Inflatable Air Beds For Cars Backseat

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Inflatable Air Beds For Cars Backseat
Ancheer Car Air Mattress –

Sleeping on the cars backseat can be a really uncomfortable time, especially if you own a small car. Fortunately, these days Inflatable Air Beds for cars backseat are readily available. What a air mattress designed for the backseat does is basically doubles your sleeping dimensions.

That space between the backseat and the back of the front seats where the legs normally go is now filled with a comfortable inflatable air bed. This opens up a much larger sleeping space for cars of any size.

Turning the backseat of a car into a portable bed has been a valued asset for many folks all across America. Road trips are now extremely more comfortable and  lot cheaper than staying in Motels and Hotels overnight. Now you can pull over, poop out the air bed and catch up on some sleep before you continue the road trip in a few hours.

Inflatable car air mattresses for camping opens up a new world to car camping. Without the need to set up a tent or have the hassle of dragging around a caravan. It’s as simple as finding a cheap camping site and you are all set. Inflate the backseat airbed and campsite is done.

An unexpected use for an air mattress in the back of the car is with disabled people. Disabled people and people with extreme pain can generally not sit up in the car seat for extended trips without intense pressure and pain. Laying down on the backseat with a air bed has now made traveling for disabled people a much more enjoyable time.

*Do note the below air mattresses are ideal for cars. Pick Up Trucks require their own style of mattress, while a air mattress for an SUV is again slightly different to one suited to a sedan.

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Best Heavy Duty Car Backseat Air Mattress

Opar Car Travel Airbed

Best Heavy Duty Car Backseat Air Mattress

After scouring through many reviews online, the Opar air bed we found is the best for heavy duty car use. A decent price with some great extras including a whopping 800 lbs (pounds) weight capacity. Ideal for the heavy people.

The Opar is made from a heavy duty PVC material, which is what many high quality camping air mattresses are made from. It’s a thicker and more durable material. But to prevent holes in the mattress, it’s advisably to remove and sharp objects from the backseat and floor of the car. A nice bonus is the included hole repair kit for such instances when the air mattress comes in contact with a pin, screw or whatever your car has to throw at it.

The design of the Opar is similar to some the most comfortable air beds on the market. That is the air chamber structure. It is little support chambers that keep the air bed in shape and support the entire body rather than drooping or sagging in various areas.

The opar car air mattress also comes with a 12v (Cigarette lighter) socket air pump. Which is 100% recommended because like all air mattresses, this Opar will gradually loose air. So having a handy 12v pump means it’s not much of a hassle to re-inflate the bed. I would suggest inflating before bed every night for maximum comfort.

*Check Available Colors On Amazon

Will this car air bed suit a small, medium or large car?.

Well for 100% accuracy, it’s best to measure the distances yourself. This will give you an idea of what air bed best suits your car as not all cars are the same size.

The actual dimensions of this Opar car airbed are as follows:

  • Width – 31.88 Inches.  This is the distance you will need between the back of the front seat and the back rest of the backseat.
  • Length – 53.14 Inches. Measure from the side of the backseat door to the opposite side car door. The measurements will have to be smaller than 53.14″.
  • Depth – 18.5 Inches. This is the measurement from the top of the air mattress and the floor of the backseat. This measurement is not extremely important to factor in. Id this part of the bed is too short or too long, the bed can still be used with the assistance of a pillow or something similar.
Opar Heavy Duty Car Air Mattress


Best Budget Price Inflatable Air Mattress For Cars

Inflatable Air Mattresses For Small Cars

Ancheer have what we found to be the best value for the money inflatable air mattress for cars. Very similar to the above Opar with minimal differences. Made from high quality PVC like the Opar car air bed but with one exception. The weight capacity is significantly lower on the Ancheer.

With under half the weight capacity (330 Lbs), some folks will need to mindful of this fact. The pressure from weights exceeding 330 pounds may be too much and burst the seems of the air mattress. So do not buy this mattress if you feel a tad bit heavier than the recommended weight rating.

The Ancheer also comes with a 12v car pump and a puncture repair kit. Which again is a must for traveling in your car for long periods. However, the cord for the 12 volt pump is a fraction short. while it will reach the backseat on most cars, for cars with a longer front seat area, the cord may struggle to reach all the way.

Recommended Car Size – Small To Medium Cars

The Ancheer size dimensions are slightly larger than that of the Opar car airbed. Not too much, but enough to make this air mattress suited to medium cars more so.

For the length of the backseat, this air bed is 54.6 inches when inflated. When measuring the distance between front and back seat, allow for 35.1 inches. If you find measurements are slighter larger than your backseat, remember that when you inflate the air bed you can control how much air goes into the bed. So it is possible to fit this mattress into your backseat even if it’s slightly larger than your seat dimensions.

Both inflatable air beds for a cars backseat are our top recommendations. Both with high quality PVC material with varying sizes to suit different car models. Allow for the weight capacity ratings and you will have a good nights sleep in your car on the next road trip or camping trip.

Ancheer Inflatable Air Mattress For Cars

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