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Best Air Mattresses For Heavy People (800 Lbs Capacity)


As a big Man myself, I know that finding adequate sleeping platforms can be a huge hassle, even when it comes to camping. So if you are anything like me and want to know what is the best air mattress for heavy people then stick around. Because we have experienced and researched only the best high weight capacity air mattresses suitable for overweight people.

The heavy duty airbeds mentioned below will cater to various requirements such as camping, guest rooms and semi permanent sleeping solutions.

Most airbeds are suitable for indoor use, but when it comes to camping, you should look for an airbed that allows the use of an external pump to inflate it. This gives you reassurance whenever there’s a power outage where you are camping.

What To Take Into Consideration

But first how did I analyze and decide on what I think are the best heavy duty air mattresses on the market?. Well there’s some Must Have’s and then there are optional extras that we consider when choosing a Big Mans Air Bed.

  • Height Weight Capacity For Heavy Duty Use- Some air mattresses come with a weight limit and not too many people are aware of this. So when and if you can, look for the products weight capacity so you don’t end up weighting more than the weight limit and possibly popping the mattress. Or even worse, injuring yourself. For a more stable sleeping surface, perhaps a heavy weight capacity camping cot is better suited.
  • The air mattress must be double height. Being a larger person, getting in and out of bed can be difficult at the best of times. Now imagine trying this from basically ground level. So to make life easier, its best to choose a raised air mattress.
  • Find a wider than normal air mattress, or a Queen size mattress. If you are big and tall, you will also need to make sure the bed is long enough. We have a section dedicated to the Tall People with air mattresses up to 80 inches in length.
  • Ideally a air bed with a built in Neverflat pump and air coils rather than channels.

*Do note the below beds are your typical heavy duty air mattresses. If you are looking for a serious bed replacement with custom support features, then we recommend you check out our Fully Adjustable Air Beds. But these are expensive and are meant to be used as permanent bed replacements.

Best Heavy Duty Air Mattress For Heavy People

The Insta-Bed 500 Pound Capacity Raised Airbed

Best Heavy Duty Air Mattress

The Insta Bed is one of our all round favorite air beds. There are many reasons for this which I will briefly touch on. But first lets look at why it’s the best option in our opinion for a heavy person.

The Insta Bed comes in 2 sizes. The Twin Size is a great choice for people up to 350 lbs and the Queen size has a weight capacity of 500 Lbs according to Insta-Bed. Either the Twin or The Queen are available on amazon.

The bed is also double raised which measures 18 inches from top of the bed to the ground. So that’s not to dissimilar to a regular bed. Getting in and out of bed is a easy task for the plus size person at this height. The queen is an impressive 60 inches wide while the Twin is 39″ wide.

So they are both extra wide air mattresses, raised in height and have a high weight capacity. But what else does this bed offer, besides being an ideal candidate for bigger folks.

So what makes the Insta-Bed a heavy duty airbed and stand out from the crowd is it’s NeverFLAT pump technology. This is another recommendation of ours. This is because this NeverFLAT pump is a secondary built in pump which will keep the air mattress inflated at all times. Which is important for us heavier people as we put extra pressure onto the air which can cause the air to leak quicker. But the NeverFLAT pump saves the day.

How The Pump Works

What the pump does is automatically inflates the air bed during the night whenever it senses the bed loosing air. So without having to do anything, or hear anything you can go to bed with confidence knowing that you will still be on an inflated bed in the morning and not flat on your back on the hard ground.

So it’s an amazing bed and we haven’t even touched on the other built in pump. This pump will allow you to inflate and deflate the bed in mere minutes.

But whats super awesome about this particular built in pump is that it can be set to your desired comfort level. Choose between Plush, Medium or Firm and then hit the switch to inflate and the bed will automatically inflate the bed to how you like it. Flick on the NeverFLAT pump and you are good for the night.

Insta-Bed Queen Air Bed

The Best Air Bed For The Big And Tall Persons

The Heavy Duty Queen Fox Airbeds


I’m yet to see a official weight limit for this bed as nothing is disclaimed on the Fox Airbeds website to my knowledge. However, there are multiple people saying that it is documented to hold very high capacities in the Questions section on amazon, which is a very good weight capacity.

But what I can tell you is that this is one high quality premium air bed. It’s the little details on the Fox Airbed that make the difference. It is also one of the few air mattresses we could find that has a ‘true’ 80 inches in length.

Many manufacturers claim to have an 80 inch in length bed, but in actual fact they are only measuring from the bulged out center part of the bed, and not the actual sleeping surface. Which is why we think this is the best air mattress for the big and tall people.

