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7 Best Tents With A Screen Porch Or Room

Best Tents With Screen Porch

A screened room can add countless opportunities to a camping tent. While you can buy separate screen rooms and add them onto an existing tent, many campers prefer to buy the best tents with screen porch included in the tents structure and design.

This not only makes the tent look like one piece, but in many cases it adds to the tents structural integrity. Adds resilience to harsh weather while also giving shelter during storms and heavy rain.

Qualities To Look For In A Screened Patio Tent

A tent that comes with a screen porch can be quite versatile and come in a few designs. In this case we are excluding pergolas that aren’t finished in a insect proof netting. Some tents that utilize the porch option also include a floor in this space. This allows you to safely sleep in the area without worrying about insects and potential rain running along the ground getting underneath. Provided it’s a full porch and not a half size.

Also this space can be utilized as a kids play room which is separate from the main sleeping quarters. On the other hand it can be used by adults as a retreat area to get a break from the kids. Or simply used for shade while reading a book.

Not all tent screen rooms will have flooring, so if this is a must have for you, them make sure you check first before you buy. Small tents will have what is called a vestibule. Sometimes these are screened and can be completely closed off. They are usually on 1 to 4 person tents and used by back packers that need to keep there boots and hiking gear dry without taking up precious space in the small tent.

How To Choose The Best Screen Room Tent For You

Below you can find some of what I believe to be the best in terms of a tent with the additional screen room. However there is no best of the best as we all have unique needs and demands. A 4 person tent with a screen porch will not be suitable for a large family of six.

So to combat this, I have listed a variety of tents that range from cabin, domes, instant tents, with number of persons up to 12 person tents. All having their own unique style and size of tent screen patio area. So scroll through until you find a tent suitable to match your needs.

Best Family Tents With Screen Porch

Best Family Tents With Screen Porch

If you want to feel like your camping in a palace, this Tahoe Gear 14 person 3 season tent is up for the task. From my experience this is the tent with the biggest screen porch. It’s huge and a great place for setting up a table and having dinner in the open air without being eaten alive from bugs.

Using my awesome mathematics skills I have worked out a rough guide to show just how big the screened porch is. In case the image doesn’t load for you here are my estimates:

  1. Total tent area: 268ft2
  2. Living Area: 176ft2
  3. Porch Area: 92ft2
14 Person Tent With Biggest Screen Room

This Cabin Tent’s Screen Porch Is Huge

So as you can see, the Tahoe Gear Carson tent has a very large screened porch room. The middle of the porch area has a ceiling height of 92 inches. Which is slightly higher than the 7 foot (84″) walls and ceilings throughout the tent.

The ceiling slopes away so that rain doesn’t fall down on the entry to the tent or get pooled up in one spot. On either end there are two large windows which are protected from rain even with the zippers down. This is from the awnings that come out from the fly and extend to give you great airflow during rainy nights. It’s a nice touch to this large family tent.

A Few Of The Tahoe Gear Carson Specs

  • 6 Large windows and 3 of the largest ‘D’ shaped doors I’ve seen. All of which can be zippered up to protect you from the weather or left open during beautiful days for capturing the nice breeze.
  • Open mesh porch and tent interior means this tent breathes incredibly well. Cross ventilation is not a problem with the Tahoe Gear Carson.
  • Fully protected with mesh to keep bugs and insects out.
  • 120 gram polyurethane floor for water resistance.
  • 70D/190T polyester water resistant rain fly. 1000mm polyester tent body which is quite durable.
  • 7 Foot high ceilings: Ideal for tall campers.
  • Comes with a tent trolley carry bag as this tent is heavy. Weighs 60 lbs.
  • Includes a solar shield which fights back at the suns harmful rays to keep the interior of the tent cooler during hot days.
  • Can fit a queen bed in each of the 3 rooms.

Overall It’s A Great 3 Room Tent With Screen Porch

While there’s much more to this tent (ePort, storage, ceiling hangers etc), it’s the incredibly large screen room that is the highlight for me. While it is huge, the only downside is that it does not have a floor. Which is fine if you don’t plan to lay down etc. Otherwise a small tarp will be required on the floor.

