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The Best Cots For Camping 2023- Reviews For Folding, Kids, Tent Cots & More!

The Best Cots For Camping 2019In this 2023 buyers guide, you will find what we believe to be the best cots for camping. Whether you need a cot for your children, a portable tent cot or a folding double cot for heavy people you are sure to find a specific camping cot to suit your needs. This is the ultimate resource for all your camping sleeping needs when it comes to sleeping on a cot.

But why a cot and not an air mattress? While air mattresses are awesome, not everybody desires or can use one do to medical conditions. Cots have their advantages and disadvantages, but one thing we can all agree on is that a camping cot will outlast a air mattress 9 times out of 10. So for the shear fact they are longer lasting and considered more heavy duty, many campers choose the cot over the air mattress.

But how do you know which cot is the best suited to you?. Well, we aim to meet your needs and provide a large variety of cots suitable to different types of people and different style of camping. After all, we are all created different and have different body shapes and different needs, so while we do our best to cater to the vast majority, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you are looking for a certain type of cot not yet mentioned in this buyers guide.

Each cot found on this page will come with our own reviews and links to other place online where you can read more consumer reviews to help make the buying decision even easier for you.

So with that said, lets get into some of the style of camping cots available so you can get to your camping adventure quicker.

The Best Camping Cots

By Consumer Reviews

Top Rated Camping Cots Reviews

View The Top Rated Camping Cots Here

In this buying guide you will find our 3 top rated camping cots based on research and consumer reviews from over the internet. These results are based purely on the research we performed to find out what the public thinks is seriously the best camping cot in the world.

In order to be classified as a top rated product, the cot must have a 9/10 average rating and contain hundreds of ‘real’ consumer reviews. After analyzing hundreds of reviews it’s easy to get a very good idea as to which camping cot is the Public’s top rated. Analyzing the cons or negatives is also extremely important. This is why it’s important to read as many reviews as possible. If a common complaint about a certain cot is mentioned too many times to be just a coincidence. Then chances are that the cot has some serious flaws. Both the pros and the cons have been taken into consideration when compiling this list of the highest quality camping cots.

The Best Folding Cots For Campers

Comfortable And Quick To Set Up

For this category we went out to find what we consider to be the top 3 folding cots which were not only comfortable, but quick and easy to set up. Some cots take such a long time to set up and take down. Some are even too difficult for the Elderly or youngsters to easily manage the levers to set up. But these 3 cots we found to be very easy and time efficient to get going.

A folding cot is a popular choice for campers who usually take the car camping and need the cot to fit in the trunk. Being able to fold down and fit inside is utmost importance. Some cots can fold down into a camping chair style carry case and can be worn over the shoulder with a carry strap.

Camping Cots For Heavy People

High Weight Capacity & Oversized

Camping is attractive to people of all shapes and sizes. So it’s really pleasing to see manufacturers ‘Man Up’ and design high weight capacity and larger than normal camping cots. A normal size cot simply will not be acceptable for anyone over 225 pounds in weight. This is about the standard weight capacity (225-250 Lbs) for cots sold in most department stores.

So for a Big Man, it’s critical to turn online and find oversized high weight capacity cots. But as you may expect, anything with a higher weight capacity is generally built stronger and has more reinforcements in the form of support beams etc. So naturally, a heavy duty camping cot is likely to cost more than what a standard size cot would.

The best heavy persons cot for camping we found has a super sized sleeping surface and a huge weight capacity of 600 pounds. This cot will be the most suitable option for much of the larger community. While you will discover in the provided video is that this cot can hold up to 1000 pounds weight, it’s questionable how long this cot would last if you go over the 600 lbs weight capacity. So we don’t recommend trying this on your own cot. But it’s likely not too many folks will need a cot over 600 pounds anyway. Not only is this a great cot for big Men and Women, it’s just a really great roomy sleeping surface.

Ultra Lightweight Camping CotsFoldable portable lightweight cots for camping

When you think of cots you instantly think of how reliable and durable they are. But more often than not, you forget about just how heavy they are to carry around. A portable collapsible camping cot is ideal for travel and transporting. But when it comes to manually carrying a cot from one location to the next, lightweight is key.

But aren’t all cots heavy, isn’t that how they get their reliability and long lifespan?. While this is true, there are a number of quality ultra lightweight cots for camping, hiking etc. These cots are typically closer to the ground and can weigh as little as 3 pounds. Which is quite incredible. However, there are a couple lighter traditional cots that are raised 16-18 inches off the ground as well.

The Best Tent Cots

Is It a Tent, Or Is It A Cot?Air Mattres Or Cot For Single Campers

Well, it’s both!. A tent cot is a awesome invention first implemented by Kamp Rite we believe. A tent cot is essentially the perfect one Man camping experience. They are your typical camping cots (Even oversized models available) but with a built on tent. Some models come with a water proof tarp feature for bad weather, built in air mattress, pillow’s, etc. A tent cot is the ultimate portable getaway piece of equipment.

Who is the tent cot for?. The majority of people that use these tent cots are solo campers living life how it should be lived. In the great outdoors!. Because they are pretty much the core items needed to goo camping, you can easily pack up one bag and be away in minutes. No more messing around with: getting the air mattress out and checking for holes, then locating the pump (if you can) and making sure all the parts of the tent are in place. With a tent cot you can pick up the carry bag and walk out the door. So many people use these for quick weekend or overnight getaways.

Best Camping Cots For Kids

best camping cots for kids

We can’t forget the kids right. One of the best things we can do as Families is take the kids camping. Camping cots designed for kids are the best solution when it comes to finding somewhere to sleep the kids. Kids generally don’t like sleeping on unfamiliar beds, so it’s important that the Child gets their own camping bed so they can warm to it over time. Bringing the Child’s pillow or blanket from home will also help put the Child at ease with the new cot.

Kids cots even come in the form of bunk beds. These are a fantastic idea if you have 2 kids to a tent. Because they are bunk beds designed for camping conditions, you can feel safe knowing that they are adjustable to their surroundings. Meaning, the edges are generally curved and soft to prevent injury and ripping the tent wall open, adjustable legs to cater to the unpredictable ground.

The Bed o Bunk is one of the more popular choices for camping bunk cots for kids. It’s very child friendly and comes in some cool colors the kids will love. What my kids love is the attached pockets. This gives the kids somewhere to store there Nintendo’s, books, lollies etc. Again, it’s about making the kids feel safe and welcome to the new bed. So it’s the little things that will help along the way.

Best 2 Person Camping Cots in 2023

Do They Exist!

The romantic getaway into the woods with your loved one. Sounds lovely doesn’t it. But whats a comfortable way to be able to sleep together under the stars?. In this guide we discuss 3 different options when it comes to a camping cot suitable to 2 people.

Finding a camping cot for 2 people is almost as difficult as finding a Queen size Cot, but there are 3 solutions for all the love birds out there. Each type of cot is a different style, but all are capable of holding 2 people. Which is the main aim right.