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Best Camping Chairs For Short People

Best Camping Chairs For Short People

One of the best things about spending a vacation camping is being able to kick back on a comfortable chair after a long day in the sun. To me, this is life. But for short people, it can be quite a challenge to find a comfortable camping chair for short people.

This is because most camp chairs are designed for the average height person. That is they have a seat height of roughly 18-19 inches and the depth of the seat is about the same.

When you have shorter legs, it is not only more challenging to get on a seat that sits tall, but also uncomfortable if the seat is too deep. This is not how camping is meant to be enjoyed.

So to help out our fellow short campers, I have compiled a list of camp chairs that have dimensions shorter than your average chair. Because a camping chair is an essential camping item, you should ensure the one you buy is best suited to your body shape and height, so choose wisely.

Compare Folding Camp Chairs By Seat Height

If You’re A Short Person, this Is The Chair For You!

14.8″ Seat Height
Low To Ground Camp Rocking Chair

If you want to make everyone at the campsite jealous of you then this camping chair from GCI Outdoor is a great way to do this. It has a lot of features that make it stand out from the pack and let you be comfortable on your next trip.

Can you believe someone described this chair as Too LOW!

One thing that I really like about this chair is that it’s got a low profile which makes it great for shorter people. The person that said this chair was too low, is obviously not blessed with a shorter physique.

The seat height is only 14.8″ which makes it more comfortable if you’re shorter and as an added bonus, the taller people won’t try and take your seat!

Great Features Make The Chair

It’s hard not to see how this camping chair is considered one of the best on the market in my opinion. The spring-action rocking system really takes the comfort of this chair to an extra level that other chairs will struggle to reach. Making your next camping trip that much more relaxing.

To help you relax ever further they have included a cup holder so you can store your drink without worrying you will knock it over. It’s a small thing but something that really makes a bigger difference then you might think at first.

Safety Is High On This Chair

Something you might not have considered is the safety of the chair your sitting on. I don’t know how many times I’ve accidentally caught my hand when trying to fold up a camping chair so I really like how this chair closes with its Eazy-Fold system that keeps your hands safe from danger!

GCI Outdoor FirePit Rocker

Camping Chair for People 5’8″ and Under

16-inch Seat Height

Camping Chair for People 5'8"

Strongback has come in hard with this excellent camping chair that is great for the shorter people out there who struggle to find something to suit there height. The thing that makes this chair so unique is that it was designed with shorter people in mind so it will work a lot better for those who are under 5’8″.

I really like that Strongback included a backpack-style carry bag for this chair. It makes moving it to and from the campsite or where you will be using it that much easier. It also allows you to store is easier since it can’t just unfold itself since it’s covered by the bag.

Comfort Of The Highest Level

At first, I was a little worried about how the front of the seat is 16″ high thinking it might be too high for shorter people. The seat has a higher front and a lower back which allows you to sit in it and be comfortable so why the front height might be a bit high, the comfort it provides easily outweighs the negative in my opinion.

Because of this unique design, you get a high level of back support that is something that most camping chairs don’t have. Your back will actually have something to rest against instead of only having a quarter of your back supported.

Tough Camping Chair

One thing that I really like about this camping chair is that it’s very durable which is something you want in a camping chair. It has an impressive 300lbs weight capacity which is thanks to the durable steel frame.

STRONGBACK Guru Folding Camp Chair

Low To Ground Camping Chair

9-inch Seat Height

Low To Ground Camping Chair

When you designed a camping chair for a shorter person there is something that is a must in my opinion. That is they need to be lower to the ground and this chair from Cascade Mountain Tech has got this aspect right with it being only 9″ off the ground.

This means you won’t have to try and get up on a chair since it’s lower to the ground making it easier for you to get into. This is something that I really appreciate since getting onto a taller chair can be an issue for shorter people.

Keeps You Relaxed

There have been some excellent design choices by Cascade Mountain Tech with this camping chair. They padded the armrests which stop the steel from being too hard when you’re trying to relax. By making the backrest of this camping chair out of a mesh it allows for it to breathe really well which makes it great for when your camping in warmer climates.

Compact And Easy To Transport

Being such a small camping chair does come with the added bonus that it doesn’t take up much room. This makes it a great option for those who are trying to keep the space down to a minimum in their vehicle when they’re packing for a camping trip.

Since it is such a small chair does come with another added bonus and that is its lightweight. It only weighs 6lbs making it easy to carry to the campsite which is made even easier by the included carry bag that it comes with.

Cascade Mountain Tech Compact Low Profile

Low Profile Sling Camp Chair

13.8″ Seat Height

This camping chair from MarchWay has a fairly unique design compared to a lot of other camping chairs on the market which has its pros and cons. It doesn’t fold like your standard camping chair since it’s made up of several aluminum poles that are connected by a shock-cord.

