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How To Make Coffee Camping 6 Unique Ways

How To Make Coffee CampingIt’s great to spend time in the great outdoors. Camping can take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When you go on a camping trip, you’ll be able to appreciate things that you don’t always get to enjoy.

With that said, camping has its downsides. A lot of the conveniences that we take for granted aren’t that all convenient when you’re aware from home. It’s hard to brew a cup of coffee when you don’t have access to a kitchen.

Thankfully, you don’t have to give up your cup of Joe when you’re out on a camping trip. The camping world has access to all sorts of nifty gadgets to make enjoying the outdoors in luxury. A hand crank coffee grinder is just one of these handy gadgets to make enjoying coffee that much easier. With that said, here are a few ways you can make coffee while camping.

6 Ways To Make Coffee While Camping

1.Boil Coffee In A PotWays To Make Coffee While Camping

People haven’t always had the kind of coffee makers we have now. In the past, people generally made coffee by boiling it up in a pot. Up until the 1930’s, this was a common practice and is still undertaken in various countries around the world. Also known as ‘Cowboy Coffee‘.

If you want to make coffee in a pot, all you have to do is fill the pot with water. Pour your coffee grounds into the pot before placing it on the fire.

Keep heating the mixture until it is hot. Once it’s finished heating, you can remove it from the fire. Allow it to cool a little before pouring yourself a cup. Because all the coffee grounds will be settled at the bottom, you will be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee without a filter.

If you are worried about grounds getting into your coffee, you may want to find a basket that can be used while cooking. With a basket, you’ll be able to filter out the coffee. A basket will also make your pan easier to clean. This is the most simplest for of making coffee over a campfire that we use.

2. Buy A Camping-Safe Coffee Maker.Ways To Make Coffee Outdoors

Just as you can buy cookware and other tools that are specifically designed for camping, you can buy a coffee maker that was designed with camping in mind. There are basic drip coffee makers that can be placed over a camping stove.

The most common type of camping coffee makers are the Percolators. A Percolator designed for camping purposes will vary from the ones you may be use to using at home. The outdoors versions should be made from heavy duty materials like stainless steel and have a fire retardant handle at the very least. If a Percolator doesn’t have these two simple features, move onto the next coffee machine. It’s simply not worth risking the coffee over a inferior device.

A coffee maker like this is another item that you have to lug around, but if you rely on coffee, it’s worth the extra effort. Especially if you are planning an extended camping trip. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of luxury in the morning while bracing for the days outdoor activities.

3. A Camping French Press Coffee MachineThe Best Camping French Press Coffee Makers With Reviews

Most coffee aficionados are a huge fan of the coffee you can get from a French press. It’s easy to see why French presses are so appealing. They’re small, portable, and able to produce very high quality coffee.

Because a French press is so small and lightweight, you can easily bring it with you on a camping trip. All you have to do is heat up your water over a fire or stove before you pour it into your French press. A French press is one of the most lightweight options available to campers.

These Camping French Presses Here are designed for outdoor use and are made from heavy duty materials to handle the day to day outdoors living. In particular, the portable French Press mug for one. I love this coffee maker as it suits my hiking and bush walking lifestyle.

4. The Aeropress For Campers

Quick Easy Methods To Make Coffee Camping

If you prefer espresso to the standard cup of coffee, you may want to purchase an Aeropress. An Aeropress is fairly similar to a French press, but is designed to produce coffee with a much higher concentration of caffeine.

When you use this device, it pushes espresso from the press and into a mug. As with the French press, the only thing that you will have to add is hot water. It’s another lightweight option that produces high quality coffee.

5. Single-Cup Filters For The Solo Coffee Drinker

Portable Coffee Makers For Outdoors

If even a French press is too much for you to carry, you still have one last option. There are coffee mugs that have a built-in filter. Your coffee mug will be your coffee maker.

To prepare coffee in this way, you just need to attach the filter to the top of your coffee mug. From there, fill it up with grounds, just like you would with a coffee maker at home.

Heat up water to the boiling point before carefully pouring it into your mug. Once you’ve finished, you can remove the filter and the grounds and allow the coffee to cool.

The coffee you make this way won’t be at the same level of quality as the coffee you would get from a drip maker. With that said, it should still provide you with the shot of caffeine that you need.

6. The Cheapest Option – Instant Coffee

You don’t necessarily have to make your next cup of coffee from grounds. Instant coffee is a simpler way to make coffee when you are on the go.

While not everyone loves the taste of instant coffee, it’s hard to deny how efficient it is. All you have to do a sprinkle a little bit of instant coffee into a mug of hot water, and you’re ready to go. I will take instant coffee over no coffee any day.

If you love coffee, you don’t have to give it up while camping. There are all kinds of ways that you can prepare coffee when you don’t have access to a kitchen. Decide how you want to prepare coffee on your next camping trip. You should be able to make all of the coffee that you need without having to go through caffeine withdrawals.