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Adventure Kings 20L Portable Flushable Toilet Review

Adventure kings 20L Portable Toilet ReviewChances are you have been down at the local 4×4 Supacentre recently and noticed how amazingly affordable the Adventure Kings 20L portable Flushable toilet is. In this review of such a handy camping device, you can watch the toilet flush in motion and get a better idea as to whether this type of toilet is the best fit for your camping lifestyle.

First of all, I don’t blame you for heading down to the SupaCentre, that place is heaven on earth for camping and 4×4 enthusiasts. But with the considerably affordable price of this toilet, is it worth the money. Or should you amp it up a bit for a more expensive brand.

First of all, I find the price hits the sweet spot. Not too expensive and not too cheap that worrying thoughts creep into your head. Personally, I find much of the Kings products to be decent quality, for what you pay.

Sure there are better toilets out there, but are you willing to pay double or more than what the kings cost. The type of camping you undertake may give you the answer to this question.

But for me and my family who regularly undertake tent camping in semi remote locations throughout NSW and QLD, having a portable toilet like this one by Kings has been a godsend. We like to go beach camping every summer, so as you can imagine, there aren’t too many toilets on the beach. So the price point is like I said earlier, spot on for us.

Video Review Of The Kings 20L Flushing Camp Toilet

Below you can find my brief review of the flushing system used by Kings. Warning, there is a fake poop in the presentation. Not to be mistaken for the real thing. No Mr Hanky’s were harmed during the video.

The Kings 20L Camping Toilet weights 5.1kg, so is considerably lightweight, but bulky in size.


Assembly Is Super Easy

For anyone that’s never owned a portable camping toilet like this before, you may be overthinking the assembly. Fear not, because it’s super easy to assemble.

Once you get the toilet delivered to your house, or you pick it up from the warehouse, assembly is pretty much done for you. You take it out of the box, open the lid and read the basic instructions.

These instructions cover everything, but basically all you need to do is connect the top half of the toilet to the base using the 2 side clips. Not much else for you to do here.

How The Toilet Flushes Away Your WastageHow To Flush The Kings Camping Toilet

As you saw in the video review, flushing away your poops is pretty easy with the King portable camping toilet. You raise the pump and push it down. This pumping sensation will force water from the tank out through the 2 little pipes on the inner side of the toilet bowel.

Do this several times to wash away your digested food. It’s a good idea to rinse the bowl with water by using the pump, before you do your business. This wets the sides of the bowl and makes it harder for your poop to stick to the bowl. Less cleaning, winning.

Filling The Water Tank

How To Add Water To Portable Toilet

*Fill Tank Up At Home First

The Adventure Kings camping toilet is a 20 ltr disposal unit. 10 ltrs of water is added to the top tank via the large screw on plug located on the top right of the toilet. Its a good idea to fill this tank up before you go camping. This way you wont have to dig into your precious drinking water later on.

Keep Your Toilet Smelling FreshKings Toilet Chemicals Needed

The base level of the toilet is where all the action is. If you can call it action. Before you do your business in the toilet, make sure you add some RV caravan toilet chemicals to the base level. You add the chemicals via the much larger screw on cap located at the rear of the toilet.

These toilet chemicals will make it much more bearable going to the toilet after someone else has emptied their bowels. Not only that, the chemicals liquefies your waste, making it easier and more bearable when it comes time to empty the waste tank.

The chemicals I went with are by Thetford. The Aqua Kem Blue, it smells amazing. It will cost you around $20 for 2L of the stuff.

How Much Chemicals To Add To This Portable Camping Toilet

Ho much of the Aqua Kem Blue you will need to add will be determined by the temperature. The hotter it is, the more you need to add. For temperatures around 30°, you will need to add roughly 600ml to the 10l tank of the Kings.

In cooler climates below 15°, you will be looking at adding about 380ml to the 10ltr tank. Remember, this stuff goes into the waste tank, not the water storage. There are also accompanying products you can buy to increase the cleanliness of your camping toilet such as Aqua Rinse Spray, Sachets and Cassette Tank Cleaners to keep your tank looking brand new.

How To Empty The Adventure Kings Portable Toilet

How To Empty The Adventure Kings Portable Toilet


Depending on how many people you got using the toilet will determine how often you need to empty the waste tank. The 10 liters of water has up to 50 flushes, but as anyone with kids knows, this won’t last long. Much like the toilet paper.

To empty the tank you need to ensure the lever you pull out to allow waste to slide down is pushed all the way in. This traps the waste inside the tank. Next you simply unclip the 2 side clips and pull the top water tank off.

Next you need to take your tank to a disposal site where you are legally permitted to dump waste. Open the large screw on cap and block your nose as the build up of waste slips away never to be seen again. Most dump points have a hose on site so you can clean out your tank, ready for round 2.

Review Conclusion

While the Adventure Kings 20L portable flushable toilet is a pretty basic item, it works extremely well. If the one thing holding your partner back from remote camping is a flushing toilet, this is your answer.

It wont break the bank and its fail proof design means there may just be some romantic camping getaways in the not to distant future.

Where To Buy? Simple, head over to your nearest 4×4 Supacentre of buy one online.

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