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Best Yurt Tents For Camping In 2024

What Is A Yurt Tent

A lot of campers don’t really know what a yurt tent is, even tho the Yurt has been around since 600 BC. They’re usually a large round tent which have a cabin like appearance. They were used as homes originally, however the western versions are different from the original Central Asian design.

Now in the modern day of 2024, yurt camping is a form of glamping in most cases. For some of the more extreme campers, this isn’t a form of camping. Since it defeats the purpose of the ruggedness of camping. This isn’t always the case tho.

Thankfully you’re able to buy yurt camping tents. So if roughing it isn’t for you and you like the idea of a yurt tent, the there are a number of ways one can go yurt camping. You can now do this with relative ease since they’re much more readily available. Whether you hire, buy or stay the night in a permanent yurt tent.

The advantages of yurt tents is that they’re designed for extended camping trips. They offer certain features that make the long trips more comfortable. For example, the ability to use a stove inside the tent thanks to the built in stove jacks. They’re definitely worth your time researching and seeing if they’re a good option for you and your next trip.

Best Yurt Tents For Long term Camping

Heavy Duty Yurt Tent

This White Duck yurt tent is one of my personal favorites on the current market. It offers a lot of good features for long camping trips that includes some nice quality of life features. With one of the most desirable features being that it’s a four season tent. This makes it quite a special tent since there aren’t too many of those on the market.

Most tents these days are designed for 3 seasons, leaving you scrambling for a winter tent should you be brave enough to tackle the colder temperatures.

Comes In Multiple Sizes

If you’re worried about space and not having enough room, there are three different options for this White Duck tent which cover a range of sizes. The smallest size floor plan is 13 foot, then goes up to 16.5 foot, and finally the incredible 20 foot yurt tent. This wide variety is something that I like, since it gives people greater options.

While all that is great about this tent, there is one thing that makes it great for long trips. Which is it has a 5 inch wide stove jack opening. Having the ability to have a stove while camping is a big advantage in my opinion. Cooking inside any tent using a winter stove without a way for the poisonous gases to escape can be deadly, so a stove jack is highly recommended.

Thankfully it’s made from a fire retardant material as well, so you’ll be safer from a fire. But its not just fire resistant, the White Duck utilizes a water repellent material.

This does offer some extra protection if you plan on cooking inside a yurt tent. If you like this tent, but don’t really need the fire repellent option, there is a normal water repellent version as well.

Set up of this tent is more difficult then a lot of other tents. But a big part of this is most people haven’t set up a yurt tent before. It can be done by one person but it’s significantly easier with two people, and recommended to do so. But as you typically camp in the one spot for a longer period, the time it takes to set up a tent is irrelevant in my opinion.

White Duck Outdoors Luxury Tent With Stove Jack

Portable Yurt Tent For Camping

Portable Yurt Tent For Camping

I was surprised when I found this Ozark Trial yurt tent. I didn’t know they made them and finding this was a nice surprise. Ozark have a great reputation when it comes to making good reliable budget camping gear. I wanted to see if this trend continues with this yurt tent.

It’s a very spacious tent with a good amount of headroom for most people. Which is what you want in a yurt tent. This does make it good for more than camping in my opinion. It’s a good option for people who go camping and there is no covered area. This can make certain festive times easier to deal with.

Fast & Easy Set Up Yurt Tent

The set up of this tent isn’t too bad and doesn’t take as long as some other tents. Once you get use to setting it up and taking it down, it should only take roughly 10 minutes to set up/take down. Which does make it more portable then most other yurt tents. I’ve even seen people use this tent as their preferred overlanding tent because of how quick and easy it is to set up.

However, there’s one recommendation that I feel I need to mention. A lot of people don’t extend the center poll to it’s maximum height when setting it up. Then say it’s too short as a result. When in reality, the tent is just not fully extended yet. 

The Downsides…It’s Cheap

There are two downsides to this tent with one they tell you about and the other not so much. The first is this isn’t a four season tent sadly. The second is that I feel it’s not waterproofed enough, which they don’t tell you about. Tho you can put a waterproofing sealer on it to make it better suited to rainy condition.

While the waterproof negative may seem like its a not a good investment, for the price of this tent and some waterproof spray, you’re getting a very good deal. It’s a very affordable yurt tent compared to most and the features it offers makes this a bargain.

