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Best 10 Person Cabin Tents – 2023 Buyers Guide

Best 10 Person Cabin TentsThe larger a tent gets, the more expensive they become. But does price reflect the true quality and features you get for your money?. By looking at the best 10 person cabin tents for 2023 and 2024 camping season, this is what we aim to reveal.

When comparing the various 10 person tents, you may find there are price differences of just $10 and you could find some where the tent is more than $100 compared to a tent of similar size.

So what gives, what makes one tent better than the next. Is it the brand name and reputation alone that drives prices up. Sure it has a big impact on the bottom line, but in 2023 there’s far more than just the brand name to consider.

Especially when it comes to a tent capable of sleeping 10 people. Larger tents like this tend to have greater features and more options in terms of design. Which is what I will go over as I reviews each of these cabin style tents. I also find that a tent labeled as a 10 person means that it is ideally suited for a family of 5 campers.

What is A Cabin Tent

I’m a big fan of cabin tents because they offer greater height for standing in. As a tall person, this is the certainly a feature of the cabin style tent that I desire. Cabin tents have this extra height due to almost vertical walls, just like in your house. A cabin tent is practically a mini house, minus the modern day utilities. What’s great for tall people like me is that there are a few extra tall cabin tents available.

Benefits Of A Cabin Tent

A cabin tent offers greater use of space compared to a dome or tunnel style tent. This is due to the higher ceilings and vertical walls. Making them ideal for camping cots because the walls don’t have a sharp angle on them. So people sleeping on a cot can enjoy sleeping next to a vertical wall and not have the tent material giving you a face rub all night.

While a cabin tent is generally heavier as they utilize more tent material whether it be canvas or nylon, that certainly doesn’t make them hard to put up. While some can be more complicated, there are many super fast to assemble cabin tents on the 2023 market, which also go by the name of instant tents.

Cabin tents are often multiple room tents. This is great for just about anyone as it means you can keep your gear separate from the sleeping area. Or you can separate the kids into multiple rooms in 3 room cabin tents.

These larger 10 cabin tents will often have air vents which help circulate air inside your tent. Great for summer and also helps in the colder months to reduce condensation. If the vents are lower to the ground you can even hook up an air conditioner like on these air con friendly tents.

Best 10 Person Instant Tent 2023

Best 10 Person Instant Tent 2019

#1. Core 10 Person Cabin Tent With Screen Room

There’s many things to consider when labeling a tent as the best, from waterproofing to insect protection to fast set up, you got to think of it all and put it in order of importance for you and your family. For me I find the Core 10 man tent the best cabin style tent for the following reasons.

The Screen Room

I love to sit outside the tent and kick back listening to some music, reading a book or simply taking in my surroundings. But for many tents, there’s is no outside are which protects you from those pesky insects and no-see-ums. Which is why I really like this tents design.

No doubt one of the best tents with a screen room, but what I love about the Core is that this screen room doesn’t steal away your sleeping or living space. It’s an addition to the 10 person tent and not a separate room designed for sleeping in.

Problem with many screen room tents is that the screen room also acts as the sleeping area. So if you want to go outside and still be protected from mosquitoes, you have to make sure there are no beds etc in there already. But with the Core you still get a genuine 10 person tent plus the screen room. The screen room measures 14ft x 5ft, so it’s not small either.

So in terms of living space for money, the Core does a fantastic job of offering us the campers a good true to size 10 man tent. Best of all it won’t cost you the world either. To get the up to date price you can check on amazon here.

Divided rooms

I have to assume if you’re looking for the best 10 person cabin tents you are camping with the family, or at least several friends. So this can get crowded to say the least.

Like many cabin tents, this one by Core does have a room divider down the middle of the tent. This divider can also be pulled and tied back to make it one giant 14″ x 14″ living space. So you have the option available if you want to separate the kids or the gear into separate rooms.

CORE 10 Person Cabin Tent Review

Notable Features

Another quality I look for is the number of doors and windows. This is not only important for air circulation, but for ease of access in and out of the tent. I love that the Core has 2 side by side large D shape zippered doors into each room of the tent.