If you have a large family, I would say between 6 people and 12 people, you could comfortably camp for days in this tent. It’s by no means small. Because it is so large, assembly can be more involved. So I highly recommend two people dedicate 30 minutes to set it up. Practice in your backyard before you head out to camp and setting up the second time will be much easier.

Tahoe Gear Carson 3 Season 14 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

3 Room 10 Person Tent With Half Porch

Ozark WT172115 Trail 10-Person Family Tent
The Good
  • Extremely good price
  • Suitable for large families
  • Screened front porch
  • 3 Separate rooms
The Bad
  • Not a bathtub floor system
  • Only a half porch
  • Needs a couple more windows

More of a domed style tent, this Ozark 10 person tent is better suited windy conditions. The lack of vertical walls and more low angled sloping walls means wind and rain roll off much easier compared to a cabin style tent.

While the screen porch area of the Ozark is no where near as big as the Tahoe Gear Carson tent, it’s still an acceptable area to sit outside and still be protected from the insects. Plus the price of this tent is considerably lower than most family tents with a screen room.

How Much Space Do You Get

While this porch tent is a 10 person by classification, I would recommend a maximum of 6 or 7 people if you have gear and like your walking space. So yes it can accommodate 3 queen airbeds inside the 3 separate rooms, you’re not left with much space for equipment.

The Juicy Info You Must Know

  • 2 Large zippered doors with separate windows in the doors.
  • ePort access to keep electrical cords safe from water. Tents with E-Ports are the way of the future considering how much we rely on technology.
  • 78″ tall suitable for 6’5″ people and under.
  • 2 front privacy windows and 2 side windows which are covered by fly but can be opened up for ventilation.
  • Does not have a bathtub style floor so additional tent footprint tarp is recommended in extreme rain conditions.
  • Interior storage loft, pockets and 2 room dividers for separate rooms.
  • Weighs just under 27 lbs.

It’s A Half Porch

The Ozark Trail 10 person tent utilizes a half porch. Think of it like a right angle triangle. So the very front of the porch is shallow while the back is normal head height. So suitable for maybe 2 adults and 2 kids to sit comfortable in the screened and zippered patio area.

That is a compromise that I guess had to be made considering how affordable this tent is. To get a family tent for low price is quite rare. So some sacrifices like the bathtub floor and the half porch had to be made in order to maintain a family friendly price tag.

Ozark WT172115 Trail 10-Person Family Tent

Best Cabin Tents With Screen Room

Best Cabin Tents With Screen Room

One of the best cabin tent with a screen room is by none other than Coleman. This is one of my favorite small family camping tents. Ideal for 2 adults and 2 to 3 kids as it is a 2 room tent with the extra screen room. However, it is labelled as a 6 person cabin tent.

In comparison to the above Ozark Trail 10 person, this Elite tent is more expensive. However it’s not that expensive where it is out of reach. This tent can be found for about double the price of the ozark.

But with the extra expensive comes features that I believe are simply a must. Especially if you have kids camping with you. These features I will briefly touch on. But first lets look at the size of the tent.

Coleman Elite Has A Decent Size Screen Room

While the screened porch on this tent is not as big as the porch area on the Tahoe Gear Carson tent, it’s still considerably large in comparison (10 person vs 6 person tent). With the Elite WeatherMaster by Coleman, the screen porch is 9ft x 6ft. Giving you a total area of 54ft2. As this is a cabin tent, you get a full usage of this space. Compared to the half porch of the Ozark, it makes sense to opt for a cabin style porch.

Overall the tent has a 153ft2 foot print. The walls measure 20ft long and have varying widths of 9ft and 6ft. The ceiling is rather high, almost 7 foot (6’8″) which is quite typical of a cabin style tent.

Why The Elite WeatherMaster Is A Awesome Screened Tent

  1. Utilizes bathtub floors with welded seams. What this means is the floor (1000D polyethylene floor-which is a waterproof tarp like material) comes up the sides of the tent so outside water running along the ground can’t penetrate in the bottom of the tent.
  2. Has a unique hinged door setup for making entering and exiting the tent a breeze. The door opens and closes like a regular house door.
  3. Zippers have a strip of waterproof material covering them to prevent water seeping in through the tiny holes of the zippers.
  4. Fast pitch set up – Color coded poles for making assembly quick and easy.
  5. rolling windows making it super easy to do up and take down window coverings.
  6. Detachable LED light system with wall switch.

