How To Clean A Air Mattress In 5 Easy Steps

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How To Clean A Air Mattress In 5 Easy Steps

An air mattress can be a great item to own and make a permanent part of your household. If you have a guest stay for a short time (or a long time), or if you are staying away from home, going camping, road trips etc. The right air mattress can give you a soft and comfortable place to sleep night after night.

With that said, most mattresses get dirty over time, especial if you predominantly use it outdoors. So it’s recommended you learn how to clean a air mattress before things get out of hand. But don’t worry, cleaning an air bed isn’t as tough as you may believe. If you need to clean your mattress, just follow these simple steps.


How You Can Clean An Air Mattress Starting Today

Step One: Safety First!

Unplug Your Air Mattress From The Power Source

Not all air mattresses come with a built in pump, so skip this step if this is the case. You should never clean an air mattress while it is still attached to its power source. Make sure that it is completely disconnected before you begin the cleaning process.

Step Two: Remove Any Sheets Or Coverings

If you keep a sheet, pads or blankets over the air mattress, take them off. You can throw them in the washing machine while you work to get the rest of the air mattress clean. Yes that means we will be washing the air mattress while it is inflated. This works best because you can get into all the nooks and crannies better. Nobody wants a build up of dirt and grime between the creases right.

Step Three: Clean The Air Mattress With A VacuumWays To Clean A Air Bed

If there is visible dirt or debris on your mattress, you will want to vacuum it away before you start wiping your mattress down. If you leave it there, you might wind up making a bigger mess. While not all dirt and dust is visible, it’s still best practice to vacuum the inflated air bed over anyway.

Plug in your vacuum and gently run over your mattress with the attachment. Don’t exert force when vacuuming; this could cause your mattress to become damaged. Once you’ve removed the debris, you can move on to the next step of the process.

Step Four: Clean The Air Mattress With A Soft Cloth

Once everything has been removed from the air mattress, you should start cleaning it with a soft cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Wipe down the air mattress, focusing on any areas that might have stained. You should be able to remove a lot of dirt and grime this way.

If there are stains or dirt that the cloth did not pick up, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the impacted area. Rinse off the soft cloth, then wipe down the area again. If you continue to repeat this process, you should eventually be able to get your mattress clean. I don’t recommend allowing any water or moisture to enter the internal of the air mattress. This can cause mold and bacteria to form. Ultimately ruining your air mattress.

Step Five: Allow The Air Mattress To Dry Out

Once you have removed your air mattress, you will need to give it time to dry. If the weather is warm, you should place the mattress out in the sun while it dries. This can help you to get rid of any remaining moisture, and can also help you to eliminate unpleasant smells. Again I recommend drying the air mattress while inflated to ensure the diverts or creases get fully dried.

In most cases, it will take between three to five hours for your mattress to dry. Once the process is finished, you can take it back inside and set up your mattress again. You can put the cleaned sheets and blankets back on, and wait for the next time you are ready to use your mattress.

Cleaning an air mattress isn’t as challenging as you might think. In fact, if you follow the steps above, getting your mattress clean should be a breeze. As long as you clean your mattress on a regular basis, you should be able to keep it in great condition for a very long time.

What About Those Pesky Stains!

So you have some nasty stains that won’t come out?. As frustrating as it is, you may be better off to just buy a replacement air mattress if the stains bother you intensely.

After all a air mattress isn’t all that expensive, especially when compared to a normal bed mattress. Buy the time you buy cleaner agents and scrubbers or what not. It may make sense to fork out for a sparkly new clean air mattress.

Our Air Mattress Buying Guide has covered many needs and uses for different types of air beds and mattresses. So whatever your situation, we hope we are able to help you find what you are looking for.

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