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Best 6 Person Cabin Tents

Best 6 Person Cabin Tents

Choosing the best 6 person cabin tents can be a little more challenging than a larger family sized tent. This is because they become more intricate in detail and compact in size. With this reduction in living space, you really want to get the most value out of your tents footprint.

However, the most important question you need to ask yourself is will a 6 person tent be large enough for you. I bring this up because I know how often people can be mislead by misleading labeling on a tent labelled as 6 persons. Sure you can technically squish in 6 people, elbow to elbow, but is that what you are really after.

If there’s actually 6 of you sleeping inside one single tent, I would highly recommend you consider a tent suitable for a family of 6. However, if you are dead set on a cabin tent, I would be looking more at the 10 person cabin tents to accommodate 6 people comfortably.

What Constitutes A Tent Being Labelled A Cabin Tent

Now that we are clear on what exactly a 6 person tent is, its also important to recognize the difference between a cabin tent and a hybrid cabin tent. The main advantages of a cabin tent are they are much more livable in terms of space and the number of rooms.

Which is more important for a larger size tent when you’re accommodating more people. However, the height freedom a cabin tent brings is the main advantage. These tents allow you to walk around with greater ease inside the tent. Less head restrictions, unless you’re a tall person.

The walls of a cabin tent are more vertical and provide you with greater space to store your gear and sleep easier at night. Imagine a dome tents walls bashing against your face during the night, this won’t happen with a vertical wall. Hybrid cabin dome tents may have slightly less vertical walls, but not to the extent of a true dome tent.

Types Of Cabin Tents

The types of cabin tents available below will serve a number of people with a certain need. For example, there are cabin tents which are better for bad weather, while another tent may be better suited to the person that desires more closet space.

While most of the tents will serve most peoples needs, some are just better than others in their own unique way. So if one tents best features appeal to the type of camping you expect to take on, then certainly consider finding out more about this tent by clicking on the ‘More Details’ button below the images. 

Best Cabin Tent For 6 People With Closets

Best Cabin Tent For 6 People With Closets

Its no surprise to anyone to see a Coleman tent listed here as they are a worldwide recognized brand you can trust. But they certainly don’t make the best tents to suit everyone’s needs. However, this tent suits a specific audience down to the ground.

If you’re anything like me and you like your tent to be well organized, the Coleman Tenaya Lake Lighted tent is a great choice. By well organized, I mean a tent you can walk around in without tripping over a backpack, your boots or sleeping bag covers etc.

This is because the Tenaya Lake tent features 2 pretty spacious sized closets on ground level. Perfect space to keep your shoes, bags, toiletries etc. But best of all, these cabinets are built in and are part of the external of the tent. So you don’t lose any tent footprint, but gain extra living space inside the tent.

A feature I seriously love about this tent. It’s especially handy if you got kids as these cabinets are ideal for storing their gear. There’s also your regular wall mesh pockets for keeping things you need close by.

Built in Lighting

Another feature of this tent the whole family can enjoy are the built in lights. The tent comes with built in LED’s so all you have to do is add a battery source and presto, you and your kids have easy and convenient light inside the tent.

This also helps to keep the tent well organized. I don’t know about you, but doing the middle of the night in the dark, things get misplaced quite a bit inside the tent. So having quick and easy access to lights like this certainly does help for middle of the night toilet runs.

Amazing Hinged Door

A few of the Coleman tents have these hinged doors now. They are such a brilliant feature if you have young kids. They make getting inside and exiting the tent super easy. No more messing around with zippers getting caught every 5 minutes.

Simply open and close the hinged door as you would at home. When it comes to sealing up the tent, the door does have a zipper to keep the bugs and insect out.

Quality Design – I Love It

Back on the well organized topic, I like this tent because assembling the tent is super easy. The poles are color coded to the brackets. Its near on impossible to screw the assembly up on this tent. While its not an instant tent, it only takes 10 minutes to assemble.

Which is not a problem if you ask me. All in all, its pretty hard to fault this tent for your average family looking for a cabin tent packed with features. It comes with the Coleman WeatherTec features to keep the water outside and has a decent frame structure to withstand winds up to 35mph. But overall, for me the stand outs are the LED lights, 2 storage cabinets and the amazing hinged door.

Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent

Best 6 Man Cabin Tent For Bad Weather

Best 6 Man Cabin Tent For Bad Weather

When it comes to the best 6 person cabin tent for bad weather, its hard to look past the Texas GT by NTK. Its a bit of a unique cabin tent in that its shaped like a hexagon, 6 near vertical sides. Whats also pretty cool is that the Texas GT tent has a large vestibule. So large it takes up pretty much half the tent.