This eliminates the line up to get in and out of the tent while also giving either room some privacy. In terms of windows, the Core 10 person tent has 2 large upside down U’s in each room. These large windows are great for  allowing in sunlight during the day and ventilation during the night.

Complementing the windows are 2 air vents on the each end of the tent. These are low to the ground so air can circulate and push out the stale hot air through the mesh ceiling. While we are on the topic of ceilings, this tent also has a very high ceiling. The 7 foot tall (84 inches) allows tall campers the freedom to pretty much walk anywhere in the tent without having to bend their necks.

Overall Review

While I could go on for days about this tent, I will cut it short so you can take a look at the next option. However I will say this is a high quality tent which is waterproof and comes with a rainfly and all the gear you need to get going. Certainly one of the best 10 person cabin tents in 2023.

*Fits 4 x Twin airbeds or 2 x Queen air mattresses.

CORE 10 Man Cabin Tent With Screen Porch

The Best Summer 10 Person Cabin Tent

Best Summer 10 Person Cabin Tent

While summer is the peak season for camping, it is also the most uncomfortable time to be inside a tent. Things can get pretty heated quite quickly so to speak. So with that said, I believe the best 10 person cabin tent for summer to be the dark room technology tent by Coleman.

These dark room tents are growing in popularity, especially in regions where temperatures sore. I myself can’t stand sleeping in hot conditions, so I will do whatever it takes to stay cool. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to want to take a look at this 10 man tent by Coleman.

More About The Coleman Dark Room Tent

So the dark room technology basically reduces the temperature inside your tent using darker walls and by using a UV reflective rainfly. This is meant to block out 90% of the sunlight that is prone to make any tent feel like a slow burning oven.

So while your tent is cooler to sleep in during the night, it’s also helping you sleep in past the blaring morning sunrise. This I like because I have young kids that don’t need to be up at 5 o’clock. So keeping the tent darker in the morning is a huge bonus for this tent. The parents can thank me later!.

Few Important Specs

  • Can fit 4 queen airbeds
  • For a larger size cabin tent, it can withstand some decent wind. Coleman rate it to 35+mph winds.
  • Awesome hinged doors make it so easy to enter and exit the tent.
  • An instant tent so setting up and taking down won’t take you long at all. Simple instructions.
  • Room divider with the top section mesh so air can flow through the tent easier and not get trapped in one room.
  • 6’7″ high ceilings.
  • Grey reflective bathtub style flooring keeps pooling water out and also helps lanterns reflect light inside the tent better for greater brightness.
  • Be sure to read the reviews for the 10 person version as this dark room tent is available in smaller sizes which can make the reviews somewhat confusing to read.
Coleman Dark Room 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Best Car Camping Cabin Tent

Best 10 Man Car Camping Cabin Tent

One of the concerns many people have with getting a larger family size tent is the actual size of the tent. This is because many car camping sites have smaller grassy spots. This is certainly something you will have to pay attention to when booking in your camp site. For example in some spots at Yellowstone National Park the tent spots are only 12′ by 12′. This is somewhat smaller than average in my opinion.

Because of this one of the best suited 10 person cabin tents for car camping is the Browning Big Horn. It’s a little smaller in dimensions than a 10 person tent which makes if fitting on the camping ground that much easier, while also allowing for space for a cap fire naturally.

The Big Horn is 150ft2 overall with the walls being 15′ x 10′. The ceilings are also quite tall being 7 foot. So it’s a good ‘cabin’ style of tent due to the shape, vertical walls and the high ceilings.

What The Big Horn Offers

The Big Horn by Browning is a pretty decent standard cabin style tent. By standard I mean it has all the features you want from a tent without dipping too far into the cheap side. So it’s a quality tent at an affordable price for the car camping families.

It’s the type of tent you can buy and know it will perform time after time. But for a little further insight here’s a few of the notable features.