What makes this air mattress comparable to ‘a tank’ is the strong materials used. Hence the heavy duty rating. This is not just something the manufacturers are saying either, the materials are much thicker than the standard bed (0.6mm compared to 0.4mm) which makes for a very heavy duty bed.

Another nice touch is the soft pillow top material. This is a sleep changer for many people. Typical air mattresses just have the vinyl top, which makes an annoying noise when ever you roll over or move. So not only does this pillow top alleviate this problem, it also makes for a super comfortable sleeping surface.

When it comes to the built in pump, this is where the Fox Airbed has flaws. Yes it is built in and yes it can inflate in like 4 minutes or so. But what it doesn’t do is stop inflating without you manually turning the switch off. Nor does this pump have the NeverFLAT technology, so you will be required to ‘top up’ your air mattress every day or so. These may be small negatives and won’t bother many people.

But it’s worth mentioning it for those that want a never flat bed. With that in mind, the Fox Air bed is still one of the best on the market, especially for plus size people. Available in various sizes from Twin XL to King as well.

*Makes for a great camping air mattress as well. This is due to the bed having the capability of accepting a portable external pump which you would have to previously own or purchase. This is RARE in a air mattress with a built in pump.

Fox Airbeds 43% Thicker Taller Airbed

The Best Camping Air Mattress For Overweight People

The Extra Wide Sound Asleep Does It Again

The Best Camping Air Mattress For Overweight People

Sound Asleep does it again, we voted this air mattress as the best for camping. According to Sound Asleep this mattress has a weight capacity of 500 pounds.

The airbed is made from heavy duty PVC and has a nice soft flocked top which again is great for extra comfort and reduction in that annoying squeaking noise when you move.      

While this air mattress is slightly shorter by 2 inches than the Fox Airbed, where it gains authority is in it’s width. The Extra Wide air mattress comes in at 63″ wide. Perfect for the big Guys and Gals of the world.

But do keep in mind that this bed is only single layer (8.5″ thick) so not suited to obese people or people with bad backs or joints. However, Sound Asleep do a double raised airbed, also on amazon which is of the same high quality, but does require access to power to inflate.

So what makes the Sound Asleep a good choice for camping?. Simply put, this bed was made to be a camping air mattress. So the materials are thicker and more durable to handle the rough terrains the wilderness throws at us.

The I Beam air coil system also provides un matched support for air mattress camping. The coils act as circular vertical beams to provide heavy duty support.

Lastly the pump is an external pump with a heavy duty rechargeable pump. So there is no need to access power to inflate the bed, which is best suited to camping. The airbed also comes with separate nozzles to cater to any other existing pump you may already own. In conclusion, if you don’t need a double height air mattress, then this could be the best camping airbed for you, but if getting down low and pulling yourself up out of a lower bed is too tough, then I recommend going with the Sound Asleep Double Raised Airbed.

SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

Luxury Air Mattress With Memory Foam Topper For Big People

the-best-air-mattress-with-memory-foamThe Quick Luxe By Comfort Boulevard

For the big people wanting the luxury of pure comfort and a high weight capacity, then I can’t help but to recommend the Quick Luxe by Comfort Boulevard. The weight capacity is somewhat confusing as it says 500 -600 pounds. Which to me says be careful if on the bed from 500 lbs plus.

The Quick Luxe is not as wide as the Sound Asleep, or as long as the Fox (60″ wide, 78″ length) but where this bed shines is in it’s height. A very nice 20 inched from floor to bed top. So getting in and out of this bed is super easy and I like things to be as pain free as possible.

But the real value for money is within the amazing comfort the Quick Luxe offers due to the memory foam topper. Memory foam is a material which contours to your body and provides an amazing sleeping surface. The foam is 1″ thick which doesn’t sound like much, but it is a lot considering you have 18″ of air support below the foam.

Adding air and memory foam results in a must feel experience. The memory foam even has a removable cover which is zippered. So cleaning and protecting the memory foam couldn’t be easier.

The pump is built in and will require access to power, so keep this in mind. The pump is your standard built in pump that you will need to manually switch off once it’s inflated. There is no NeverFlat style of secondary pump, so be prepared to top up this mattress every couple days or so.

While this is a small negative, the fact this is one super comfortable air mattress and has a high weight capacity, any heavy people would be thrilled to sleep on the Quick Luxe in our opinions.

Quick Luxe Memory Foam Air Mattress




Carmen I Aguilar

Wednesday 18th of April 2018

To whom it may concern hello I would like to know the best quality air mattress for heavy set people can you recommend or send me the best air mattress thank you sincerely Aguilar


Monday 23rd of April 2018

Hi Carmen, click on the above links or on the 'More Details' button below the large images. That will take you to where you can buy air mattresses for heavy people. Hope this helps.