But don’t worry, there’s still a good 7′ x 14′ area for sleeping. The large vestibule area has side walls made of mesh with a large awning/canopy for protection from the sun and rain. A good area to sit back, relax and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

The large awning in the vestibule can also come down to completely seal off the front room. Giving you privacy and protection from the elements. The tent being a cabin tent has quite a high ceiling coming in at 6’9″. So most tall people can even walk around inside the Texas GT.

Made For Bad Weather Heavy Rain

While I love the front vestibule area, the number one thing that got my attention about the Texas GT tent is just how well its prepared for bad weather. The Texas GT would easily be my number one go to tent if I was anticipating some pretty heavy rain and all round bad weather.

Full Rain-Fly

The first important thing the Texas Gt boasts is a full rain-fly. You would be surprised how many tents these days only have a semi rainfly. Having a full rain fly that reaches all the way to the ground gives you the best form of protection from heavy rain, wind and all round bad weather.

The full rain fly even has unique mud flaps that go all the way around the tent. This is to really stop any ground water being slashed onto the tent. A really impressive feature I’ve not seen on a tent before.

Best Waterproofing

Its pointless having a tent with a full rain fly if the fly isn’t very good at stopping the water from penetrating. Fortunately, NTK have built a reputation on providing some of the best waterproof rainfly material.

The fly on the Texas Gt has a very impressive 2500mm coating of polyurethane. What this means is the tent can handle some pretty serious rain, 2500mm of rain consistently to be precise. Many tents will have less than half this rating.

Bathtub Flooring

Finally, the Texas Gt utilizes a waterproof bathtub style flooring. This is the best kind of flooring a tent can have to protect you and your goods from exposure to water. This is where the flooring creeps up the sides of the tent about 6 inches to prevent any ground water from penetrating in through seam holes.

Overall, High Quality

Overall, I quite like this unique cabin hexagon tent. The unique shape and design of the vestibule certainly make this tent a stand out. However, its worth noting that the vestibule area does not have flooring. So a tarp or ground mat will be need to placed down. While its marketed as being a 6 to 7 person tent, with half the tent having no floor, the best I’d recommend this tent is for four people.

NTK Texas GT Deluxe Hexagon Cabin Tent

Best 6 Person Cabin Tent With Porch

Best 6 Person Cabin Tent With Porch

Because I love tents with an extra outdoors area so much, its time to look at the best 6 person cabin tent with a screened porch. A screen room is a room that extends out from the tent and provides a comfortable, sheltered and bug proof place to kick back.

You don’t generally find too many 6 person tents with a screened room, so its nice that Coleman have included this feature on their highly popular Weather Master line of tents.

Only disadvantage to a screen room on a 6 person tent is that it does make your tent quite big. So if you’re after a 6 man tent for the simple reason that you want a smaller, lighter tent to lug around, this may not be you best choice.

In total, the WeatherMaster measures 17’x9′ with the screen room being quite large at 9’x6′. So plenty of room to set up a games room or set the kitchen up in this room. Unfortunately this tent also doesn’t have a floor in the screen room. So make sure you bring a small tarp to place down if you plan to use this area quite a bit.

Decent Rain Protection

Being a tent with a semi rain-fly, its not going to have a chance of competing with the above NTK tent. However, in saying that the Coleman isn’t named the Weather Master for no reason.

While its not a full rain fly, the fly on it does a pretty decent job. I say this because the fly extends out over the door to provide a sheltered awning for when entering through the hinged door. Yes, this tent also has a hinged door which is pretty cool.

The awning helps stop rain from entering through the door and keeps you dry when entering the tent trying to escape before the heavy rain starts. Another top notch feature small awning at the rear of the tent and over the windows. This allows you to keep the air flow inside the tent even if its raining. It provides a barrier over the top air vent so you don’t get all stuffy inside the tent.

Like all Coleman tents that carry the Weather Master badge, this version also has welded floors and inverted seams. This is truly a brilliant feature for stopping the water that runs down the sides of your tent from entering through the tiny seam holes.

When the seams are inverted, they are inside the tent and not exposed to water. The floor seams have been welded so there are no seam holes for water to get in through. So in terms of protection from surface water, the Weather Master tents are second to none in my books.

Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Cabin With Porch

6 Person Canvas Cabin Tent

6 Person Canvas Cabin Tent

Canvas tents are great for winter camping as they retain heat so well. In summer they can get a bit hot inside as the ventilation is not so great. But in saying that, it all really depends where you plan to go camping. Some places are ideal for canvas tents, even in the dead of summer.

When it comes to canvas, the 2 competitors are Kodiak Vs Springbar. The tent pictures here is the 6 person canvas cabin tent by Kodiak.