One Of The Best 2 Room Tents With Screen Porch

The main attraction for me is certainly the large open screen room. It’s screened in to keep you safe from insects and sheltered from moderate rain. However, there is no floor. But the edges of the screen are water proof material that slope away from the tent. This encourages the rain to flow away from the porch area.

However, the other main attraction, being the LED light system, is fantastic if you need a tent for camping with kids. The light attaches to the ceiling and uses ‘d’ size batteries to operate.

On the wall is a wall switch which operates the light system. This is great as it means you don’t have to get up and down to turn on the light during the night. The switch is also illuminated so you can easily find it in the dark. There are 3 light settings to choose from including a night light for when it’s the kids bedtime.

Just these two main attractions make this tent one of the best in the business. When you look at what else you get for the price, it really does make sense to invest in quality.

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Tent with LED Light System & Screenroom

12 Person Tent With Screened Porch

12 Person Tent With Screened Porch

If you’re after a instant cabin tent with screened porch that can sleep a large family, Ozark Trail has you covered. While it’s not exactly instant, you can have this bad boy up in a few minutes.

Reason being, there are no poles to assemble. They all come pre attached to the tent lining already. So all that you have to do is unfold and pop it up. Brilliant.

The ceiling height is 6.5 foot tall which is a good size. Anything too high and it would be more difficult to get the instant assembly right. All up you get the possibility of a two room tent with a screen room, or one big open floor plan if you choose to not use the room divider.

How Big Is The Porch Area?

This tent is shaped so that the screen porch comes out the front dead bang in the center. Which means you can access both rooms from the entry porch area. The screened porch room itself measures 8ft x 6ft which is 48ft2.The porch room also has a floor so no need for an extra tarp.

The main area measures 9.8ft x 17.6ft which is 172.48ft2. The total area is 220.48ft2.

The very front of the porch entry is lower (64″)than where it joins the main tent (78″). This is to ensure water doesn’t build up on the roof of the porch. It can easily flow off and around the tent in the event of heavy rain.

A Little About This Instant Cabin tent With Screened Porch

  • Sleeps 12 people in the main area leaving the porch area free for storage. Can fit 3 queen airbeds.
  • Main area and screen room can be completely separated with a divider. Screen room is zippered off from the main 2 rooms.
  • Velcro entry point for safely running electrical leads in and out of the tent.
  • Comes with a pocket storage which attaches to the wall.
  • Instant cabin tent can be completely set up in under 15 minutes.
  • Seams sealed in the factory for water repelling qualities.
  • Rain fly covers screened porch to keep you dry and use as a mud room if need be.

Overall Opinion

I think the Ozark Trail 12 person tent is a keeper. However, for the price I find it is probably better off to go with the Elite WeatherMaster by Coleman. As they are similar prices, I find the Coleman has more to offer.

But this tent’s main draw card is that it is a instant cabin. So setting this tent up is very easy and fast. If that is appealing to you over LED lights for example, then you would be better off with this tent.

But because this tent is so large and spacious, being a cabin style it is prone to not handling very strong winds too well. So be careful about where you set it up if strong winds are forecast.

Ozark Trail 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent

6 Person Tent With Porch By Wenzel (Klondike)

6 Person Tent With Porch

Since 1887 Wenzel have been in the business of producing some of the best camping gear in the field. Without being a big name brand that adds 200% mark up on their tents, Wenzel keep the industry real and put the prices at a reasonable rate us common families can afford. This is just one of the reasons I like Wenzel gear.

You can see the exact price on amazon here.

While technically this Wenzel Klondike tent is labeled as a 8 person tent, I find it to be a more realistic 6 person tent. Sure you could have a couple people sleep in the patio section, but I prefer to have this area separate to the living quarters.

Speaking of the porch area, it’s another beauty. Perfect size for sitting out front and enjoying the outdoors while being protected from the sun and rain.

The screen room itself is just under 1/3 the size of the main sleeping area. It’s a big one!. The porch is 60ft2 while the main area is 98ft2. Giving you a total space of 158ft2. Not a bad size for a 6 or 8 person tent.

