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Puncture Proof Air Mattresses 4 Options You Can’t Camp Without

The Best Puncture Proof Air Mattresses Heavy Duty

A Puncture proof air mattress is the ideal temporary sleeping arrangement. But is there really such a thing as a puncture proof air bed?. In essence no, but we can arm ourselves with the best possible chance of not springing a leak by investing in a high quality heavy duty air mattress.

For my top 4 puncture resistant air mattresses don’t expect any cheap poorly made beds. To be puncture resistant means the air mattress must have thicker materials, multiple layers to protect the surface form sharp objects and a heavy duty base.

When depending on a air bed to get a good nights sleep whether it be out camping or when you simply have guests over, getting a puncture is the worst thing that can happen. If your on a very tight budget, it may be difficult to find a good quality puncture proof air bed.

The more heavy duty the air mattress is, the higher the price tag it will have. After all, the extra materials and features are what separate the good from the bad.

Our Top 4 Puncture Resistant Air Mattresses

The Super Tough Camping Air Mattress

Camping and hiking is probably the most rigid adventure you can use a air mattress for. So a super tough camping air mattress is a must for maximizing your chances of a puncture proof nights sleep.

When it comes to camping there are many great airbeds to choose from, you can see our top rated camping air mattress is not the one we have decided to rate as the best puncture resistant. This is because it is a airbed on a frame and has less chances of getting a puncture from a rock or twig for example.

Our #1 Recommendation For Campers

The Super Tough Camping Air Mattress

So The Alps Mountaineering gets our super tough heavy duty air mattress rating. Each one of these Twin or Queen air beds are inspected in their factory before sent away for sale, so this assures us that we should at very minimum have a air mattress with no holes or tears in it from the get go.

According to the manufacture Alps Mountaineering, the material is considerably thicker than it’s competition. They claim that the PVC, which is rater heavy duty to begin with is 17% thicker.

The PVC is on the bottom and the sides of this air bed. The thicker the sides and base, the more puncture resistant the bed should be. Adding to the heavy duty rating is the flocked top. Which by the way is very soft and amazing at holding sheets in place. The top is claimed to be an extra 10% thicker than other air mattresses on the market.

What makes this super tough air mattress good for camping, besides the puncture resistant materials are these 3 amazing features included in the price:

  1. A rechargeable pump which is very small and can be easily stored to save on valuable space. While small, this pump works just as well as some of the bigger name brands and inflates the bed in mere minutes. The pump is rechargeable with the included wall and car chargers required.
  2. The Alps Mountaineering durable air mattress is single level. This is ideal for camping as the bed is only about 8.5 inches in height and when camping in a tent, height is always an issue. So single level is recommended.
  3. Very portable and compact. When moving camping spots or packing the car up for a camping trip. Finding space is always an issue. The Alps Mountaineering mattress is very compact in size and even comes with a handy carry case to minimize space.
Alps Mountaineering Heavy Duty Camping Air Mattress

The Best Puncture Resistant Airbed For Tall People

Fox Plush High Rise Air Beds

The Best Air Mattress For Tall People

I’m not the tallest person in the world at 70″ or 5.8 feet. But I still find it hard to find an air mattress suitable to my height. So for the really tall folks out there, the Fox Air beds range is the most height appropriate bed. In fact it’s the longest air mattress we could find, measuring in at 80 inches. So this air mattress is suitable for people up to 6″6′.

Fox Air Beds produce this heavy duty airbed in the following sizes Twin XL, Full Queen and King. All sizes are suitable to tall people because of the extra long mattress (80″). Check availability on amazon here.

But what makes this bed so puncture resistant is the vinyl material used in construction. The manufacturers claim that the vinyl used in the Fox Airbeds are 43% thicker. I don’t know how they measure the thickness in comparison to other airbeds. But this does let us know that it’s one heavy duty air mattress designed to resist punctures.

With a good height as well (20 inches from floor to top of mattress) this bed will make a great guest air mattress or long term air mattress. The built in pump makes for an easy and quick set up and take down. Do note that you will be required to turn pump off after inflating. A brilliant feature is the additional inlet valve. This allows you to pump the air bed up with an external pump as well. Whether it be by a battery operated pump or the old school foot pump.

Fox Airbeds 43% Thicker Taller Airbed

Puncture Resistant Air Mattress For Home Use

Simply Sleeper Triple Layered Airbed

Puncture Resistant Air Mattresses

Traditional PVC material air mattress are prone to expand, warp and swell out of shape. This can result in a huge bubble or sagging in the center of bed. This swelling can stretch the PVC material making it less puncture proof.