  • Steel posts which create the strong foundation to resist high winds.
  • Divider wall for the option to have a 2 room tent.
  • Ample sized mesh storage pockets to keep your belongings off the ground.
  • Super ventilated with 2 large doors, 6 windows and a open mesh ceiling to allow hot air to escape.
  • A well respected tent for withstanding extreme weather, especially rain and hail.
  • No fuss design and set up. Simple cabin tent that offers you just what you need.
Browning Bighorn Person Tent

Tallest Ceiling Cabin Tent

 Tallest Ceiling Cabin Tent

With a ceiling height of almost 8 foot, the Wenzel Timber Ridge is a very high 10 person cabin tent. Similar in basic cabin design to the above Big Horn tent, this Wenzel is slightly bigger. With a total square footage of 160 compared to 150 and wall measurements of 10′ x 16′. So with this tent you get a slightly longer tent to squeeze in the 10 people.

Because of the extra space you can fit 4 Queen airbeds inside the Timber Ridge. So it’s quite spacious. But as this is a more family friendly budget tent, it doesn’t come with too many extras like an awning or air vents.

But in saying that the tent is still quite a good tent considering the price. (Find the exact price on Amazon here). In terms of ventilation it breathes quite well. With 6 windows, 2 D shape doors and a full mesh ceiling air can circulate freely.

One thing that does stand out on the Timber Ridge is that the windows are slightly lower on the walls in comparison to other tents. To me this is a good thing as it allows fresh air to hit you in the face as you sleep, keeping you much cooler during the night.

Because of the affordability of this tent, I do recommend you spend a little extra on tent seam sealers. While this is not something you must do, it’s something I recommend anyone do any any new tent. Especially the family friendly tents. Sealing the seams is as easy as rolling on deodorant and will offer you greater protection against rain trying to seep in though the tiny holes in the seams.

One area the Wenzel Timber Ridge does really well is with the floor. It’s a heavy duty floor but it’s seams have been welded. This means the water sitting on the earth can’t penetrate through the joining with the tents wall materials. Which is not something affordable tents usually offer. So this is a huge plus for me.

10 Man Wenzel Timber Ridge Cabin Tent

Best Waterproof Cabin Tent 10 Person

Best Waterproof Cabin Tent 10 Person

It wouldn’t feel right to do a list of the best cabin tents with out including one of the most popular Coleman tents now would it. This time around it’s the WeatherMaster tent. This is a highly popular family camping tent due to its weather resistant properties and it’s longer rectangle shape.

In terms of size the weather master is 9 foot wide by 17 foot totaling 153ft2 of tent living space. The shape of this tent is slightly thinner than many 10 person tents. Normally they are 10 ft or more wide, but the weather master is only 9 feet but making up for it in length.

Which makes this tent good for long skinny camp sites, which does give you more options to camp in RV spots as well. In terms of height, it has 6’8″ high ceilings which is plenty for the majority of campers. Side by side 3 x Queen airbeds can slot into this rectangular style cabin tent.

The WeatherMaster Features

Coleman have grown quite a fan base since incorporating their unique hinged doors and the WeatherMaster is one of those tents that feature these hinged doors. What they do is open and close like a regular house door, without having to zip and unzip every time. Such a relief, especially when you have kids going in and out all day long.

The ceiling on this tent is quite unique in that it’s a bit of a hybrid dome cabin style. Quite tall with vertical straight walls. But the 2 ends are more like a dome style tent. So the walls slope slightly. With this Coleman have integrated a unique window awning on either end of the tent.

Having these 2 window awnings on the ends means you can keep the windows open when it rains. So if you have the tent the the right way with the breeze, you can have nice cool air circulating inside the tent, even when its raining as the awnings shelter the window so no rain can get in. A brilliant idea.

Great Waterproof Family Tent

Finally, what makes this tent such a good buy for families is the amount of waterproofing it has. It’s known as the Coleman WeatherTec system. This system is the complete package for off the shelf water proof tents.