It can get a little confusing when you first see it and can be a little difficult to set up on your first few attempts. Once you get the process down it’s very simple and easy to do and surprisingly offers more durability then you might think since it has a 350lbs weight capacity.

Great For Comfort Lovers

No matter how low a camping chair is to the ground, if it’s not comfortable then it’s not going to be a good chair. They made it out of a Nylon which offers good support and is comfortable to sit in that is improved by the mesh backing letting your back breathe.

Safety Is Important For This Camping Chair

One thing that I really like about this camping chair is that they went with a rubber non-slip feet. This just gives you that peace of mind since it helps with increasing the stability on the chair. You won’t feel like it’s constantly sliding around.

Space Saving

Because of the way that this camping chair folds, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be attached to your backpack. In my opinion, this makes it one of the easiest camping chairs to transport and store since it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

MARCHWAY Camping Chairs

Camping Directors Chair For Short People

Camping Directors Chair For Short People

When you’re looking for a camping chair that has a lot of great quality of life improvements then this camping chair by GCI Outdoor is one worth considering. The included extra features make your time camping more relaxing and even giving you a bit more space which is something I personally like.

The 12″ seat height is a good comfortable height for shorter people as it’s not too high or too low in my opinion. The padded armrests do add to the comfort a little bit so they’re a nice addition that more camping chairs could use.

Excellent Quality Of Life Features

While there is a lot to like about this camping chair its been improved by the simple addition of adding a table to it. The table is useful for a variety of reasons since it’s useful to store things on it instead of having to have everything sitting on your lap. They also included a cupholder on the table making it even more useful.

Transporting a camping chair is one of the biggest advantages of camping chairs since it’s very easy to do. GCI Outdoor has made this even easier by including not just 1 but 2 handles to carry it.

It has one on the side of it so you can carry it like a briefcase and 2 straps on the back so you can carry it like a backpack. The backpack straps are especially useful as it keeps your hands free so you’re able to carry more in your hands meaning you don’t have to do as many trips.

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Low-Height Backpack

Low Height Reclining Camp Chair

Low Height Reclining Camp Chair

GCI Outdoor makes another appearance on this list and there is one thing you will start to notice with their camping chairs. It’s that they design them with trying to add some useful benefits to each camping chair whether it’s to improve the quality of life or to make them more comfortable.

Something that I find to be extremely important in my camping chairs is do they feel stable when sitting on them? Feeling stable on a camping chair makes you feel safer when sitting on them and this chair has duck-feet which are designed to not sink when sitting, making you feel safer when using it.

Comfortable Extra Feature

There is nothing like sitting on your camping chair relaxing at the campground which is one of the most comfortable experiences there are. There is a way to improve that and it’s by using the included pocket pillow that this camping chair has. It stores in a little pouch on the side and then when you’re ready you will have a convenient pillow to use for a headrest.

There is an added bonus to this pocket pillow which you might not realize. The storage spot for the pillow turns into a drink holder when you remove the pillow which is a useful small bonus.

This bonus headrest pillow is useful and works extremely well with the high back this camping chair has. GCI Outdoor to this a step further and made this a reclining chair so your comfort is improved even further and is easily one of the best features of this camping chair.

GCI Outdoor Low-Ride Reclining Camping Chair

Padded Camping Chair 16″ Seat Height

Padded Camping Chair 16" Seat Height

When Gigatent was designing this camping chair they had one thing in mind, which is making one of the most comfortable camping chairs on the market. So if comfort is something that you hold as the most important aspect of your camping chair then this is a great option.

One thing that I really like is that they went with a 600D fabric which makes it able to handle the external elements well. Combined with this durable fabric with the steel frame you will have a camping chair that is one of the more durable camping chairs on the market in my opinion.

Why Is The Comfort So High?

Gigatent made an excellent design choice when they were making these camping chairs and that was giving them padding. By simply adding padding to the chair they helped increase the comfort of these chairs which makes sitting in them a pleasure.

A Surprising Bonus

There is a bonus that you might not realize with this camping chair from Gigatent. Which are the bright colors that make the chairs much easier to find in the dark so you have fewer things to worry about when you need to get up in the middle of the night when camping.

It also comes in 4 different colors so you can a different one for each member of the family without everyone getting confused about whose chair is whose. A small bonus but can really help when you have kids who will only use their chair!

GigaTent Green Folding Camping Chair

Many Types Of Camping Chairs For Short People

So as you can see, there are quite a few types of chairs suitable for taking camping as a shorter person. Not one type of chair will suit everyone and their unique needs. It’s not unusual to have 2 or even 3 camp chairs that you take outdoors with you.

Alternative solutions for the shorter person is to buy a camping chair with adjustable legs. With these chairs you can adjust the height on some of the legs while also giving you the greater capability of tackling uneven terrain. Many of these chairs also sit low to the ground.

They are versatile in their delivery and can mean the difference between an average camping trip and a more pleasurable experience.