Simply Sleeper have designed a unique solution for this, making it one of the most puncture proof airbeds on the market. The trademarked Durmothane Polyester Laminate Technology consists of 3 types of materials to decrease puncturing to the air mattress. The inner layer is the heavy gauge PVC which is protected by the laminate layer. The final layer is the Polyester layer which assists in minimizing the PVC from warping out of shape and creating a thick and durable air mattress.

Available in different sizes, found on amazon here and utilizing the built in pump technology, the Simply Sleeper makes for a great long term use air mattress where tough conditions are expected. The built in pump is extremely fast at inflating, the fastest we have come across inflating in around 2 minutes flat. The horizontal air channels provide a excellent support system for a full body even sleep.

Simply Sleeper Triple Layered Airbed

Leak Proof Double High Air Mattress For Home & Camping

Leak Proof Double High Air Mattress

Funnily enough named the “Best Choice” airbed because the guys behind this creation put 12 years of experience behind this design. In their words, they think this air mattress is the “best choice”. But I’ll leave the final decision up to you. Check them out on amazon here.

What makes this airbed a good choice if you are thinking “Camping” (rock resistant) or “home use” (Cat proof air mattress) is that it utilizes a unique blend of vinyl and nylon. This creation not only makes it leak proof, but also very durable.

This puncture proof design comes down to the fact the nylon is laminated, where other air beds don’t apply this extra layer. As mentioned earlier, when the seams of an air mattress stretch due to inflation and body weight, they become worn out so to speak. Overtime they become less effective and this is how air escapes and you wake up on a deflated airbed.

But with the addition of laminate, the material can last up to 40% longer. Making it quite a strong and durable outer layer. This also helps to repel punctures more than your plain nylon air mattresses. So it’s quite effective in fighting off holes and loosing air during the night.

The inner layer of the air mattress is called ‘virgin nylon’, which basically means it’s brand new. Costs more but enhances the durability of the airbed. Other multi layer airbeds often use recycled nylon. This recycled nylon breaks down quicker and therefor you loose the durability to the mattress. But with the virgin nylon, you can expect a longer lasting and stronger performance.

Quick Run Down On The “Best Choice” Air Mattress

So now you know it’s a pretty tough air mattress, lets find out if it’s a suitable candidate for your purposes. Firstly, this airbed can be used for both camping and as a long term air mattress indoors. Besides being quite durable (For the rugged terrains camping throws at you), the bed comes with both a built in pump and a valve so that you can use camping pumps to inflate.

Not many airbeds with built in pumps have both these options. Most limit you to indoor use as they only have built in pumps that require 110c power to inflate. But this airbed has the additional valve so you can inflate with a external pump. This can be handy if you do lose power, but more so when you go camping on unpowered sites.

The mattress itself is super comfortable. This is because of the internal air coil support system. The internal support channels allow air to push against your body and act as support bars.

Even when you sit on the edge of the airbed. Most airbeds will have you sink to the ground as air escapes underneath you. But with this bed the air support channels hold their ground and support your full weight. Even on the edge.

The air mattress also comes with a hypoallergenic bamboo skirt and mattress cover. This turns your airbed into a mattress that looks like a real bed. Plus the hypoallergenic bamboo fights off bed bugs while you sleep. But if the skirting is a little too ‘soft’ for your camping needs, you can simply take them off. A brilliant air mattress for either camping or full time use.

*Also available in KING size for those who have huge tents.



Mereaina Clayton

Friday 20th of May 2022

Looking for puncher proof air bed queen size

Gemma Clayton

Saturday 2nd of April 2022

Do you have king size bed air beds

Jerome Ngugi

Saturday 24th of October 2020

Thanks for this read. I appreciate the disclaimer at the beginning. A good, quality, leak-proof mattress will definitely not come cheap. But it is worth the investment. Great review.

David McCarthy

Wednesday 28th of November 2018

OMG, what ever will they think of next? Yeah, this is so awesome but I could only think of one small this.Would the campsite try to charge you for an extra pitch? But anyway, after watching the video on you blog, I noticed how compact it is, just like the tent's are. Haven't gone camping for years now, but it would be good to get back into it. 


Thursday 29th of November 2018

I'm not sure what you mean by extra pitch David?. But no there should certainly not be any extra charge. These are just air mattresses which have been designed to be more puncture resistant.

Samson Oklobia

Wednesday 28th of November 2018

I am a big fan of air mattresses and the excitement I feel reading this post knows no bound. I have bought a few air mattresses in the past but ends up either puncturing or leaking without being able to be fixed because of the king of material its made of. The durability I got from the older ones I had was so poor I almost lost interest in them. This article has rekindled my love for air mattresses and I think I will be going for the Simply Sleeper Triple Layered Airbed real soon. Thanks


Thursday 29th of November 2018

I agree Samson, too many busted up airbeds give people bad memories which deters them from ever using one again. Fortunately technology is changing and the rise of the heavy duty air mattresses are on the way up.