The Kodiak is a great little tent and being made from cotton duck canvas, you know its going to be quite durable. Perfect for off the beaten track camping. The canvas also features a hyrdo-shield which is how it retains its waterproof capabilities.

But like nylon tents, you do need to make sure you keep up with the maintenance of the canvas using waterproofing spray. Ideally you want a spray with UV protection as well so that the canvas tent doesn’t fade and deteriorate quicker.

Overall its hard to beat a canvas tent in quality and durability. But the extra weight of canvas and the heat they can provide in hot months means its not the right choice for everyone. But if you like to camp in cooler conditions, this is certainly a great choice due to the heat retaining canvas.

Kodiak Canvas 6 Person Cabin Tent

Best 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Best 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Who doesn’t love an instant tent right. Many of the small dome tents are instant and quick to set up. But as you move into the larger cabin tents, setting up can take you upwards of ten minutes. Finding the best 6 person instant cabin tent is not always easy.

For example, Coleman have one on amazon that sets up in no time, but it has an integrated rainfly. Meaning there’s no mesh ceiling for air to circulate. Which will make it very hot during the warmer months. Most people will find this tent a bit too hot, but for others it may be ideal. So worth mentioning at least.

Cabin Tent Set Up In 1 Minute

Move over Coleman because Timber Ridge have a better 6 person instant cabin tent option available. Having practically no assembly, this tent is said to be able to be up and going in about 1 minute. While this may be for the seasoned camper, even if it takes 2 minutes to get the foundation up, its quite the time saver.

Ideal for the campers that don’t want to spend their afternoons or mornings setting up a tent. They just want it up so they can enjoy the rest of the day. Taking a instant tent down quickly is just as important. Because nobody wants to spend an hour taking down a tent when they are already sad the trip is over.

Simple, Yet Appealing

Instant tents can seem to be quite simple in design, but I find this simplicity appealing. The Timber Ridge is a simple 10’x10′ 6 person cabin tent, but is quite an appealing tent.

The tent has everything you need for such a fast set up tent. Space for 6 people, decent weather protection and excellent ventilation. The windows open from the inside and with the mesh ceiling, you get maximum air circulation. To keep the hot air flowing out through the ceiling as fresh air circulates back in.

The rain fly is a semi full design. It comes down to about half way up the windows. It also has a awning over the entry way to better protect you and your gear from getting wet. I quite like the addition of a mud flap over the entry walkway. A brilliant way to reduce the amount of sand and mud build up over the most used part of the tent.

When it comes to bad weather, I’ve got nothing but praises for this instant cabin tent. You wouldn’t think it would survive harrowing 50mph winds, but the Timber Ridge stands up for itself. Not a bad little 10 foot tent in my opinion.

Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Best 6 Man Cabin Tent For High Winds

Best 6 Man Cabin Tent For High Winds

Normally you wouldn’t associate high winds and cabin tents in the same sentence. Wind can destroy vertical wall tents when strong enough. Dome and dome hybrid tents are normally the best for high winds.

However, in 2019 a leading quality brand, Eureka set out to change this way of thinking. They created the Space Camp 6 person cabin tent. With super strong 7000 series aluminum frames, they say that no storm stands a chance against the Space Camp tent.

Vertical Walls And All

For a 6 person tent, the Space Camp consists of some pretty vertical walls. Which is ideal when you want a cabin tent that offers you as much footprint possible for your money.

While having considerably vertical walls, the front of the tent acts as a ramp for high winds to jump over the tent. The front features a full ceiling to floor vestibule which is sloped. This allows high winds and heavy rain to not push on the vertical walls, but glide over the dome like surface.

In terms of waterproofing, the Eureka has a 1800mm coating, which is not bad by any means. The bathtub flooring and the full rain fly help to combat the rain and keep you safe and dry.

Overall the Eureka Storm Camp 6 person tent is a nice find. While its not a huge tent, measuring 10’x8’4″, the raised corners of the tent give you the extra head and shoulder space a cabin tent should offer.

Eureka Space Camp 6 Person Cabin Tent

Honorable Mentions

Below you can find 4 more options for 6 person cabin tents. All of them are form high quality brands and are certainly not bad by any means. I just personally think the above selection is superior. But this is not to say one of the tents listed below is not better suited to your needs.

Alps Mountaineering Camp Creek 6 Person Tent

Similar in design to the Timber Ridge mentioned above, this Camp Creek by Alps Mountaineering only just missed making my top 5 list. Its footprint measure 10 foot by 10 foot and has a 84 inch tall ceiling.

In terms of differences between the camp creek and the Timber Ridge, there’s not many. Price difference may play a keen role in your decision. But Alps Mountaineering do seem to provide higher quality materials from my experience. So this may be a factor.

