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The Best 3 Comfortable Folding Cots For Camping – Adults Sizes

Comfortable Folding Cots For Camping

Camping cots are widely used and are very easy sleeping platforms across the States for camping and military bedding. But what happens when you go to pack up the camp site and head home. That’s right, not all cots are easy to pack down and fold away. For this reason we have analyzed many folding sleeping cots for Adults and come up with what we believe to be the most comfortable and best folding cots for camping.

The key elements to consider when choosing a folding camping cot will be pretty standard across the board. Here are a few typical needs when buying a camping cot:

What To Consider Before Buying Your Next Camp Cot

  • Heavy duty frame: A tough and reliable frame will ensure a successful camping trip. The great outdoors can be very unfriendly when ill prepared. So make sure you don’t settle for a cheaper cot with a flimsy frame. Preferably a rust resistant reinforced frame with multiple support bars.
  • How easy the cot is to fold away and store. This is important for when you’re packing the car and also storing the cot at home. Nobody wants to spend 30 minutes packing up a simple cot after a long camping adventure. So choose something that can quickly and easily fold down and pack tightly for storage.
  • The Cots actual weight can play an important role if you plan to walk to your camping site. A lighter camping cot is advisable for these scenarios. If you are parking at the camp site, then weight should not be used as a gauge.
  • Cots Weight Capacity: If you are a slightly overweight, be sure to check to check a cots weight rating. The majority of cots can handle 200- 250 lbs weight.
  • Comfort Level is critical especially if you are planning a long camping trip. Things to look for are if the center support beam is going to dig into your back and check to see if the edge of the cot has anything remotely dangerous/hard for you to injure yourself while sleeping.
  • When you are above average height, you will also need a cot that can cater to your height.

The Most Comfortable Cot For Camping

Our #1 Pick: The Coleman Comfort Smart Folding Padded Camping Cot


Coleman has been a quality brand name since I can remember, so it’s no surprise that they make this awesome cot. What makes this one of the most comfortable camping cots is the included Polyurethane foam pad. The pad itself is about 2 inches thick, which is just right for it’s allocated 250 Lbs weight capacity. The outer material on the pad is easy to clean with a simple wipe. So storing this cot for months on end and if any mildew grows due to moisture in the air, it’s easy to clean off.

As for the dimensions it’s raised pretty high being 15 inches from ground level, which gives plenty of space underneath the cot for storage. 25 inches wide and 69 inches in length, so plenty of room for a larger person to sleep comfortably and long enough to suit people up to 6 foot 7. But what about when it’s folded down?

When it’s ready to be packed away, the Coleman Comfort Smart simple folds in half with the legs tucked away. So when folded down, it measures about 25 x 35. The mattress also folds down into the same compact unit. You simply turn it over and slot the pad in between the legs.

Coleman Comfort Smart Folding Cot


Awesome Folding Cot For Side Sleepers

The Oversized Kamp Rite Kwik Cot

camping cot That Folds

Now this is one heck of a folding sleeping cot for Adults up to 400 pounds. The high weight capacity cot is one of the strongest on the market and one of the best in our opinion. The Kamp Rite Kwik Cot sits an incredible 21 inches in height from the floor. Which is the highest sitting cot we have seen on the market. So for the people who need to have a higher than normal sleeping platform due to injuries or health, then the Kamp Rite maybe your best choice.

How well does the Kamp Rite Kwik Cot fold down and pack away?. You will probably find that we are not the only ones who believe the Kwik cot is simply the easiest and fastest cot to assemble and then pack away. In under a few minutes you can have a very stable, heavy duty cot ready for sleeping. No technical or complicated process needed here. But it’s even quicker to take down and pack away into the provided storage bag. When packed down it has 2 handles for carrying the cot around which is very thoughtfully designed.

More Than Just A Folding Cot

The handles for which you carry the cot are actually attached to the 2 side pockets. Great design and very practical. The side pockets are great for campers to store their over night valuables like keys, cell phones, medicine etc. Another nice touch is a cover that is over the joining parts in the middle of the cot. This is not a thick padding, but enough protection to prevent you from injuring yourself during the night while you sleep.

I am predominately a side sleeper (Odd occasion I prefer the back) and feel this cot to be the best choice for me. It’s firm yet comfortable and you can’t feel the crossbar like on some other brands on the market. The extra space on the sleeping surface allows plenty of moving space if you have disrupted sleep as well. The Kamp Rite cot have really produced one high quality extra wide folding cot great for camping. The only gripe I can see people having is if they are short. Because the cot sits 21″ in height, it may be a couple inches too high for them to sit on the cot.

Kamp Rite Kwik Cot

The Easiest Folding Cot Ever!the-easiest-folding-camping-cot-to-set-up

The Easy Cot By Byer

Another fabulous choice if you are after a super quick and easy cot set up. This is how simple it is to set up: Take cot out of box, then pull the cot out of the carry bag (Which is well made by the way) and then simply pull the cot apart and bang. You’re Done. Much similar to how a camping chair folds out. That’s really how simple it is.

The Easy Cot is another wider (31″) and longer (78″) than usual Cot, which does have it’s drawbacks however. The extra weight to carry around due to more materials and a heavy duty frame. With a weight capacity of 325 Lbs you can imagine the build on this cot is quite solid.

Overall this is not a cot recommended for hiking campers due to the higher weight, but for car camping, this cot is a great choice. The most amazing feature of the cot has to be how simple it is to set up and pack down. Calling this the ‘Easy Cot’ feels to me like a massive understatement. It’s that easy to set up and even easier when folding down. Combine this cot with a self inflating air mattress and you are set for a very hands free camping adventure.

See Just How EASY This Cot Is To fold Up