  • Bathtub Welded Floors: Bathtub flooring which runs up the walls to prevent ground water seeping in. Where the seams meet are welded so absolutely no water can penetrate through the tiny seam holes.
  • Inward seams where the bathtub floor meets the tent material means no rain can run down the side of the tent and enter in through these seams.
  • The unique zipper cuff is what makes the front door safe to use in rainy conditions. This extra layer of material protects the doors opening from water when closed.
  • Redesigned frames and triangular guylines give the structure of the tent a more solid and reliable feel.
Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent

Best Cabin Tent For The Money In 2023

Best Cabin Tent For The Money In 2019

Camping can be expensive when you’re first getting all the gear together. A tent can blow out your budget drastically. But after some digging around I came across probably the best tent for the money in 2023. This 10 person cabin tent by Ozark Trail is an amazing price. Almost to good to be true, but its not. You can check the price on amazon if you want.

Biggest Cabin Tent On This List

After checking out the amazing price, you probably noticed how huge this tent really is. It’s just mind blowing the dimensions. A full 10ft by 20 ft making it a 200ft2 tent. It’s also a 3 room tent as it has 2 wall dividers. Making it perfect for families with boys and girls that want their separate room.

The end rooms even have a door so you can allow the breeze to flow freely throughout this tent. Mind you, if you have very young kids, be sure to stake down the door zipper so they can’t escape during the night. To do this just tie some guy rope through the zipper and around the stake. Then hammer into the ground.

This Ozark trail is more of a hybrid dome cabin tent like the above Coleman. So the ceiling heights will vary. On the 2 smaller ends the ceiling is about 6 foot while the center of the tent is nice and tall, around 7 foot.

In the main center room there’s a entry door which is just massive. It’s almost the width of the room. This makes it super easy to bring in air mattresses and kitchen equipment if you decide to set up camp kitchen in the middle room. Above the main entry is a small awning for a little protection from the rain when you are going in and out of the tent.

Overall, It’s Budget Friendly

The Ozark Trail 10 person tent is certainly budget friendly, but in saying that it’s not a bad tent either. It has all the features you need to safely camp while it also has an electrical port access flap. So it’s not short of features, yet a great price. I would certainly check it out if a cheaper 10 person tent is what you’re after.

Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent 3 Rooms 20' X 10'

Check Out The Size Of The Ozark Trail

I couldn’t help but share this video, it shows just how much value you get with the Ozark trail. If you’re on the fence about this tent, this video is a must watch.

10 Person Cabin Tent Roundup10 Person Tent Buyers Guide

In 2023 there’s quite a few options for 10 person cabin tents. On this list are a few of my personal favorites. Are they the best?. Well that’s up for you to decide. Depending on your budget and other requirements, see below, each tent will be of different values to different people.

So to help you make a better informed decision, here’s a quick rundown of what tents are best for who.

Value Hungry Buyers

We all love a bargain, it’s in our nature. For me the biggest bargain is the above Ozark Trails 10 person tent. It offers incredible size, features and entry access. While it may not be the best quality around, it’s certainly not bad for what you pay.

Night Owls

It’s dead obvious that the Coleman Dark Room tent is the best option for people that like to party late at night and not get affected by the morning sun. But it also serves as a cooler tent, so my ideal choice when camping in above average summer temperatures.

Quality Quality Quality

If the main aim of the game is to have the best quality tent, then I wouldn’t hesitate on the Coleman either. But I would probably be swayed by the CORE 10 man tent due to the bonus screen room. This little extra screen room is ideal for me as I love to sit outside and just relax. Because it’s screened means I wont get eaten alive by mosquitoes either. So it’s a win win for me.

Weather Proof

Nobody likes to get wet or have their belongings drenched while camping. So the tents got to be weather proof. While all of these tents do a good job at keeping out the rain, my award goes to the Coleman WeatherMaster. The extra steps taken by Coleman to ensure you don’t get wet make this tent simply the best. The inverted seams, the bathtub flooring and welded seams are just fantastic additions to the already great tent.


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