Both tents have the semi full rain fly but the door on this tent is a large D shape, making it easier to enter the tent with larger items. There’s no mud flap over the entry way of this tent, but it does boast a decent water proofing of 1500mm.

I really do like how the awnings come out and over the windows. This allows you to open the window during the rain and let air circulate. Without getting wet of course. All in all, the Camp Creek is a high quality 6 person cabin tent.

Alps Mountaineering Camp Creep 6 Person Cabin

Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Man Cabin Tent

Eureka have a large following due to the Copper Canyon tent. Its a highly popular small cabin tent suitable for 6 people. Whats so fascinating about this tent is its ability to handle high winds.

For a near vertical wall tent like this, its quite impressive. The steel and fiberglass poles are what give it the strength to combat storms like it does. Many other tents of this nature would simply buckle under the pressure.

Eureka is far from new to the camping world, being around since 1895, they know a thing or two about camping. This reflects in this Copper Canyon tent.

For such a small cabin tent, it does boast quite a few appealing features. These include a zippered e-port for running leads safely into the tent, overhead loft storage and 2 big wall mesh pockets. My only complaint about this tent is the way the rain fly is designed.

It sits too close to the inner tent and when it rains, water runs down over the door opening. It should have been squared off more so that the water runs off away from the door opening. Because once the rain stops, any water on the fly will still drip down over the door opening, which can be a nuisance.

Eureka Copper Canyon Tent With E-Port


Instant Cabin Tent by CORE

For the people that prefer instant tents, another good option is the CORE 6 person cabin tent. With the capabilities of fitting two queen airbeds and being able to be assembled in one minute, so start to appreciate the design of this cabin tent.

The pros for this tent include air vents on the floor which allows some pretty amazing air circulation. With a large door and large windows, air is able to circulate quite easily. Provided you get enough of a windy day. I really like the mesh gear storage in the loft, makes it such a convenience to walk around inside the tent without having gear at your feet.

The main disadvantage to this tent is its rain fly and bathtub flooring. The rain fly is only short, so it doesn’t cover the inner tent very well. Which is fine for your average rainy day. But in bad weather where wind is gushing heavy rain in every direction, water can seep in through the seams of the windows etc.

I also don’t like how CORE have put seams at the bottom of the bathtub flooring. It kind of takes the point out of having bathtub flooring as water can seep in through the tiny seem holes on the base of the tent. So I would highly suggest you run a coating of seam sealer over this area in particular.

CORE Instant 6 Person Cabin Tent

Hybrid Cabin Dome 6 Person Tent By Coleman

Hybrid Cabin Dome 6 Person Tent

More and more people are being drawn to these hybrid type cabin dome tents. This is because they offer both the extra height, space, yet can repel high winds quite well.

The Coleman Montana falls into this category with its higher ceiling, but sloping walls to repel wind. The Montana is quite a popular Coleman tent for this reason.

Its also a bit larger in size for a 6 person tent, which I certainly don’t mind. Measuring 12′ by 7′, you get those valuable extra feet to keep your gear in without sacrificing sleeping room.

Similar in design to the Weather Master by Coleman listed further up the page, the Montana also has an extended awning over the door and reverse sloping windows. I really like this idea as it means you can get better air flow in the event a storm or rain comes over your site. The awnings over the window are just a fabulous touch.

The WeatherTec features by Coleman mean that the seams are inverted and the floors are welded. This is the best way to keep surface water on your tent from entering the inside. So no complaints at all here.

Don’t be surprised when you see many campers praising this tents abilities to withstand some pretty harsh storm events. However, I would advise against learning to set this tent up in the rain. Being a little more complex, I would allow 20 to 30 minutes to assemble this. In the middle of a storm, forget about it. Camp in your car.

Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent

Plenty Of 6 Person Cabin Tents Available

So as you can see from my research above, there’s an array of 6 person cabin tents available. Which one is the best?. Well that will come down to your specific needs. For me personally, I like the NTK for its ability to handle storms and the Coleman Tenaya Lake for its brilliant cabinet storage pockets.

For you it may be something completely different. Perhaps the type of tent you’re looking for isn’t even mentioned in this buyers guide and I have missed the mark completely. If this is the case, its important that you look for key elements to a tents core.

Such as its waterproof rating, often referred to by the number ….mm. Meaning the thickness of its polyurethane coating. The higher the number, the better it is. Also as I mentioned earlier, the type of rain fly the tent has. Some people prefer no rain fly at all and don’t ever plan to camp in the rain. Unfortunately as good as weather forecasters are, they do get it wrong. So I would advise against not getting a tent without a rain fly.