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The Best Queen Size Camping Cots – There Is A Solution

When if comes to finding the best Queen size camping cots on the market, you may be faced with a similar problem. They simply don’t exist. Well unless you are willing to have an air mattress attached to the cot. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you ask us, as the mattress provides unmatched comfort. But not everybody wants the hassle of lugging around a cot and a air mattress right. So what is the solution?.

The typical Queen size mattress measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches in length. Finding cots that are 80 inches long is not the problem, finding a standalone cot that is 60 inches wide is where the headaches come in. We have scoured the internet in search for a 60″ wide cot without a air mattress, basically looking for a simple camping cot that is Queen sized.

But we came up empty handed. So instead we have listed the closest to Queen size cots suitable for camping we could find. Beginning with the Coleman Airbed Cot as it measures pretty close to a Queen sized mattress. For more available cots, please visit out Guide To Buying A Camping Cot.

The Coleman Queen Airbed Cot Review

Measures 78″ x 59″

The Best Queen Size Camping Cots

Generally speaking, the Coleman brand is a well known and popular choice when it comes to camping equipment. The Airbed Cot is another quality release by the camping heavy hitters. Is it a cot or is it a airbed?.

It doesn’t matter because it’s an awesome design suited to camping adventures. Even tho we have listed it in our best camping air mattresses, we also consider the Coleman Airbed Cot to be a fantastic ‘cot’ only choice as well.

So yes, that does mean you can take the air mattress off and use the cot as a standalone cot. So essentially, this makes for a great all in one family bedding solution. Cot for the kids and air mattress for the Parents. Or vice versa.

The cot itself measures close enough to queen size being 78″ length by 59″ wide. Like all cots, this Coleman is raised above the ground. About 22 inches which is slightly taller than average. Which I like for easy access in and out of the bed and extra storage space under the cot.

If you do plan to use the air mattress as well as the cot, you will pleased to know the pump is included. It’s an external pump that requires ‘D’ batteries which is perfect for camping. One never knows when access to power will be shut off or not available, so having a battery powered pump is highly recommended.

The mattress itself is quite comfortable. But what makes the Coleman a step ahead of many competitors is the way the mattress is built. Traditional air mattress are built with horizontal channels. These channels force the air to circulate sideways throughout the bed, this is a big reason why these types of mattresses bend or warp out of shape after few uses.

But the Coleman Airbed Cot is built using a vertical coil system similar to that of a spring coil mattress, except with air as the support. The vertical coils force air upwards which creates a stronger support system. Not only stronger, but more evenly distributed air which results in no outer edge sag you can expect from horizontal mattresses.

Overall we can’t praise the Coleman enough and we haven’t even touched on the awesome features this cot comes with. But you can read more about it on amazon here. It’s huge and very comfortable, so pleasing both people sleeping on top is super easy.

The biggest influence for our family (not only when we go camping) is the fact the cot can be separate from the mattress. So we can take one package and have bedding sorted for the whole family when we visit relatives.

Coleman Queen Airbed Cot with Side Tables

Alternative To Queen Sized Cot

The Kamp Rite Kwik Cot Review


Kamp Rite are another high quality camping equipment brand name. Their innovative designs have been around since 1999, while relatively young still they are certainly making their mark in the camping world. With their inclusion of the ‘original’ Tent Cot, they have built quite the following over the years.

The Kwik Cot Double is the next best thing to finding an actual Queen sized cot. This particular cot is an impressive 85 inches in length and 55 inches wide. However, while it is a oversized you should know that this cot is designed for 2 people.

Meaning there is a noticeable support bar that separates either sleeping side. This is fine for it’s intended use, but if you want no barriers or to spread the legs out comfortable when you sleep. Then you may find the bar annoying.

But there is a solution. You could use either a thick sleeping pad or a Queen size air mattress to put on top of the cot. This will eliminate any discomfort from the middle bar and create a superior sleeping surface.

The frame of the cot is very heavy duty, the shear amount of cross bars and support bars is quite incredible. Which is needed for it’s 500 pound weight capacity. Another cool feature we love about this camping cot is how quick and easy it is to set up. Hence the play on spelling for the product name “Kwik Cot”. Packing away is just as easy and comes with a convenient carry bag.

Kamp Rite Double Kwik Cot

Not Quite 60″ Cots For Camping

As you can see, the variety of Queen size cots is not all that huge so we must do what we can do to satisfy our needs right. The above 2 work around may be suitable to your needs. OR perhaps they are totally not what you were wanting. After all, we are all unique and have different needs.