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Camping Chairs For Toddlers & Babies

Camping Chairs For Toddlers & Babies

It’s that time of year again, camping season! For many campers this year, it will be the first time bringing along their toddlers, babies, or older children. Finally, the kids have reached the age where you can take camping with you as a family. This also means it’s time to find camping chairs for toddlers, babies, and/or the older kids.

Whether you taking an infant or a 2-3-year old toddler, child safety is the primary concern when choosing a camp chair. The older kids can get away with just about any camping chair, provided they can reach the seat. Camp chairs for short people are a good idea for the older children as the seats are lower to the ground.

If your child is feeling a bit nervous about going camping, choosing a chair that can make them feel safe and secure. Much like choosing an airbed for kids, if the child can feel safe in the chair, chances are they will be more enjoyable to have around the table.

With the list of camp chairs below, you are sure to find a suitable option for your young one. A good idea is to buy a chair that your child can grow into, so you don’t have to keep replacing the chair every camping season.

Best Camping Chair For Toddlers

Best Camping Chair For Toddlers

Camping is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have and having kids can make it difficult at times. This is where this excellent camping chair for a toddler comes into play from Baby Delight. Who has designed this camping chair to make life easier and keep your child safe so you can create some good memories.

Something that I really like about this toddler camping chair is just how easy it is to set up. It only takes a few seconds to get it up and ready to use with the longest part being when you clip the canopy onto it, but that only takes few seconds as well.

Safety Is A Must!

We all want our kids to be comfortable but we would much prefer if they were safe beforehand. The feet on this camping chair are angled and wide which increases the stability of the chair and makes it very difficult to tip over which is something we all should like.

There is also a 5-point hardness which will help keep your toddler strapped in so they can’t escape out of it and hurt themselves. This harness is also removable so when they get a bit older and don’t need the harness anymore you can still use the chair saving you some money in the long run.

Quality Features

One thing that I really like about this toddler’s camping chair is that there is a leg enclosure that is netted. This can either be used as storage or allow your child to have their legs in there safe from some of the insects you will encounter when camping.

Sun can get really intense when you go camping and trying to keep your kid out of it can be difficult. Baby Delight has included a removable sun canopy to help keep the sun off your child’s face when it does get a bit too much.

Baby Delight Go with Me Chair

Low To Ground Camp Chair For Babies

Low To Ground Camp Chair For Babies

This simple and easy to use camping chair for babies by Summer Infant has a very simple design that is hard not to love. By keeping it so simple Summer Infant has managed to make one of the best baby camping chairs on the market in my opinion.

One thing that I really like about this camping chair is how small and lightweight it is. You’re able to pack it up and put it in its carry bag which makes it even easier to transport it. You will find yourself using it more often since it’s so easy to move around and set up.

Tough To Keep Your Kid Safe

If you’re going to put your baby in a camp chair then you want it to be safe and durable. Since this chair is designed for babies the legs are made out of tough plastic which is durable and less likely to hurt compared to steel if an accident did happen.

Summer Infant has included a 3-point safety harness that will help keep your child strapped in and safe. It’s very simple to use and set up and will give you peace of mind that your child is safe from getting out and falling, injuring themselves.

Perfect For Playtime And Food Time

With the convenient BPA free tray that is included with this camping chair. Your child will be able to use this chair for eating and playing giving this chair added value. The tray is also dishwasher safe which makes cleaning it hassle-free in my opinion.

You can use this chair as a booster seat as well which is something that I like. You can strap it to a chair at the table so your kid can feel like he is at the table which can help with avoiding some tantrums and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Summer Pop ‘n Sit Portable Booster Chair

Alternative Camping Seat For Babies

Baby Seat That Clips Onto Table

Toogel has come up with this unique design that allows this baby seat to be used in a wide number of situations that your other standard chairs can’t. It attaches to a side of the table with a simple vice-grip like device that won’t let go once it’s attached.

Being such a unique design does have one issue that can come up when camping and is worth considering before going all-in on this chair. Attaching it to the side of the table is going to add weight to one side of the table and make it off balance so you will need something to counter it.

But once you know this issue, and prepare for it, you have an excellent baby chair which is safer then you think. Since it doesn’t have legs your baby can’t rock it which can cause your standard chairs to flip over hurting your child. This is something that can’t happen with this baby seat.

Versatility Is Impressive

In my opinion, the best feature of this baby seat is how versatile it is and how it can be used just about anywhere. Going to a friend’s place you can attach it to there table, going to a cafe with a friend and once again you can easily attach it to the table. This really makes it a great all-round chair that can be used practically anywhere.

Since you’re able to use it anywhere, it needs to be able to be set up, taken down, and transported really easily. Which it does achieve this in my opinion, once you get used to the setup process it’s very easy to do and won’t take you long(20 seconds).

