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Top 3 Luxury High End Camping Cots For Expensive Tastes

Top 3 Luxury High End Camping Cots For Expensive Tastes

A cot is a cot right, but what makes luxury high end camping cots any more reliable, sturdy or more comfortable than the less expensive camping cots?. Well that is what we about to find out.

For some people, camping is about getting back to basics and escaping the high tech world they live day to day. The vast joy from having limitations and expectations of how and what we should be doing, can be a massive weight lifted off the shoulders.

Getting back to the basics and not caring if our shirts are ironed and if the shirt matches our pants. Who cares, it’s camping!.  Not caring if the bed is made, because lets face it. A sleeping bag is much easier to prepare for a cot or a camping air mattress than it is for a bed at home where we have certain impressions to make.

But not every camper chooses to live the bare foot bushman lifestyle while camping. Some people, myself included like to have a little luxury out in the wilderness. Not necessary the tech things, but more so for comfort and ‘ease’ of relaxing. We’re on holidays right. So there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a luxury high end camping cot to provide a nice and relaxing time away.

So lets get into it and separate the average cots from the expensive camping cots for a luxury camp experience. No more settling for an uncomfortable bed that may not even survive the night. These are the best of the best which also comes with the high end price tag to boost. So lets look at the top 3 high end luxury camping cots as we finish up 2016 and head into 2017.

The Best Value High End Cot

The Coleman Airbed Cot

The Best Value Expensive Camping Cot

This dual air mattress camping cot will appeal to the comfort seekers. Being a Coleman air mattress and a cot combo, the comfort level just goes through the roof. The mattress is constructed of comfort coils, which is different to your regular mattress ‘channels’.

This coil system won’t warp or bend out of shape like you may have experienced before with a channel style mattress. The coils provide a vertical air support system which offers a great supportive base and a great way to finish off a great cot.

For the luxury elements of the Coleman Airbed Cot, expect to be treated like a King or Queen. Not only does this cot come with a side table and drink holder, it comes with 2, one on each side. That should keep the Wife happy!. Which leads us to the size of this cot. For it to need 2 side tables, you could assume this is a larger cot. Well, yes you would assume so. This cot actually comes in 2 different sizes, Twin or Queen on amazon, so many people are covered with these sizes.

But if you’re the the type of camper that just wants a ‘Cot’ with high end features, then fear not. Because this Coleman Airbed Cot can also be separated and become 2 sleeping platforms. The cot can be used like any other premium cot, and the air mattress can be used well…for an air mattress. Let the kids sleep on it (In another tent of course), or leave it at home. Either way, with the Coleman it’s like getting 2 beds for one.

Expensive Camping Cot, But Worth The Money

Setting up and packing away is not too difficult as it does come with a zippered carry case on wheels. Allow maybe 15 minutes to set up and take down. When transporting the cot to the campsite, do take notice of the weight of this cot. While it does come with a awesome suitcase like case on wheels, the total package weighs around 42 pounds. So if you anticipate some rough terrain before getting to the campsite, you may want to re-route. As the weight may get a tad heavy after some time. This could be an issue for some folks.

Completing this luxury camping cot’s features are the pump and mattress cover. I haven’t seen any other air mattress like this one that comes with a zippered cover. This is a brilliant idea as it reduces that squeaky noise you so often hear from air mattresses and it also acts as a extra layer of protection against twigs or sticks. So it’s a win win, plus it keeps the mattress clean which we all love.

As for the pump, it’s an external battery operated pump. Which is simple a must for camping!. No more relying on a powered site to inflate. The 4D battery pump will be on hand and ready to inflate whenever and wherever. So long as you have batteries that are charged!.  I always recommend bringing a spare set of batteries, just in case. Overall I find the Coleman Airbed Cot to be an amazing luxury cot for campers wanting to have the luxuries of comfort and practicality. Just be mindful of the weight.

Coleman Queen Airbed Cot with Side Tables

The Best Adjustable High End Camping Cot

The Chinook Heavy Duty Padded Cot Review

The Most Expensive Camping Cots

One thing I find many people dislike about sleeping on cots is there size. Especially if you are a larger than life kind of person. But even if you are simply too tall. Most cots can’t cater to their needs.

The Chinook however is the answer to this problem. It a huge cot with a huge amount of appeal, so lets at why we are recommending the Chinook camping cot as a premium line cot.

Firstly the dimensions of this cot are incredible. Like I said already it caters to the big and tall community very well. The length of the sleeping platform is an impressive 80 inches which could be suitable for people up to 6’6″. The width of the cot is not too bad either measuring in at about 33″. Which is not the widest cot on the market, but definitely has room to move in. But what I love the most, is how high this cot site from the ground. About 20″ off the ground which creates not only a good height for getting in and out of bed, but amazing under cot storage. It’s roughly the same height as a standard bed is from the ground level.

But what makes this cot really luxurious is the small little details you don’t get on many other cots. Namely the ability to raise and adjust the height of the legs. There is a heavy duty looking button at the bottom of the leg just above the section that looks like a caster wheel. This button can give you adjustable features which is perfect for getting the cot level on a un even surface.

The adjustable features don’t stop there however. The top end of this cot can be adjusted to create a unique backrest and form a comfortable padded lounger for camping. The extra comfort from the padding is also a high end finish. This subtle amount of padding may be enough to use for many people without having to invest in a topper for example. The padding is a light fiber material covered by a quality canvas finish.

Overall, we find the adjustable features, the soft padding and the heavy duty aluminum frame major attributes to this being a luxury camping cot. There may be some disadvantages depending on your situation. The main one being this is a big cot, so you will need more than a 2 person tent to comfortably fit it in. The overall weight is about 22 pounds, so not too heavy to carry around. Especially because it folds down to a compact square seat like form.

Chinook Heavy Duty Padded Cot


The Most Expensive Luxury Cot Ideal For Camping

The Helinox High Cot Review

You want expensive, you get expensive. The Helinox premium cot, available on amazon is the most expensive cot for camping we could find. But does it justify the high end price tag?. Well that’s what we are about to discover.

From our research we found that a number of people recommend the Helinox camping cot for people with bad backs and or knees. “It’s unbelievably comfortable” are some of the statements we found.  It has a clever design that just works. Plain and simple.

The sturdiness and strong build are where the expensive tastes come in. The Helinox has 12 legs for ultimate support. Yes that’s 12 and each leg has rubber ends to prevent the legs from ripping the base of your tent. With an additional 3 cross bars for a strong design designed to handle the toughest of camping trips. While the design creates a super tough frame, it’s not that heavy. Surprisingly this cot only weighs roughly 8 pounds. So it’s very lightweight and easy to carry around in the carry case. With handles!.

Each of the cross bars has a lever like clamp for tightening the polyester fabric. So there are 6 of these clamps which all work together to make one heck of a sleeping surface. This is where expensive hasn’t been limited!. The only issue we have found with the Helinox cot is that it does take longer to set up. This is due to the unique design of the cot. It’s not just a unfold and set up like the cheaper models. So if spending a few more minutes to set this beast up sounds like too much of a hassle. Then don’t get this one. You will be disappointed. However, if you’re willing to put in the extra effort for probably one of the most durable cot you have slept on, then by all means check the Helinox out.

Helinox Premium High Cot


Still not sure?

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