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Best Memory Foam Air Mattress For Camping

Memory Foam Air Mattress For Camping

Finding the best memory foam air mattress for camping is no easy feat. While there are plenty of ordinary airbeds with a memory foam topper, they aren’t really suitable for camping purposes. To be ideal for camping the air mattress needs to be able to pumped up with an external pump that doesn’t require electricity.

Unless you are camping on a powered camp site, generating electricity is not something the common camper will be able to achieve. This then eliminates the vast majority of air mattresses with memory foam because they entail a built in pump that can only be used with a power source. Most of these built in pumps won’t allow you to use an external pump to inflate the bed. Which can cause some serious headaches for the camper.

However, there are a few options for the camper that desires the comfort and warmth of a memory foam camping bed. Below you can find the results of our research into these comfortable air mattresses suitable for your next camping trip. The use of an external camping pump is recommended even if you plan to use a powered camping site.

The Best Air Mattress With Memory Foam Topper For Camping

For Airbeds Gel Infused Memory Foam

This air mattress by Fox Airbeds is the best option when it comes to sleeping in comfort in the great outdoors. The top of the bed is an advanced memory foam that uses Gel. The typical memory foam is made from viscoelastic, but with this airbed it also incorporates Gel into the viscoelastic. What the Gel does is fixes the problem traditional memory foam has. Which is that it doesn’t distribute heat and airflow.

This can cause you to become very hot while you are sleeping. Great for winter, but not all of us enjoy winter camping. So the addition of Gel into the memory foam allows for better circulation and the body heat can be transferred away keeping you cooler at night. That is the only reason you would buy a Gel over a traditional memory foam air mattress.

Besides being a ‘cool’ bed, the Fox Airbed is a tough beast. Meaning it is made from super thick materials that won’t puncture as easy as a inferior product and also can hold a greater deal of body weight. Fox Airbeds claim that the mattress is 43% thicker vinyl.

This is a full size air mattress and is a double high bed. This means the top of the bed is about 22 inches from ground level. This is great if you have a bad back or struggle getting down to lower heights and back up again. But becasue it is 22″ high, make sure the tent you are sleeping in has sufficient head space for you to sit up in.

The pump that comes with the Fox Airbeds is a electric built in pump. Not suitable for un-powered camp sites, but it is the only air mattress with memory foam that we could find that can use an external pump. I would recommend a rechargeable pump or a pump that can take rechargeable batteries so that you can always top up the bed if it looses a bit of air. Overall, I don’t think there’s a better option when it comes to sleeping on memory foam while camping The Fox Airbeds is the #1 in my eyes.

Fox Airbeds Gel Memory Foam 22" High Airbed

Alternative Memory Foam Camping Bed

LaidBack Sleeping Pad Review

Memory Foam Camping Bed

This is a unique sleeping bed in that it was designed to create a sleeping surface similar to the comfort of sleeping in your own bed. Hows this achieved?. For starters it’s very light, so ideal for camping and hiking. Weighing about 10 pounds, the LaidBack shouldn’t cause too much burden on your trip.

Whats also different is that it is not an air mattress, yet it can roll up to be quite compact in size (about 13 inches thick when rolled up). Don’t fret that its not an air mattress and you wont get the same cushiony feel of a airbed. Because you should with the memory foam pad which is built into this sleeping pad which has a removable cover. The pad itself is just under 3 inches thick. So it’s not like you will be hitting the ground when you lay on top.

It only comes in one size which is a bit of a bummer. Which is 24: wide and 72″ in length. If you are super tall, you may need a extra long air mattress. I would prefer a wider mattress, but for a single person or child, 24″ should be enough. It’s even a suitable bed for in the car camping when you don’t want to risk bursting a inflatable car mattress.

What I really like about this design is that you can never loose the carry case and not be stuck with a pad that you cant roll up. This is because the carry case is embedded into the pad. So when you are finished sleeping, you simply roll it op and connect the handles for an instant portable camping bed. I find the LaidBack sleeping pad to be a great alternative to a memory foam air mattress if the Fox Airbed doesn’t interest you.

LaidBack Memory Foam Sleeping Pad

Create Your Own Memory Foam Camping Air Mattress

Best Air Mattress Memory Foam Topper
Simmons 3″ Memory Foam Mattress

It’s not unusual to buy a memory foam topper add on for your existing camping air mattress. This can sometimes work out cheaper than buying an existing airbed with memory foam. If you have a double high air mattress, you can buy an appropriate size topper. To keep it in place you just put on an appropriate size fitted sheet.Presto, instant memory foam airbed.

Alternatively you can simply sleep on the foam pad as it is. This is quite comfortable, but I would recommend a cover or sheet beneath you to prevent the foam from getting dirty and damaged.

Until further camping air mattress come equipped with a memory foam pad, unfortunately there isn’t much selection to choose from. This does however make your buying decision easier.