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The Best Queen Air Mattresses With Built In Pump Reviews

The Best Queen Air Mattresses With Built In Pump Reviews

How is anyone to know what are the best Queen air mattresses with built in pumps with so many varieties available.

I learned a long time ago that buying air mattresses from local shopping department stores, you don’t always get the best quality. As larger sized air mattresses generally cost more then the singles and twins, it’s not worth the risk of buying just any brand on the shelves.

Especially when you start to venture into built in pump models. A quality built-in pump is an essential feature to look for when going through air mattress buying guides online. The invention of the built in pump is one that has relieved huge amounts of headaches for me and my family. I wouldn’t buy another air mattress without a pump.

But with so many brands on the market, how is one to know what are the best Queen air mattresses with built in pumps?. By reading reviews and knowing exactly what you want is the safest bet to finding the right air bed for you.

Air mattresses are not really on display in store to try out before you make a buying decision, so this adds to the headache that is finding a top rated Queen air mattress. I find that buying a air mattress online is better than visiting an actual store. This may sound unusual, but there is one major reason: The amount on information in the form of reviews on just about any air mattress is sure to lead even the most confused shopper into a confident buyer.

My Top Rated Self Inflating Queen Air Mattress

Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review

Top Rated Self Inflating Queen Air Mattress

The Sound Asleep Queen size air mattress has been my top rated mattress for quite some time. I find it incredible value for such a durable, long lasting and comfortable air bed.

The built in pump is extremely simple to use. It’s just a matter of flicking the switch. No valves or openings to deal with hurray. Inflate, deflate and off. Pretty simple right, and to make matters even easier.

There is a nice convenient section built into the air mattress to store the power cord. The air bed will inflate in about 3-4 minutes, which is great because while it’s automatically filling up with air, you can go grab yourself a cup of Tea or coffee.

I find this pump to be one of the quietest pumps around. It’s great for when sharing a room with another person which be quite a relief to many of the people I’ve shared rooms with in the past. No more jumping out of your skin to the sound of a noisy air pump.

The comfort levels of the Sound Asleep Dream Series, Queen air mattress are in my opinion very high. The soft yet thick waterproof top is supported by the Comfort Coil Technology; that is the unique 40 channel air coil system. These pockets of air are what make this air mattress flat, comfortable and very much ‘bed like’.

The Queen version of the Dream Series measures in at 78″ by 58″ by 19″ and is a double raised air bed.

Who Is The Sound Asleep Queen Air Bed Best For?

AS much as I would like to say ‘Everyone’, that would not be specific enough. So my personal preference is for the Dream Series to be used as a indoors air bed. While it does have a sure grip base and a 15 gauge puncture resistance level, unless you have a source of power when camping, you won’t be able to inflate the air mattress. If you can set yourself up with a power inverter from your truck, then heck take it camping!.

But because of the double height raised aspect of the Sound Asleep this air bed makes for a very good guest or long term use mattress. Folks with bad backs or poor sleepers could use this air mattress as an alternative to traditional bedding. For long term use, I suggest getting a mattress pad or sheets at the very least. Topping up the air bed will be required, but not as often as you may think. Checking once per week is a good measure.

Pro Tip: The Sound Asleep air mattress is made out of PVC which expands when new. I recommend folks to pump up the bed, then deflate 1-2 times before using it for the first time. This allows the PVC to expand to the correct size which will reduce the air leakage you may find if you don’t do this first.

Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Serta Never Flat Air Mattress Review

‘My Air Bed Keeps Deflating’… Not Anymore!

Serta Never Flat Air Mattress Review
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Serta are another brand which have a reputation for making high quality products. This air bed is no exception. It’s an amazing Queen air bed perfect for guest rooms, but more importantly long term use.

This Serta air mattress has a unique 2 built in pump system. The first built in pump is very similar to the queen Sound Asleep as it inflates and deflates with the flick of the switch. But what makes this air mattress stand out is the ‘never flat’ feature.

The ‘Never Flat’ feature is the second built in pump. This is the reason I highly recommend this air bed for long term use. The pump works continuously to maintain the desired air level in the mattress. So you get the benefits of a extremely comfortable bed, without having to inflate every other day.

But what I like even more about this Serta air mattress is that you can control the comfort level. This is especially handy when you have multiple guests sleeping over at different times. The guest can set the comfort level to either: soft, medium or firm and the 2nd built in pump will do it’s thing to maintain the desired air level.

The Serta Never Flat air mattress is not to different from the Sound Asleep. The main difference is the 2nd pump. Some other little differences are that the Serta has 35 air coil channels compared to 40 and the Serta is 18 inches in height compared to 19: of the Sound Asleep.

The raised air mattresses are a great choice for many reasons. First they can be made to look like a real bed once dressed up. But more importantly they are much easier to get in and out of then the single layer mattresses. The ones that are a struggle to get up from the floor, especially for Elderly and overweight people. The raised air beds are a great solution.

Pro Tip: Don’t be alarmed by the noise of starting the pump up for the first time. Let the bed inflate and set your desired comfort settings. Walk away have a snack and you’ll probably never hear the pump running again. It’s that quite.

Serta Never Flat Queen Air Mattress

The Best Budget Queen Size Air Mattress With Built In Pump For Camping

Intex Raised Dura Beam Campers Review

Intex Raised Dura Beam Campers Review

For people who love a firm flat surface to sleep on, then I believe this Intex air mattress will do the trick. It doesn’t sag so much in the middle, keeping you lying flat on top like you would on a firm normal mattress. The best part is that the top is flocked. N more annoying vinyl noise every time you move and now even more comfortable.

Another incredible guest room air bed but for a very affordable price. The value from the Intex is phenomenal. The comfort you can get from this air mattress is up there with normal mattress at least 5 times it’s value in my opinion. Plus this mattress is raised to 22 inches from ground level. Amazing.

Like other raised air mattresses with built in pumps, the Intex also has a very simple to use pump. However, what makes this mattress one of the best queen size air mattresses for camping is it’s functionality of the pump.

The pump itself can be plugged into any 110 – 120 volt outlet. But what makes this bed so good for campers is that it can also be pumped out by an external pump. Any cheap air pump should be able to fit into the nozzle slot in the center of the dial on the built in pump. So with the Intex, you really are getting the best of both worlds.

Pro Tip: Queen fitted sheets fit perfectly. The intentional crevices are designed to have fitted sheets slot right in there, making a sheet sit correctly on a air mattress no longer a battle. This Air Mattress has a 600 Lbs weight capacity.

Intex Raised Dura Beam Campers Air Bed

The Best Single Layer Queen Air Bed For Camping

Intex Pillow Rest Classic Air Bed With Built In Pump

Best Single Level Queen Air Mattress With Built In Pump

If the classic single level air mattress is more your thing and you want a built in pump but don’t want a double raised air beds like the above models. Then the Pillow Rest by Intex is the best I have found.

The bed is very similar to it’s double high counterpart, but with one main difference. That is the raised head rest pillow. This pillow feature makes it a space saver for when packing up the car, caravan etc when going camping. 2 less pillows to take on the camping trip will save some much needed space.

This Queen air mattress measure in at 60 x 9 x 80″ and takes just a couple minutes to self inflate with the built in pump. But again, like the double raised bed, this model also allows for an external rechargeable pump to inflate the mattress when on a camping trip when no 110-120v outlets are handy.

Intex Pillow Rest Classic Air Bed With Built In Pump

Thanks for viewing out Top 4 Queen Air Beds With Built In Pumps. We hope we have opened your eyes to the high quality and durable mattresses available. Now all that’s left to do is set up and relax on air!.