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XL Extra Wide Camping Cots For Two People

XL Extra Wide Camping Cots For Two People

Camping solo certainly has it’s benefits, but when you not flying solo, a XL extra wide camping cots for two people or more can be a great space saver. One of the main advantages of using a camping cot over a quality air mattress is that you get better use of space. Which is why today we will be seeking out the best double camping cots as well as extra large sleeping beds.

Unlike a traditional air mattress, with a camping XL cot you get that extra storage space underneath the bed. Which as you know is a godsend when it comes to finding extra space to store ones belongings when camping. But by having a double wide camping cot that can comfortably fit two people, you are going to be making even more good use of the limited tent space.

Trying to squeeze 2 cots into a small tent makes life all that much easier, so if you are comfortable with sleeping with another person, preferably your Partner. Then it makes sense to look for the larger variety of cots and create a little bit of living space inside the tent. To assist and narrow down the chances, we here at Sleeping With Air have tracked down the best extra wide camping cots suitable for two people or more. Only the quality cots qualify here, so you can be assured that we haven’t just listed a bunch of inferior products.

The Best Extra Wide Camping Cot We Found

The XXL Teton Sports Outfitter 40″ WideThe Best Extra Wide Camping Cot

The Teton double extra large camping cot is by far one of the most heavy duty cots we have seen on the market. With a huge weight capacity of 600 pounds and a width of 40 inches, the Teton cot is ideal for either one big person or 2 average size people.

The height from floor to canvas is about 19 inches, which is the height of a typical double raised air mattress. So entering and exiting this cot should not be a struggle like some other cots have been from our experience. In fact we rated this cot the best camping cot for heavy people due to its overall size, quality and high weight capacity.

The canvas on which you lay is also very heavy duty. It’s pulled very tight for a solid foundation. If you can imagine banging your hands on this thing and making drum like sounds, well that’s how tight this thing is. Which is a very good thing for durability and longevity.

I would say the majority of folks would find the canvas alone comfortable to sleep on. But for people who want an even comfortable sleep, Teton also has a matching sleeping pad on amazon fitted to the size of this cot.

What’s So Special About This XXl Cot?

The thing that makes this cot stand out above the rest of the extra wide cots to us is the unique design of the legs and the ‘add ons’ available. Instead of being a straight up and down leg support system, the Teton has a patented folding ‘x’ type design.

This makes folding the cot down and packing away into it’s carry case simple, but more importantly it creates an un matched support system making this one heavy duty beast. The other amazing attribute for this Teton series is that you can turn it into a tent!.

This model has the option to buy a add on tent on amazon which builds into the cot with enough room for a twin mattress to slide in. Pretty amazing and very convenient for the portable camper.

Teton Sports XXL Camping Cot

The Best Double Camping Cots For Two People

The Kamp Rite Double Cot Review

The Best Camping Cot For Two People

When it comes to buying a camping cot for two people to sleep in, we believe something like the Kamp Rite cot is your best bet. Not only is it the widest cot (55 inches wide) we could find, but it is designed to comfortable sleep 2 people. It is the best double wide camping cot on the market if you ask me. Pure quality, yet moderately priced (Check Price On Amazon).

With a weight capacity of 500 lbs, you can comfortably fit 2 plus size people. As the legs are made from steel and the cot has 7 support structures, the 500 pound weight capacity seems to be an accurate gauge.

One of the bars runs down the middle of the bed, which is essential for holding the bed up stopping it from sagging in on itself. While it seems like an inconvenience for private times, it is an absolute must for a cot to comfortably support two people.

As for comfort and disregarding the middle pole. The Kamp Rite is one of the more luxury style cots to sleep on. The extra width and quality materials make for a comfortable camping trip. The cot even comes with mesh pockets for storing valuables, which really is a huge plus considering you gain so much under bed storage.

*Pro Tip: For a even more luxury appeal and comfortable nights sleep, you could consider using a Queen size air mattress over the top of the cot. If you already own a Queen, then I highly recommend this. However, if you don’t. It may make sense to look at the next Queen size cot below.

Kamp Rite 2 Person Cot

Luxury XL Cot For Camping With Air Mattress

Coleman Queen Airbed Cot

The Widest XL Cot For Camping

The Coleman Airbed Cot, found on amazon is for luxury XL cot camping, plain and simple. It’s a cot and it’s a air mattress all rolled into one amazing camping bed. The cot itself can be used as a stand alone cot, or you can amp up the support and comfort by adding the air mattress.

The total width for this cot is a huge 60 inches, for the Queen size version. That is the width once the air mattress has been inflated. So this cot is easily the widest of the lot, with the bonus of an additional air mattress which can be taking off and used for the kids to sleep on.

This Coleman airbed cot is also one of our Top Rated Camping Airbeds and a recommended airbed for camping in colder conditions due to the ‘off ground’ sleeping platform.

Like the above Kamp Rite cot, this too has the support beam running down the middle of the cot. But fortunately the mattress is thick enough to eliminate any discomfort from the beam. The air mattress itself consists of the Coleman ‘Comfort Strong Coil Construction’. Which is what you want.

The coils are vertical air passage ways to provide the support and comfort. The coil system is different to much cheaper ‘channel’ systems where you find the air mattresses tend to warp or bubble in the middle. But not with the coil system this cot comes with.

Only con that may cause issues for some campers is the transportation of this cot. While it does come in a suitcase style carry case with wheels, the wheels are not really all terrain built for handling too much stress. The bed weights about 92 pound, so carrying it too far into the wilderness could be an issue.

But in my opinion, this is made up for with the included battery powered pump, ideal for tent camping. The Coleman Airbed Cot is one of our all round favorite camping beds and gets a mention in our top rated camping cots report.

Coleman Queen Airbed Cot with Side Tables

How To Assemble A Basic Camping Cot