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Best Mosquito Nets For Tent Camping

Best Mosquito Nets For Tent CampingYour sleeping area is the most important place to make sure is 100% bug free. Nobody enjoys waking up to 100 insect bites in the morning. By ensuring you have the best mosquito net for tent camping will go a long way in the endless battle against the blood sucking insects.

Recently we have gone over other types of mosquito netting which may be relevant to some readers. As not everyone prefers to camp in a tent. After that, we will look at the available options to bug proofing your tent so you remain bite free during the night.


If you are sleeping in a mosquito-infested region, complement your netting with an ultrasonic mosquito-repelling bracelet. You can use this device to keep mosquitoes away from your body as you sleep. Think of it as a back-up to your mozzy net.

Choosing An Insect Net For Your Tent

Choosing to put an additional insect net inside your tent can be because of a few reasons. The main one being that the actual tent is not 100% mosquito proof. These little critters seem to be able to get into just about anything. So another layer of protection is always a good thing.

Another reason could be that you have a canvas tent with no bug protection. In this case, a pop up dome net or a bug net you can hang from the ceiling of your tent would be the best choice.

Below you can find a couple of good choices for hanging a mosquito net from the tents ceiling or a pop up insect repellent net for the easier more portable option.

Best Tent Mosquito Netting For Hanging

Best Tent Mosquito Netting For Hanging

The first time I saw this Alpine Grand net in use, it was a rather unusual, but genius idea. It was mosquito proofing someones SUV. They had the included rope/cable tied to two trees with the netting completely covering the SUV. I thought, well that is a awesome idea. This takes sleeping your car to the next level. Especially when its hot and you need the windows down.

So this net is a hanging net, meaning you will have to spend a few minutes setting it up. It comes in a couple sizes: Double and Single which is good because it can be suitable for family tents as well as smaller tents.

Not only is good for a variety of sizes, but it can be hung in four different ways. So the obvious square/rectangular shape but also triangles and even a teepee tent is protected with this net. So small or large, square or unique, this mosquito netting does it all.

What also sets this netting apart from the others is that it includes the hanging kit. Many other models make you provide your own rope and such. But this one by Alpine Grand includes the whole kit.

Setting it up is fairly simple. What you do is tie the included cord to the ceiling hooks inside your tent. So if you have a square tent you would Have the cord going to each corner of your tent. For other shapes you connect two ends at opposite ends of the tent. This makes a horizontal hanging cord similar to a clothes line. From there you use the included hooks to connect the netting to the cord you just set up.

The netting itself is quite heavy duty. At the bottom it’s reinforced for dealing with camping conditions. This will save a lot of tears and holes other nets will endure. The hole count is quite good (225/2″), so keeping the mosquitoes out of your sleeping zone shouldn’t be an issue. Overall, I find it the best mosquito netting for the inside of a tent because of whats included and how well it works.

Alpine Grand Premium Mosquito Net


Portable Insect Protection Pop Up Netting

 Portable Insect Protection Pop Up Netting

See More Pop Up Nets Here

If hanging cords from the ceiling and setting up a barrier sounds like too much work, then a pop up mosquito net may be just what you are after.

A pop up mosquito net can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each having their own purpose. One model maybe suitable for sleeping bag campers that don’t use a tent at all and prefer to sleep directly under the open sky. While another is perfect for positioning on top of your camping cot. Or yet again, a square shaped pop up insect net to fit perfectly inside a square/rectangular tent.

These kinds of mosquito nets can offer a full 360 degree protection zone from all sorts of insects including the illusive ‘no-see-ums‘. Which is great becasue you can slide an air mattress or cot inside the protection zone, zip it up and you are completely safe from any annoying mosquitoes buzzing in to bite you.

Tips For Protecting Your Tent From MosquitoesPreventing Mosquitoes At Camp Site

Obviously ensure your sleeping area is netted to protect you from insects as mentioned above. But mosquitoes don’t only attack at night while you sleep. So being prepared while undertaking the fun and adventurous activities during the day will also be beneficial.

Simple things like wearing a insect repelling bracelet while out fishing, hiking or throwing the Frisbee will help protect your body. These inventions are relatively new and are a natural to repel mosquitoes. They are perfect for camping as they are cheap, lightweight and don’t contain chemicals.

When going into bush-lands camping, it’s essential you take high grade mosquito repellents. Don’t skimp out here as the only one that will benefit is the mosquito.

During the day time, avoid wearing darker clothing. If you wear white, the sun reflects off the white or lighter shirts and is a nuisance to the mosquito. Avoiding things like sweating and physical activity when these insects are close by is recommended. When you exhale you are releasing Co2 which attracts mosquitoes. So by excessive breathing you are producing more of the good stuff that these blood suckers love. For more tips go to:  eliminating mosquitoes from your camp site.



Friday 28th of June 2019

Hi thanks for sharing your recommendations. This has helped me out big time. Insects are part of the reason my Wife won't go camping, so hopefully now we are getting a good net she will think twice.


Sunday 30th of June 2019

Yea I can understand why some people are put off by camping due to mosquitoes and insects, especially if you're allergic to the things. I hope you and you Wife get to experience camping together now that you've picked up a mosquito net. Best of luck.