Features like the e-port, hanging storage sleeves and the windows at ground level. These windows can be unzipped to allow air to really blow in from outside and circulate the hot air out of the tent. All while keeping the insects out thanks to the mesh material.

Ozark Trail 8 Person Yurt Tent

Lightweight Camping Yurt Tent

Lightweight Camping Yurt Tent

This is one of the more lightweight yurt tents out there, which gives it a few more uses than some other tents. This is thanks to it only weighing 25 lbs, which is lighter then some small normal tents. So this is a good option for those who want some space, but not be burdened down with a heavy tent.

It does come in two different sizes with one offering slightly more room for those who need it. With one offering 13 feet of room and the second being 16.4 feet in diameter. The 13 foot one also comes in orange if that does interest you. Options are always good!

One thing that I do like with this tent is that it’s very breathable and good at keeping the sun out if you have no cover. This is thanks to the multiple windows which also have covers and the 3 ventilation ports. This gives it some versatility for when you use this tent.

Heavy Duty Materials

The fabric this tent is made out of is a 300D Oxford silvered coated fabric. This does give it a good amount of water resistance and helps with UV protection. What this means in simple terms is that it’s a durable tent that should last you a while.

Sadly the fabric isn’t heat resistant for those who wanted to put in a stove jack. This is a frustrating downside in my opinion. Tho if you don’t intend to use a stove jack, then this is a high quality tent that is a easy recommend to me.

DANCHEL 13ft Light Weight Tipi Family Tent

Best Winter Yurt Tent With Stove Jackets

Best Winter Yurt Tent With Stove Jackets4 Season Cotton Bell Tent

Quality is what this Danchel yurt tent provides. It’s one of the highest quality yurt tents going around in my opinion. This is in big part thanks to the 300GSM cotton canvas that use for the tent. It’s a quality thick material that’s great for multiple weathers conditions, including heavy rain and snow.

If you want choice then this tent has it, since it comes in four different sizes. The four sizes will have a size for almost anybody, with the smallest being 10 feet. The other options are 13.3 feet, 16.6 feet, and a impressive 20 feet. The sheer size of some of these tents allow you to have some incredible space.

Want A Stove Jack With Your Tent?, Have 2!

One of the best features of this yurt tent come from the stove jacks. It’s one of the few options that comes with two stove holes. It has one in the top and one in the side of the tent, both can be used for a stove. The second one is in the side of the tent, so it can be used for other things like air con or power leads if you have them. Or if you have your stove set up in a different manner.

It is quite the heavy tent, which does make it more difficult to be portable with. With the 16.6 foot one weighing 83 lbs. So the weight of it can be an issue for some people.

Since it’s made out of quality material and breathes really well. It does have the ability to be a four season tent. This is useful for those who have larger families and like to camp year round. This is a big positive in my eyes, and makes it an easy recommendation to almost anybody. The fact it comes with 2 stove jacks is amazing and alone is probably reason enough to buy the tent.

DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket

Best Canvas Bell Tent

Best Canvas Bell Tent

This yurt tent has one of the largest options I’ve personally come across. The largest size it does come in is a massive 23 feet. This allows a lot of space for gear and people, so it’s great for large groups. This also makes it very useful for large family functions.

It does come in a few smaller sizes as well giving it a lot of options. The variety of sizes seem to be the usual sizes such as 9.8 feet, 13 feet, 16.4 feet 19.6 feet, and that incredible 23 foot option. So there is a good chance it has something to suit your needs.

4 Season With 5″ Stove Jack

Thankfully it has the stove vent which makes cooking inside the tent a possibility. Sadly it only has the one unlike the above Danchel tent which has 2 stove ports. It also has the ability to be covered for when you don’t need it anymore. The opening around the stove jack is also fire resistant.

Setting up does take a little while with it taking about 20 minutes for one person. Taking it down is a bit quicker, but you will want to roll it up really well. If you don’t, it’s a little difficult to get it back in the bag. This is with most tents really, so it shouldn’t turn you off this tent.

Having a noisy tent can ruin a camping trip in my opinion. It can mean not being able to sleep which I don’t think anyone likes. That isn’t the case with this tent as its pulled quite taught so that it doesn’t make a lot of noise on windy nights. It’s more of a gently rustle in the wind which is more relaxing then anything in my opinion.

PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

Best Bell Glamping Tent

Best Bell Glamping Tent

When they call this yurt tent a Dream house they aren’t kidding, it’s an incredible tent. I wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to pack up your home and want to live in this Dream House tent full time! It’s a quality tent made from a water resistant cotton canvas which also looks surprisingly stylish.

It does come in four different sizes as well which is always good. The smallest of the sizes is 9.84 feet, then 13.1 feet, 16.4 feet, and the largest of 19.7 feet. I would of liked it to have a larger option but that’s more of a personal choice.

Stove Jack On Most Sizes

There is a stove hole depending on which model you get, with only the smallest size not getting it. These can be hit and miss depending on your situation. If you don’t need such a large yurt tent, but want the stove hole, this can make life a little tricky. In my opinion it would be better to get the extra room, and stove jack option.

One thing to note with the kind of fabric this tent is made out of is, that the first time it gets wet it may leak a little bit. But don’t stress, this is actually normal. This is because the fabric will shrink the first time it gets wet, but once it drys the holes will be closed up because of the shrinking.

Sadly there is one fairly big downside to this tent that might put some people off. Which is the fabric isn’t all that UV resistant, so it can’t handle being left in the sun for very long periods of time. This will make the fabric weak and cause tears sadly.

But if you really have your heart set on this yurt tent, you can apply waterproofing spray that includes UV protection in it as well. Its something you should do with any new tent, regardless of whether or not it has been previously waterproofed. Nothing like the feeling of protection right.

Dream House Luxury Bell Glamping Tent


Monday 2nd of December 2019

Its really thoughtful of you to have posted this article, many camps get disturbs and scattered because of unplanned means of accommodation, or rather not have a proper housing method, I've been a victim of this twice. I must say Yurt tents for camping is the best choice but think it is dependent on the factor of size, i mean the number of campers, it is really nice to know about the Portable tent. 


Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

Yea Yurt tents do offer much-needed space for a bunch of people camping together. 


Monday 2nd of December 2019


A very interesting exposure of yurt tents for trips. Some models are also provided with the possibility to cook while riding & camping... these yurt tents look like a sort of portable houses :).

They are spacious, have nice looks (e.g. the Ozark Trail tent, or the Dream House Luxury Bell), and when it comes about stove jacks there's also safety. Larger models like the Canvas Bell tent allows not only families, but also some friends to go on a trip together, let's just call this "Riding and Socializing". You should spend a pleasant time when camping like that.

And it's also good that there are yurt tents adapted for winter as well, so you may go and camp even at Christmas. Besides, your article helped me find out about the word "Glamping" (glamor camping)!

Best regards, Peter


Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

Haha I'm glad that I have helped you understand Glamping Peter. Do you use a yurt tent while riding? 

arzu hosan

Monday 2nd of December 2019

First of all, thank you so much for such a beautiful article. Through your article, I have learned a lot about tent.  I understand from your article that tent have been used for thousands of years. People will continue to use such tents for a long time to come. You've mentioned your address in many tents, and I particularly like one of those tents.  This tent is : Danchel 13ft light weight Tipi family tent for camping pro. I love reading your article and I want to buy this tent online. How do I go about buying one?. Sorry about my poor english.


Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

Hey Arzu, no ploblems man. If you want to buy the Danchel tent, you simply need to click on the image or the 'More Details' button and you will be taken to amazon where you can buy it. 


Monday 2nd of December 2019

Camping is one of my favorite things to do whenever I'm opportune to have my personal time with family and friends, housing is one of the major challenges we face whenever we are planning our camp and this I because we don't get a good and durable tent. Yurt tents will serve as a good help, unlike most tents, I like it's shape and longetivity. I'll share this to my friends and we'll choose one to buy prior the next camping exercise. 


Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

Yurt tents certainly have a unique appearance, I'm sure you will be the hit of the campsite with one of these bad boys. 


Monday 2nd of December 2019

I have been camping for a while now and to be honest I have seen a couple of other campers make use of the yurt tent. The only thing is that I did not know that they are actually called the yurt tent. There are many different types that is available and this shows that it really has been here for quite a while and it has also developed over time. When I decide to go camping next year with my friends,I will consider this one.


Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

Hi John, yes they can also go by other names such as SAfari tents, bell tents, wall tents etc. They are certainly worth considering if you like the style of them as they are quite the durable tent.