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Coleman Double High QuickBed Review Queen Size

Coleman Double High Supportrest ReviewWhen it comes to camping with my partner, we always opt for the double high variety of air mattresses. In this Coleman Double High QuickBed review also known as the SupportRest I will be going over the Queen airbed with a fine tooth comb so that you can make a better informed buying decision.

While my partner and myself used this airbed on our most recent family camping trip, it also got a workout while we had guests stay over at the house. So this will be a good all round review for the people that not only need a queen camping airbed, but also a backup guest bed.

Why Did I Choose The Coleman Quickbed?

The Coleman queen Quickbed is not going to be the ideal choice for everyone. As good of an air mattress it is, the shear size of it may be a deterrent for some campers. But because I was camping with the family this time, having a large airbed was a positive on this occasion. Obviously it’s not a airbed worthy of backpacking simply due to the fact its so bulky and weighs about 16 pounds. Whereas hikers and backpackers need a bed that weighs just a couple pounds in order to move lightly and quickly.

So I needed a large airbed, I got that and much more. When it comes to sleeping I’ll admit I’m a bit of a princess. Which is why we went for the double high airbed. I wanted a bed that me and my partner could sleep comfortably in, one that felt like we were sleeping on a real bed.

The double height meant that we would be sleeping at a similar height to our regular bed. The double high Quickbed is 18 inches in height (46cm). But furthermore, the bed had to be comfortable. So not just your regular cheap air mattress would do. This is where the Coleman ComfortStong Coil Construction comes into it. Which I will explain in further detail later.

But the fact it is a ‘QuickBed’ is why we opted for this airbed. Having 3 kids with their own air mattresses and just one battery operated pump to go around, meant we needed a bed that would inflate fast otherwise we would lose battery power too quick.

Coleman Queen Double High Quick Review
The Good
  • Extremely Supportive & Comfortable
  • Heavy Duty Materials
  • Guaranteed Not to Leak
  • Lasted 4 Nights Without Any Air Loss
  • Doesn't Sink When Sitting On Edges
  • 600 Lbs Weight Capacity
  • Folds Away Into Carry Case Easy
The Bad
  • Bulky
  • Weighs 16 Lbs
  • No Pump Included


How Comfortable Is The QuickBed To Sleep On?

So before we get into some of the features of this airbed, I believe it’s important to share the level of comfort first and foremost. Any bed can have all the bells and whistles possible, yet be as a hard as a rock to sleep on. So to get my partner to go camping, the bed had to be comfortable first of all. So lets talk a little more about the comfort and support in greater detail.

Supportive? You Betcha!

To be comfortable, an air mattress needs to be able to support your body or bodies if more than one are sleeping on it. How many times have you laid on an air mattress with someone already on the bed and it feels like when you first get into a waterbed. If this is the case, the airbed is not very supportive.

But with this Coleman QuickBed also known as SupportRest you get one heck of a nice supportive foundation to lay on. This is because of the Coleman ComfortStrong Coil Construction. Coleman isn’t the only brand to use this feature, but for whatever reason I found this bed to be that much more supportive than others I have tried and reviewed.

Benefits Of The SupportRest

How The Coleman ComfortStrong Coil Construction Works

By being more supportive than others I have tried, I mean my partner and myself could both get into the airbed at the same time without ending up in a wrestling match. It felt just like getting into a regular bed at home. So instantly we were both put at ease knowing the bed can actually support the two of us.

Whats also very cool is the outer edge of the airbed is very supportive. So when one of us had to sit up during the night, the edge of the bed didn’t sink down. In fact most of the movements our bodies made during the night were relatively unnoticed.

However, this was not the case on the first night camping. On the first night I didn’t pump the bed up firmly enough for 2 people. Had I slept alone the bed would of been fine. But with 2 bodies there was noticeable movements in the bed when one of us rolled over.

So make sure to test the firmness of the airbed before it’s too late in the night to be setting of noisy pumps. The next day I added more air to the bed and it was perfect for the rest of the camping trip. It lasted 4 nights without deflating or needing to be topped up with air. I think this is quite an achievement considering it’s a double high airbed which requires a lot of air.

So What Is The ComfortStrong Coil Construction

From how I understand it and from other airbeds I have used over the years, the Coleman ComfortStrong Coil Construction is an internal coil system. These coils fill up with air and create a horizontal beam like foundation. The inside of the airbed is made up of a lot of coils which spread evenly across the mattress.

