows greater sir intake during summer and prevents build up of condensation.

I can’t get enough of this tent. It literally is like walking into a house. You go in one door and then into the living room. AKA as the center where you have 3 bedrooms sprouting off in different directions. It’s without a doubt the best large family camping tent I’ve ever seen.

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

The Biggest 3 Room Camping Tent I’ve Seen

Tahoe Gear Ozark 16-Person Cabin Tent

The Biggest 3 Room Camping Tent
The Tahoe Gear Ozark can accommodate up to 16 persons. Hence, it is ideal for a camping trip for a large group of family and friends. Enjoy the day times in an airy open screen room. You may spend a few restful hours in the separate master suite area if you wish. The tent comes with set-up poles for easy assembly.

The tent also has a rainfly for heavy downpours and unexpected weather conditions. The tall wall height and the seven-foot center help you’ll move around easily inside the tent. It has many windows, floor vents, and an open mesh design. This helps with a good air flow during the days and nights.

Pros –

  • Floor material comes up the walls about 6 inches to keep it nice and dry inside
  • Simple to set up due to the round design and color coded poles. Which also allows for the best airflow possible during hot sticky nights
  • I just adore the screen room. It’s so open and spacious. Perfect place to be when its raining outside and you’re inside dry but enjoying the beautiful sights.
Tahoe Gear Ozark 16-Person Cabin Tent


See The Quality And Walk Through Of The Tahoe Gear 16 Person Tent

This amazing video review gives greater insight to what to expect from the 3 room 16 person tent.

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