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3 Of The Top Rated Camping Cots [Personal Reviews]

Top Rated Camping Cots Reviews

After researching hundreds of consumer reviews, we have found what we believe to be the top rated camping cots in 2024. Sleeping on a sturdy and reliable camping cot is a popular bedding choice for campers the world over. Choosing a cot over a air mattress does have it’s advantages. Especially when it comes to dealing with tough and uneven terrain.

Being elevated from the Earths surface is one major benefit of a camping cot. Many people feel safer not being in direct contact with the ground and having the separation between sleeping surface and the ground is the best way to camp in cooler conditions. As the cold earth quickly absorbs your body heat, having that separation means you retain more body heat inside your sleeping bag.

But there’s many more awesome things a cot can offer to a camper. Each cot is not created equally which is why we have personally sorted through consumer reviews to find the top rated cots for camping to point you in the right direction. These reviews are based off a collection of the best of the best and we will present them in a way that is informative and beneficial to you. So lets get into it.

Our #1 Top Rated Padded Camping Cot

The Coleman Deluxe Padded Comfort Cot Reviews

Top Rated Padded Camping Cot

When it comes to a camping cot with padding, the majority of top ratings go to the Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Cot which can be found on amazon here. With a staggering amount of positive reviews, it’s hard to not take a deeper look at this cot.

Unlike some other cots on the market, this one does not have that annoying and uncomfortable bar that runs up the middle. Trying to sleep with a bar in the back is not the ideal way to sleep when out in the wilderness. However it does have a support middle bar, but it sits about 6 inches away from the sleeping surface. So there shouldn’t be any contact with it when sleeping.

That support bar and the high quality materials used are what give this cot a heavy duty rating and a weight capacity of 300 pounds. This is one of the biggest attributes we discovered. Consumers seem to be very impressed with the build of this cot.

As for comfort, well I think the name describes it well. ComfortSmart. This cot is not like your typical cot, in that this one has spring coils all the way around the outer edge. Kind of like a trampoline, except it doesn’t bounce you around. These springs make a drastic improvement to comfort and a all round softer sleeping experience. The Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe cot also comes with a sleeping pad that is removable for easy washing. This pad isn’t super thick, but when combined with the spring coil cot, it makes for a great nights sleep.

The cot is rather big for a single person, but not oversized for 2 say people. The measurements are 30 inches wide by 80 inches in length. The cot does fold in half as well which is great for transport. The mattress also stays in the folded position so you don’t have to transport the mattress separately. Which is great as the whole folded down cot can fit into most car trunks.

Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Camping Cot

Highly Rated Plus Size Camping Cot

The Teton Sports XXl Cot

Best Rated Camping Cot

The Teton Sports XXL cot has been a favorite of ours for some time. With it’s high 600 pound weight capacity and oversized sleeping platform we cant get enough of this beast. The build of this cot screams heavy duty. The support legs are like nothing I have seen before. They are a unique ‘s’ locking system which creates a superior and unmatched solid foundation in our opinion.

With oversized measurements of 85 inches in length and a super impressive 40 inches wide, this cot will be a great choice for many of the plus size community. But it’s not just limited to larger folks, people like myself love the extra elbow space and feet room. Being 85 inches in length is incredible, it gives so much room for tall people to sleep comfortably. With such a large sleeping surface, the cot materiel needs to be able to withstand the extra load. Which the Teton Sports XXl accomplishes with its super tough 600D Poly Canvas top.

As for comfort, I cannot complement the cot enough. Even without the add on ‘Camp Pad’, this beast of a cot is comfortable. For me, just a thick sleeping bag is sufficient to get real cosy on this cot. While some people may want the more luxury camping experience and prefer the cot and camp pad combo.

Overall, I have no hesitation recommending the Teton Sports XXl cot. However not everyone wants such a large cot due to space restrictions. Fortunately Teton Sports do have a regular size available as well. One last awesome feature of this cot is that it can be turned into a Tent Cot with the addition of the Teton Sports XXl tent. Highly recommended camping cot.

Teton Sports XXL Camping Cot

Best Value For Money Camping Cot

The Coleman Trailhead II Cot

Best Value For Money Camping Cot

Not only is the Trailhead cot great for camping but it makes a pretty useful hunting cot. With the camouflage design and strong rugged design, this cot will be a great asset to any outdoors man.

Whats particularly great about this cot is the addition of side pockets. Other cots will charge extra for side pockets like this, but the TrailHead 2 comes with them as standard. Which is very convenient for storing any valuables while you sleep.

The Pros:

  • No center beam to dig into your back. Some reviews stated this cot as helpful for there painful back due to the firmness and solid support.
  • Very simple design to set up and dismantle. Great for Scouts, camping, hunting etc
  • The cot comes with a storage bag which has a handy shoulder strap. So transporting the cot from A to B is no issue.
  • Sturdy and strong design consisting of metal and Ripstop Nylon materials. 3 by ‘x’ steel legs create the sturdy foundation.
  • Greta value for money, especially considering the side pockets are included. We find the TrailHead 2 to be the best camping cot for the money
  • A roomy cot. Extra wide (30 inches) and 75″ in length. Plenty of storage under the cot with a 17″ clearance from cot to ground.

The Cons:

  • Some folks may find the TrailHead II military style cot a bit too heavy for hiking. Weighing roughly 20 pounds, this cot makes more for a set up camp style adventure rather than a hiking adventure.
  • The carry case is very snug fitting over the cot. So be careful not to rip the case when trying to pack away the cot.
  • No sleeping pad is included, while it’s not necessary some folks prefer a padded option.
Coleman TrailHead II Camouflage Cot

What Makes A Camping Cot Awesome

While there are many cots to choose from when looking to buy a camping cot, not all are created equal. For further reviews and detailed information, please fee free to check out out Camping Cots Buyers Guide.

These top rated cots have been hand selected based on personal experience and the backing of 100’s of consumer reviews. Feel free to check them out for yourself and read the reviews. Getting multiple opinions on a product before purchasing is highly encouraged.

In general what you should look for when buying a cot for camping is as follows:

  • Multiple high rated reviews. These can be found online in various department stores. Amazon has a huge database of consumer reviews. You can get a really good feel for the product by reading a minimum of 10 reviews.
  • The Weight Capacity of the cot is extremely important if you are a larger size camper. Many cots have a weight capacity rating so you can be sure you don’t buy an inferior cot. If the weight limit is not stated and you can’t find it on the vendors website. I would generally assume it has a rating of 250 lbs.
  • The quality of the frame. Look for rust resistant metal framed cots, these tend to be a much stronger and longer lasting cot. Some cots have multiple reinforced bars to provide extra support and strength of the cot.
  • The quality of the sleeping material. This is critical to buying a long lasting cot. Cheap and inferior materials will degrade much quicker than a high quality polyester canvas or Ripstop material.
  • No sharp edges. Look for a soft rounded outer edge of the cot. Nobody wants to hurt themselves getting in or out of bed, or even worse while you sleep.
  • Height of bed is important for storage reasons and for people who cannot get down as low as they once could. So having a higher raised camping cot will assist the back and body when getting in and out of bed.