Get To Know The Wenzel Klondike Better

  • 6;5″ high ceilings for plenty of head clearance.
  • 2 x cross pattern windows and one large T style door.
  • Ground level air vent at the rear of the tent allow for great wind circulation inside the tent.
  • Floor, including the screen room, is protected from water with a polyurethane coating.
  • Seams are sealed and double stitched for greater resistance to wear and tear.
  • Includes a gear loft for storing your valuables.
  • Available in 2 colors; Taupe/grey or blue.

Overall Value For Money

As mentioned earlier, Wenzel have great quality camping gear at affordable prices. The Klondike is no exception. It’s very well priced and very luxurious to camp in.

Who’s this tent best suited for?. My my experience, this style of cabin tent is great for small families or a couple wanting to spend a romantic getaway outdoors. It doesn’t cost you the world, yet it offers a safe and dry place to sleep. During the hotter nights, the full mesh ceiling can be exposed to allow for greater air circulation.

Wenzel Klondike 16 x 11-Foot 8-Person Screen Room Tent

4 Or 6 Person Dome Tent With Screen Room

 4 Or 6 Person Dome Tent With Screen Room

Coleman have nailed with this 4 or 6 person dome tent. It’s the perfect balance for people like myself that like to have an afternoon nap or sleep in longer in the morning.

The Carlsbad tent as it is known, is a unique ‘dark room’ tent. The interior is black and dark blue with parts of the rain fly being black as well. What this does is provides not only a darker area to sleep in during the mornings/day, but also helps to keep the inside of the tent nice and cool.

So if waking up to glaring sun shining in through your nylon tent and wiping sweat from your brow is not your kind of thing, then the Carlsbad is a good option for you. According to Coleman, this 4 or 6 person (comes in two sizes) tent can block out as much as 90% of sunlight. Which is music to my ears!.

About The Tents Dark Screen Room

  • Both the 4 and the 6 person come with an additional dark screen room at the entrance of the tent.
  • Screen room has a waterproof bathtub floor so rain can seep in.
  • Screen room is completely shut off from insects and bugs. The netting can be zippered up so nothing can get in.
  • Patented corner seems mean no water can penetrate in the fine needle holes of the stitches. The seems are inverted so they are only seen on the inside of the tent.
  • Very stylish colors. Be prepared to receive compliments.

It’s A Snap To Put Together

Being one of the Coleman Fast Pitch range of tents, assembly is super easy. The poles are color coded to match the colors on the latches. Doesn’t get much easier than this (besides being an instant tent).

I believe the pictures don’t do this tent justice in terms of size. While it may not have high ceilings, I find the living area to be quite roomy. A queen bed can easily fit inside while still having room to move around. While the screen room is large enough to have your pets sleep there or keep your equipment inside.

While there are a couple minor flaws like no stake point in the center of the porch room (means you have to hold down the floor with one hand while you unzip with the other hand), overall this is a rather high quality tent. The dark room being the biggest draw card for this tent. Available in both 4 person or 6 person sizes.

The 'Dark Room' Tent By Coleman

8 Person Single Room Tent With Screened Room

8 Person Single Room Tent With Screened Room

The time tested Coleman Evanston screened tent has been a favorite tent for many years now. Available in a 6 person or person size or 8 person, this single room tent is sure to please many families.

The open floor plan is a feature that many campers adore. When a tent is screened off into 2 or 3 rooms, it can feel like you are at home living in separate bedrooms.

One of the reasons we go camping is to escape modern traditions and be around each other and the great outdoors. Which is why the Evanston tent has been much loved over the years.

About The Front Porch

The front porch of the Evanston tent is an angled one to represent the dome style of tent it is. So you do loose a bit of space, but it’s still big enough to pull up a couple chairs and sit and relax with the netting zipped up.

There is a floor in this screen room and it is the same bathtub flooring used throughout the tent. However there is no zip up fly coverings to use when it rains. So while good during beautiful conditions, during rainy conditions it is simply useless. But the flooring does have drainage points for letting the water escape from the porch and not into the tent.

More About The Coleman Evanston

  • No electrical port unfortunately
  • 6 foot tall ceilings
  • Weighs about 22 lbs
  • Can squeeze in 2 x queen air mattresses.
  • Large window awnings prevent rain from entering tent when window coverings are left down.
  • Inverted and welded seems to keep moisture from seeping in.
  • Bathtub floors to stop water on the ground seeping in through the polyester tent.

