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The Best Air Mattress For A Pick Up Truck Bed

What Is The Best Air Mattress For A Pick Up Truck Bed

What is the best air mattress for a pick up truck bed?. A common question for many folks across the country. A air mattress suitable to fit the back of a pick up truck is a cheap and reliable way to sleep when you’re on the go. Especially if you are on a long road trip, all those overnight stay Motels expenses do add up after a while.

But an air bed for your truck is not just suited to people on the go. They are a great way to go camping without the hassle of setting up a tent, needing a caravan or a powered camp site. Excellent for unplanned short camping trips and tailgating.

As not all trucks are designed the same and come in different sizes, it’s important to check with suppliers whether your vehicle is suitable or not. For pick up trucks with wheel arches exposed on the tray, be sure to find air mattresses that cater to this section of the bed.

To save you the hassle of searching for hours on end, we have provided you with the best pick up truck air beds we could access. Air mattresses designed for pick up trucks are not the same as car air beds. It’s important to realize that these mattresses are specifically designed for the back of trucks.

Top Rated Air Mattress For A Pick Up Truck

Truck AirBedz Review – As Seen On Shark Tank

the best air mattresses pick up trucks With Wheel Arch
‘Original Model’ With Built In Pump

The Airbedz name first got it’s fame from the popular TV show Shark Tank. During Season 3, Airbedz changed the way we sleep in the back of our trucks for the better.

What’s so special about the Airbedz brand is that it comes in various sizes and models to cater to as many types of trucks. So we find that the truck Airbedz model will suit many folks because of the short bed and long bed sleeping options for their vehicles.

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*The Original AirBedz is more expensive as it comes with a built in pump.

*The Lite version has a external portable 16 foot 12v pump and is the cheaper model.

What We Like About The Airbedz Truck Edition

Suits Many Trucks For Short Or Long Beds

The Truck Airbedz Lite Reviews
The Truck Airbedz Lite Edition With Portable Pump
  • The unique wheel arch cut outs. Having these cut outs allows you to fit the mattress around and over the wheel arch without twisting and bending the mattress out of shape.
  • With the ‘Original’ edition truck Airbedz, a built in bump is included. This is an outstanding feature to have. Why? Well you never have to worry about forgetting to bring the air pump. This is because the pump is actually built into the air mattress. So inflating and deflating this bed is super easy. Just turn the switch and in mere minutes the bed is inflated/deflated.
  • The built in pump is rechargeable. This feature is a great feature I wish all camping airbeds came with. So the pump can be charged at home or via your trucks 12v inlet.
  • Additional wheel arch inserts can be bought separately on amazon as well. What this does is converts an already awesome truck air mattress into an amazing everyday use airbed.
  • A very heavy duty air bed. As you should expect from a plastic (PVC) air mattress designed to go on the back of a pick up truck. Fortunately, Airbedz have followed through by actually making this bed thicker and more durable to handle these heavy duty environments.
  • Quite a comfortable bed. Unlike many other single layer air mattresses, this one is a extra thick 12 inches compared to the 9 inches you see in many stores. The extra thickness allows for greater overall body support. Which essentially will make the difference between a good nights sleep and a hard nights sleep hitting the tray of the truck.
  • Finally the Airbedz for trucks uses a air coil system. This air coil system is what make the support offered so even. This means the bed won’t sag to one side like some of the traditional air mattresses you may be used to. Having the 12″ thickness combined with the air coil system makes for a very even and supportive bed.

What We Didn’t Like

  • A headboard or pillows could have been included, especially for tall people who may find themselves hitting their head on the top end of the truck’s tray
  • While 2 people can sleep in this bed easily, if one person tends to stick to the middle of the bed, the other person can end up sleeping on the wheel well. Which can be uncomfortable.
  • Comes with a very cheap carry case so don’t expect the same quality material for packing away and transporting the air mattress.
The Truck AirBed Original Mattress

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