Smart Design

Something that Toogel has done that I think is really smart is they included non-slip handrails. These handrails prevent it from slipping but also protect the surface of the table as well which is something I like.

Hook On High Chair

Camping High Chair For Kids

Camping High Chair For Kids

There is a lot to like about this portable outdoor baby chair from Ciao! Baby that keeps your child safe and comfortable. With the way, it’s been designed this chair will stay with your child from baby all the way up to toddler helping you save some money.

Comfortable For Your Child

With this baby camping chair being made out of nylon makes it not only very durable but also comfortable for your child to sit in. Once you get it fully open your baby will be happy and comfortable sitting in this chair which will you to have peace of mind.

Easy To Set Up And Transport

The set up of a camping chair needs to be quick as we all know that kids can go from happy to upset in the blink of an eye. So you don’t want to spend 5 minutes setting up their chair. This chair is very simple and quick to set up, simply remove it from the carry case, even out the legs of the chair on the ground, and lock the safety latches.

Packing it up is just as easy and putting it away into its carry bag makes it easy to transport. With it only weighing 8lbs you won’t find yourself putting your backout to carry it. It also easily fits in your vehicle when you need to take it on the road and travel with your child.

Easy To Clean

There is no secret that when a kid eats, there is going to be a mess which means it’s cleaning time! The eating tray on this baby camping seat has a clear vinyl top so that you can easily clean it. You only need to wipe it down with water and you’re done which is something I really like since it saves time.

ciao! baby Portable Travel Highchair

Best Camp Chair For Kids

Best Camp Chair For Kids

The design of this camping chair for kids from Melissa & Doug is very clever as your kids will love the cute design. Melissa & Doug know like most parents, that when their kids love something they won’t want to be separated from it so getting your kid to sit will be much easier with the help of this chair.

Your kids will like the design so much that you will get more use out of this chair for more than just camping. Is it snack time or tv time? Your kids will want to use this chair which is one of the best features of this chair in my opinion.

Smart Design

There are certain things that make camping chairs for kids safer and more convenient. By simply adding a cup holder to this chair they have made it more convenient since you will have somewhere to store your kid’s drink when their hands are full.

Durable To Handle Kids

There is no secret that kids can be rough with things that can end up having things broken. I really like that Melissa & Doug have designed this chair to have a metal frame that is durable for those times where you need that extra strength. This is something that I really like as the chair will last longer.

The fabric on these camping chairs is far more durable then you might expect which is a smart decision from Melissa & Doug. This helps with keeping your kid and chair protected from the damage they can do!

Choices Matter

No two kids are the same which is why I really like how there are different designs for this chair. Your kid might not like the crab design but they might like the octopus or butterfly designs that Melissa & Doug offer. So you can find something that will suit your child’s personality.

Folding Beach Chair for Kids Melissa & Doug

Tips For Camping With Babies & Young Children

Going camping with my parents when I was a kid is once of my happiest memories and now that I’m a parent I can now appreciate the difficulty my parents went through with taking the family camping. Camping with kids is an enjoyable experience that can be extremely tough and there are some things that will make it easier if you know beforehand.

Testing The Waters

Before going camping there is something that I highly recommend doing. If you have a tent or are able to borrow one, I’d suggest setting one up in your backyard and testing it out with the kids one weekend. This is a good way of telling if the kids will enjoy some of the experiences they will get while camping.

By doing this you can also avoid booking a holiday that your kids will end up hating. So it can save you money which is something I think most people will really like.

Plan Activities For Bad Weather

If you’ve ever been camping then there is a good chance that you’ve had to face some bad weather when camping. Things such as board games or handheld consoles if you have them will help keep the kids entertained and stop them from getting frustrated they can’t go out and play.

One thing that I would recommend is to make sure your electronic devices really only come out when there is bad weather. You’re trying to create some fun memories and sitting there staring at a screen isn’t the way to do that. So limiting the usage of the item is a good idea but can lead to tantrums!

Pack Clothes For All Weather

No matter what the weather reports say before you go camping I would still make sure to pack clothes for most temperatures. It’s better to have some extra warm clothes and not need them then it is to need them and not have them in my opinion.

Take The Correct Gear

Something that a lot of people forget to take is basic sanitary items such as hand sanitizer and baby wipes. This can help with keeping your kids clean and prevent them from getting some nasty germs which might just prevent them from getting sick ruining the trip for them and you.

A Small Note From Everyone Else At The Campsite

The first thing I make sure my kids know when we go camping is that there are certain rules they need to follow when at the campsite. Things such as being quiet in the morning, stop them from interrupting other families during dinner, and no running through someone else’s campsite.