Stood The test Of Time

By no means is the Evanston tent a new and advanced tent. But this is a good thing. It’s stood the test of time and proven to be one very reliable tent. The conventional set up of the dome style tent with the 3 season rating make it a solid choice. While it doesn’t have the best screened room on this list, it still serves a purpose to those that need a 8 person dome tent with a screen porch.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

Time To Choose Your TentScreen Room Tent By The Water

Well there you have it, 7 of the best screen room tents. With multiple room options and varying sizes from 4 person all the way up to 14 person tents, there should be a tent for just about anyone.

But choosing a tent for you will come down to your strict requirements. There is no such thing as a best tent that is suitable for every single camper on this earth. So make sure you st down and think about what it is you really need.

Do you have kids, do you need a tent with multiple rooms. Is a large porch really necessary or do you just want to chill in a small porch and read a book. How tall are you, the height of the tent ceiling should reflect this.

These are just some of the questions you need to address before buying your next tent. Just keep in mind that a 6 person tent may not actually be big enough for 6 full size adults along with all the gear. So always underestimate the size of the tent from what the manufacturer labels it as. This way you will have room to move and room for your camping equipment.

Muhammad Muzzammil

Friday 17th of April 2020

After reading your article I think for me the best tent is COLEMAN. Thanks for sharing it.

Katie Gardner

Thursday 21st of June 2018

Thank you so much for this review. We love camping and are always looking for ways to make our trips more comfortable. Having a screen room will be essential for us on our trips - especially with kids and a dog. We defo need somewhere to keep dry but without being zipped up in the tent! Thanks so much for such detail on all of your picks ... I love the screen rooms big enough the stand up and fit a table in them ... essential to not have to duck down and/or eat on your lap! Thanks again! Katie


Friday 22nd of June 2018

Hi Katie, I agree. Screen room tents make great areas for either the dogs or keeping a camp table in. It's a great place to have dinner in the open air while being protected by mosquitoes and other bugs. I hope you find the right tent for you.

Russell P.

Monday 18th of June 2018

Oh for the love of camping! No really. These things are amazing. As someone who loves the outdoors but sure as hell hates the bug attacks, these tents are a godsend. Not only can you protect yourself, but if your spouse is a little on the camping skeptic side these go a long way in bridging the gap. Wonderful article and informative. I recommend looking in to these if you're a serious camper.


Monday 18th of June 2018

Absolutely agree Russell. My Wife loves a tent which has a screen porch area as she gets claustrophobic when inside the tent too long. So having the screen room has helped her get through the battles and enjoys camping a lot more now.


Friday 15th of June 2018

My family and I have actually been looking for camping tools this week. We recently decided to go on our first camping trip this summer. Since we have never been before, we had no idea which high-quality tent to purchase. Thanks to this post I now have a better understanding of the type of tent that I want. A screened tent sounds great in case of unpredictable weather. Thanks for the info!


Friday 15th of June 2018

Glad to have helped Brenda. I remember our first camping trip as a family and boy do I wish we had a screen room back then. Would have made life so much cleaner and easier inside the tent. I hope it goes well for you.


Wednesday 13th of June 2018

All I can say is, I WANT ONE OR TWO NOW :0! These are so awesome. I knew there were big tents but not with a screen porch. I will be camping more often now :-).

I love to be in nature, however, my family doesn't like to be around a lot of bugs. They love nature as well just not so many bugs.

The problem I'm having that I feel like a kid in a candy store with these lovely tents. I don't know which one to choose, I like them all. However, I'm stuck between the Wenzel Klondike and Coleman Evanston. They are so put together.

I think I may choose the Klondike for the family and the Coleman Dark Room Tent couple's weekend with my spouse. All 7 tents are great choices to choose from. Thank you so much for sharing this review on tents.

Now I don't have to run from store to store ;-).


Wednesday 13th of June 2018

Hi Cooki, the Wenzel Klondike is a great tent, however it depends on how many people will be sleeping inside. While you can sleep inside the screened area, I would say 2 adults and 2 or 3 kids would be suitable for this tent if you want to keep the screen room separate form the loving quarters.