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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes When Camping

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes When CampingMosquitoes can ruin a camping trip very quickly if you are ill-prepared. They have to be one of the most annoying insects to deal with, not to mention the diseases they can carry.

Learning how to get rid of mosquitoes when camping could possibly be the best preparation step you could take before heading out into the woods. In this quick tutorial, I will discuss some age-old techniques to help prepare yourself against the annoyance that is the mosquito.

While camping is one of the best ways to go off the grid, escape the hustle and bustle of city life and just unwind, planning your trip around mosquito season is the best time to do so. Mosquitoes love water and you typically see them a lot more during the wet season. While I do enjoy camping in the rain(Call me weird), avoiding wet weather is your first step to surviving a mosquito-infested campsite.

There are a number of tips you can use to get rid of mosquitoes, enabling you to get rid of them and have the best time of your life. There is no reason to have a bad experience for something you could have easily dealt with. So here are some handy tips you can use to prepare for an insect free camping experience.

The War On MosquitoesDo ultrasonic mosquito bands work

If you want to win the war on Mosquitoes, it is going to take multiple strategies to really prove effective. Having just one device or one burner going is not going to complete the mission.

In order to keep your campsite mosquito-free, you need to implement a number of strategies. Starting with your own personal protection.

Create A Mozzy Proof Barrier

Mosquitoes like to suck your blood, so what a better way to prevent this than by creating an invisible forcefield around yourself. To do this, you wear what is known as an ultrasonic mosquito band around your wrist.

This band sends out frequencies to mimic the sonar of bats, which mosquitoes hate because bats are their natural predators. When they hear this frequency, the mosquitoes run for cover, far away from you.

When used in combination with other methods mentioned on this page, you have a far greater chance of limiting the number of mosquitoes in and around your tent.

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Keeping Mosquitoes Out Of Your Tent

You should choose a double wall tent which is the most common outdoor shelter in the market. It has an inner mesh body that protects from insects and a separate nylon rain fly that protects from water and provides privacy. Pay close attention to the density in the netting, you want to find tiny holes in the netting that mosquitoes can’t get in through. Also bear in mind the no-see-ums which can get into the tiniest holes..

These tents are well ventilated for warmer climates. This doesn’t mean mosquitoes are not going to follow you in, and this is why it is recommended to treat the tent using repellent. You should find more about the tent before buying it because it can mean not having to deal with mosquitoes.

Tent Lets Mosquitoes In – How To Stop Them!

If you already own a tent but want a quick and very simple solution to keeping these darn mosquitoes out of your sleeping area. Then these mosquito net pop up tents are a cheap and reliable way.

These pop up nets require no setting up, not hanging from the ceiling of the tent. Open them up, let them pop into shape and you have a 360° protection zone from insects including no-see-ums.

These pop up mosquito nets are also good for when you want to sleep out under the stars. One even comes with a rainfly in case it rains so you won’t get wet. I love these little things. They are great fr any occasion like reading a book outdoors without being bitten by insects.


Get Mosquitoes Out Of Your Camping CotCompare Mosquito Netting For Camping Cots

If a cot is your chosen camping bed, go the extra mile and buy mosquito netting designed for a cot. What this netting does is adds an extra layer of mosquito proof net around your cot and even air mattress. Whether you sleep inside the tent or out in open air, this netting can provide a much welcomed break from mozzy bites.

Again, its important to make sure the amount and size of holes is suitable to keep the insects out. This is usually represented by a mesh number. So if a netting has 240 mesh, this means it has 240 holes per square inch compared to a 120 mesh which has 120. In this case, the 240 mesh netting is better as it has smaller holes per square inch and would stop no see ems from getting inside the cot.

Bug Spray for You and Your Gear

Bug spray is a great way to deal with mosquitoes, but it is not enough for people who want to remain active and don’t want to be limited to a small space. When it comes to maintaining your freedom to roam while keeping away mosquitoes, insect repellents come to mind. There is a wide range of mosquito repellents in the market and have proven to be very effective. The best option will depend on the location you want to camp in, what you want to repel, and your personal preference. There are also all-natural repellents if you want to avoid chemicals.

Using Oils At Base Camp To Repel Mosquitoes

If you are not into using bug spray to get rid of mosquitoes, you have another option, using oil. The oil is an all-natural-repellant that is made using distilled oils of different greases that will repel mosquitoes instead of killing them. These oils work by covering scents that mosquitoes are attracted to, like lactic acid and carbon dioxide, which will mean a reduced number of mosquitoes landing nearby.

Cedar oil is also effective in keeping bugs away, while it is pleasant to people, it is not to mosquitoes. When mosquito larvae and eggs come in contact with cedar oil, it is deadly to them.

If you have planned a head, citronella candles can be placed around the camp site. Citronella is a well know way to get rid of mosquitoes. Alternatively, you can burn the citronella leaves in a fire which also works. Trouble is finding the leaves.

Herbs Can Deter Bugs And Insects

Sage leaf Repels Mosquitoes

Sage Leaf Repels Mosquitoes

There are herbs that have been shown to be effective in repelling mosquitoes. You don’t have to spend a lot on repellents because you can easily make it on your own using rosemary and water. The repellent you make from it can be used on your skin or even your pets’. Other options you can use include catnip, basil, lemon balm, and lavender.

Lemon balm can be found in forests and the leaves can be either rubbed on your skin or thrown in the fire to keep mosquitoes away.

Use Fire As A Natural Repellent

Smoke from a fire will help in keeping mosquitoes and pests away. You should try building a sustained bonfire so that it doesn’t go out of control. When mosquitoes and bugs come close when attracted to the light, the smoke and fire will burn them and they’ll go away. If you want the effect to increase, consider burning sage. Sage also has a nice smell to it and is readily available with over 15 types in California alone.

With this next video, if you happen to have cows nearby, try using this method to get rid of the mosquitoes in your camp site.



Limit Your Mosquito Appeal When CampingPreventing Mosquitoes At Camp Site

There is a lot you can do to keep bugs away, but there are also things you should not do. You should try your best to stay away from hygiene products that have an intense smell. This will include shampoo, soap, and perfume. You should opt for unscented products the next time you are considering an outdoor trip because it will not attract mosquitoes.

As mosquitoes (particularly females) can detect carbon monoxide with their nerves up to 160 feet away, its advisable to restrain on physical activity if you are concerned of the bugs being in the area. Physical activity leads to heavier breathing which omits more carbon monoxide which the mosquitoes can detect. Sweating from such activities can also attract more mosquitoes. According to this article ‘Sweaty Skin An Invite To Bite‘, the sweat on your skin has odors which mosquitoes just love.

During The Day, Wear White

Mosquitoes prefer dark clothing during the day time.  This is because the darker clothing doesn’t reflect the sunlight as well as white clothing does. However, once night falls and its dark, it doesn’t matter what color clothing you are wearing.

All These Mosquito Ridding Tips Won’t Stop The Problem

All in all, you will still have to deal with mosquitoes no matter how many repellents you use. They are part and parcel of the outdoors, the best you can do is minimizing them. There is no need to destroy the entire outdoor experience because one or two mosquitoes bit you. Choose to be less bothered and you will enjoy your camping.

The above tips will help you get rid of mosquitoes and get the best out of your camping trip. But they won’t stop them. They will always keep coming back for more. It’s what they do. So always be prepared and wear insect repellent for the best results.