The Best Inflatable Air Beds For A SUV Backseat & Minivans

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The Best Inflatable Air Beds For A SUV Backseat & Minivans

Not just any motor vehicle air mattress will do when it comes to SUV’s &, especially if you want a good fit and a comfortable nights sleep. Which is why we will be revealing the Top 3 Rated inflatable air beds for SUV or Minivans backseat .

When you own the best backseat air mattress suited to your SUV, no longer will you be forced to pay over the top rates to spend the night at a Motel. Plus you may even get a better nights sleep out under the stars, and save a tonne of money in the long run.

A heavy duty SUV backseat air bed can be a great asset to anyone’s car. As they take up minimal space when deflated, they can easily be stored away and readily available whenever you need it. One never knows when having a air bed on hand may come in handy. I kind of treat them as part of my First Aid kit, because I do a lot of driving for my job. It’s good to know if I start to feel tired behind the wheel that I can pull over for a quick nap to restore the batteries.

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The Best Double Air Mattress For A Minivan

By Only. Includes a 12 Volt Pump

The Best Backseat Cushion Air Bed For An SUV

The Mobile Inflation Travel Double Air Bed is not only thicker but better than other beds (in our opinion) because of it’s unique design. This air mattress is actually designed specifically for SUV’s. No more dealing with inappropriate sizes and wrestling with the mattress during the night. The Only Mobile Inflation Travel Air Bed for SUV is here to save the day. Or night even!.

Whats Great About This SUV/Minivan Air Bed

  • The Design: Because this car air mattress is built for SUV’s and Minivans,  it has all the right proportions. For example the head and side rests make a terrific improvement on just using a plain air mattress. The mattress doesn’t slide around because of the design. Sections of the air mattress can be inflated to give better control over where you want the air.
  • The low profile: Considering you will be sleeping in a tight space with minimal head space, a low profile mattress is crucial. But what we like about this model is that the comfort is not sacrificed due to the lower profile design.
  • The bed stays inflated. What a relief, you can expect to spend a good time sleeping in your Minivan without having to wake up in discomfort from a flat mattress. 10 hours is the average time inflated.
  • The extra touches: The 12V air mattress pump is a must for anyone sleeping in their car. It’s a nice touch to include the pump which can be run straight from inside your car. The flocked top is very soft to touch, repels the cold well and feels nice to lay down on. Hole repair kit included and the ONLY car mattress folds down to a nice compact unit which can easily fit behind the drivers seat.
  • Cons: Takes up entire back half of the SUV due to seats being folded down.
Only Mobile Inflation Travel Back Seat Air Bed

The Best Backseat SUV Air Bed

Heavy Duty SUV Air Mattress Supports 800 Lbs!

Best Single Backseat Air Mattress For Trucks And SUVs

This inflatable air bed is designed to fit most SUV’s backseat, which is a relief. You may have already found that many of these car air mattresses aren’t suitable for a truck/SUV. The inflated vertical pillar’s are too short and only designed to reach the floor board of the car, not the SUV.

But this model goes all the way down making for a perfect fit in a SUV. When inflated, which takes about 2 minutes via the 12V pump the total weight capacity is 800 pounds. Which is high enough for a heavy person or 2 ‘normal’ size folks.

Surprisingly many owners of this SUV back seat air bed, use it as a traveling Dog bed. Which is a good idea, and should actually keep the Dog in the backseat right. But Dogs have claws, and claws have a thing of puncturing air mattresses. But there is a way around this. Love Pets Co. make an awesome backseat hammock kind of thing for Dogs to protect such surfaces.

Heavy Duty Backseat Air Bed For SUV

Inflatable Air Mattress For SUV Boot

The Coleman Packable SUV Quickbed

Inflatable Air Mattress For SUV Boot

While the Coleman Packable Quickbed may not have the unique functionality of our #1 rated air bed, it does make up for it with it’s amazing comfort.

The Inflatable Quickbed has an amazing 45 air coil system inside which is what creates the amazing support and comfort. This is a similar system to the Serta Never Flat Air Bed technology (minus the built in pumps). Waking up after a night on the Coleman quickbed will not feel like you have just spent the night in the back of your SUV or Minivan. It’s an amazing bed in regards to comfort.

The actual size of this SUV air bed can be adjusted. At it’s max, this mattress can extend to 70 inches, which in generally too long for an SUV. But the adjustable features of the Coleman allow the mattress to adjust down to 63 inches which should fit most makes of SUV cars.

The width however remains at 41″ wide. This is enough to fit snug in the back seat and the boot section of the SUV. 2 people can sleep side by side on this mattress, however it may be a little closer that you imagine. So make sure you ‘know’ the person really well that you are laying down with.

Unfortunately, this air bed doesn’t come with a 12V pump, which I find unusual especially considering it’s a mattress marketed to cars and SUV’s. If that doesn’t hold you back, you can pick up the Coleman 12-Volt DC QuickPump at a reasonable price and plug it straight into your 12v outlet in the car. Still cheaper then multiple nights in a Hotel right.

The Coleman Packable SUV Quickbed

Are You Ready To Go Car Camping?

So now that you have found some pretty cool inflatable SUV air beds, have you prepared your car to be the host of your camping trip. Watch this short video for some helpful tips.

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