These supportive coils are what make the bed so supportive. Even when sitting on the edge of the bed, the air can’t escape and push out to the middle of the bed. Instead these coils remain intact and support your weight. No matter where you sit or lay on the bed.

These coils are what make the bed not warp and blow out. On the horizontal air filled mattresses the air gets pushed as you lay/sit. This can cause the mattress to warp in the center or blow out over time. So not only are they a supportive/comfort feature, but they also help to maintain longevity of the bed.

In terms of support and comfort, I rate the QuickBed a solid 9.5/10. Only reason it’s not a 10/10 is that I like to sleep on the very edge of the bed and the outer layer of bed annoyed me a fraction. If you sleep like a regular person this won’t be an issue.

Coleman Double High Queen Airbed


Is The Coleman Quickbed Puncture Resistant

Coleman claim this airbed is puncture resistant. But is there really such a thing as a puncture resistant airbed?. To be honest, I wasn’t going to put it to the razor test!. But I can say this airbed is very heavy duty. It’s quite obvious it was made for camping conditions. The triple layered coatings and the heavy duty PVC bottom make it quite resilient to sharp rocks and twigs. But I wouldn’t say it’s bullet proof.

For the modern day camper, the Coleman queen Quickbed is more than sufficient. Unless you are intentionally going to camp on top of rocky grounds, you should do just fine. I haven’t felt more secure sleeping on this airbed. So it’s quite puncture resistant in my opinion.


Does The Coleman SupportRest Queen Airbed Come With A Pump

Coleman SupportRest Used As Guest Bed

Coleman do have a queen airbed with a built in 120V AC pump, but this QuickBed is designed for camping. So it doesn’t come with a built in pump. The problem with a bed that does have a built in pump is that most of them don’t allow you to use an external pump to inflate them. Which makes them useless for camping if you don’t have access to power.

Fortunately the Coleman SupportRest with built in pump does allow you to use an external pump if you don’t have access to power. It has a 3/4 inch valve for inflating via external pump. However it does cost a little extra due to having a built in pump.

I decided against the built in pump option as I already have multiple airbed pumps. I used the Coleman 4D pump and this pump inflated this double high queen airbed in about 2 minutes tops. I was quite amazed at how quick this bed went up. Best of all the pump batteries didn’t need to be recharged and had enough juice to pump up the kids air mattresses also.

Guaranteed Not to Leak?Is The Coleman Quickbed Puncture Resistant

Another bold statement by Coleman is that the QuickBed/SupportRest is guaranteed not to leak. From my perspective it has lived up to this title. Even my guests were blown away by the fact the airbed didn’t deflate on them overnight. Which is also why I think this is a great guest bed for around the home.

So how does it prevent air from escaping like almost every other air mattress out there?. First of all you need to inflate the airbed the night before and let the PVC stretch. Otherwise you will think the bed has deflated on you the first night. But this is not the case, its normal for the PVC to stretch on it’s first use.

But after that the bed stays strong like a trooper. This has to do with the double lock air valve. No air is able to escape through the valve due to this design. Don’t worry its not complicated like it may seem.

Once you have pumped up the bed you take the pump off the attachment nozzle. Then you push on the nozzle and it locks the seal of the air bed. Then you take the pump nozzle out and put on the final lock to completely seal in the air. It’s a truly an amazing feature and one that really sells this airbed.

The Coleman Quickbed Weight Capacity

The SupportRest by Coleman is quite supportive as I have already discussed. But you may not be aware that airbeds have a weight capacity to prevent blow outs.

This airbed has an impressive 600 pound weight capacity which is quite high when you compare to many other queen airbeds on the market. This is the ideal airbed for heavy people that have been afraid of sleeping on air mattress sue to their weight.

Does It Come With A Carry bagColeman Quick Bed Carry Case Wrap N Roll

Being 16 pounds and a queen size you may be thinking that this bed is going to be a monster to carry around. Coleman have the solution to this bulky and heavy problem. That is the Wrap N Roll system built into the mattress. You can never loose the carry bag for this airbed. Hooray!.

The Wrap N Roll solution is attached to the material of the bed. So once you have deflated the bed you fold the mattress into thirds on top of each other length ways. From the bottom of the bed you simply roll up the bed and this squeezes out any remaining air inside the mattress.

Once you get to the end you wrap the carry bag around the mattress. Tie the ends of the rope together and the mattress is now folded up, compact and ready for the next adventure. The roll and wrap carry case even has a handle to make carrying it around much easier.

Final Review Of The Coleman Double High SupportRest Quickbed

From the initial unfolding to the final packing away, I found the Coleman Double High Queen Quickbed to be a dream to work with. Besides the one hiccup of not inflating it enough on the first night, this air mattress was a delight to go camping with.

It’s roomy, comfortable and extremely supportive. The finishing materials are heavy duty with a soft flocked top for added comfort. Takes just a few minutes to inflate and the guaranteed to never leak claim rang true in my case. Our overnight guest really loved sleeping on the bed and I’m sure they will be around more often now.

It’s very hard to fault the Coleman Queen Quickbed when it performed so well. Over time if things change I will be sure to update this review. But in the mean time you can get yourself this amazing Coleman airbed on amazon. Whether it’s for camping or to be used as a guest bed, it’s bound to impress.



Sunday 14th of October 2018

I have often thought about buying an air mattress or blow up bed for in case we have guests. The fact that you can deflate it and store it away afterwards is great. 

This air mattress looks super comfy and it’s the first time that I have seen such a high one, which makes getting in and out of it so much easier. 

I am glad you mentioned that you should blow it up a day early so it can stretch. If I didn’t know this I would automatically assume that the bed had a leak. 


Sunday 14th of October 2018

Hi Michel, yes a lot of people do think an air mattress has a leak after the first night. But it's just the PVC stretching. This Coleman does make a great guest bed as I mentioned in the review. It packs away in the guest room cupboard leaving heaps of space on the floor.

Nicki V

Sunday 14th of October 2018

I'm so happy I came across your site because I was just looking into buying an air mattress this summer.  I have a few friends who have cottages and sometimes all of the beds are taken up.  You also bring up another great point that it's good to have for a spare bed at your house.  I would not have thought of buying an air mattress for that, but it's a great alternative for a second spare bed that's very affordable.  Awesome review on the Coleman Quickbed.  You definitely have me sold on one :)


Sunday 14th of October 2018

Thanks Nicki, I hope you enjoy the benefits of the Quickbed. Great air mattress for camping and also as a guest bed.


Sunday 14th of October 2018

I am an avid hiker/camper, and I am so happy I found your site! The Coleman Quick bed has a lot of great features that you mention- and the cons aren't too bad. The weight you mentioned was 16 pounds - that isn't too bad, as I never camp along and can have others carry the foot or other gear to offset the weight. No pump can be an issue, but there are cheap, light air compressors that can counter that too! I love that you can go 4 nights without air loss, as that is a great amount of camp time without an issue. The support seems great from what you said so I think I will give it a go!


Monday 15th of October 2018

Hi Craven, yes I was amazed the airbed lasted the whole camping trip without needing to have more air added. Like you said, a good Coleman pump doesn't cost much and because it doesn't have a built in pump makes it good for camping without access to power. I couldn't be more happier with the Quickbed.


Thursday 11th of October 2018

Great review on the Coleman Double High Quickbed. It's very detailed and helpful. Thanks for sharing!

I usually camp with my cheap airbed and never really have a problem with it. But after reading your review, I'm now seriously considering an upgrade. The concept of air coil just make a lot of sense to me. The problem of airbed is that the support you get for your body is not evenly distributed and these air coil sounds like a good solution to that. Would love to give it a try. 

Do they offer a single person version of the Quickbed? If so, that's definitely on my wishlist.


Friday 12th of October 2018

Hi Wei, I would imagine if you upgraded to the Coleman quickbed it would be very difficult to go back to your cheap air mattress. But yes, the coils are what you need for evenly distributed air. Especially good when sharing the mattress. The quickbed comes in either twin size or queen size. Both have options to include a built in pump.


Thursday 11th of October 2018


Thanks for this review. I really enjoyed reading it! The Coleman Double High QuickBed really looks like a good choice for me. It is just a bummer that it doesn't come with a pump as I really need one for it. Nevertheless, I think this airbed looks very good. Do you have any recommendations for where to buy a good pump?


Friday 12th of October 2018

i there Los. The Coleman Quickbed is a great choice provided you have the room inside your tent. While it doesn't come with a pump you can buy a Coleman pump for pretty cheap. The pump I used is rechargeable and didn't need to be recharged after filling this bed up and our 3 kids beds. So it's a decent pump and you can find it here.