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How Do Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Work

How Do Mosquito Repellent Bracelets WorkDo mosquito repellent bracelets work, and if so how?. These insect-repelling bracelets are relatively new on the scene. I remember seeing one a few years back worn by my Daughter’s friend. Naturally I had to investigate and discover what exactly these things are and if they work.

These bracelets or wristbands come in a variety of styles and colors. My kids love the bright colored bands. Some work better than others and some have unique features over others.

The problem is finding the best mosquito repellent bracelets out of the many to choose from. Because as we are all well aware, not everything is created equal. Sometimes you got to sort through the rubbish to find the gold.

But Do These Bug Repellent Wristbands Actually Work?

So the burning question is do mosquito repellent bracelets work?. Do they keep the bugs and insects away when wearing them.

Quick Answer: Yes within reason.

Are they safe for children to wear and how long are they good to use for?. There are many questions a first-time bracelet buyer may have before purchasing. These are the more common and important ones to answer.

What About Ultrasonic Mosquito Replleing Bracelets?Do ultrasonic mosquito bands work

The latest line of defense against mosquitos are wrist bands that utilize frequencies to deter mosquitos. These bracelets are powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. So they are not disposable and can last a lot longer than your regular bracelets.

The best ultrasonic mosquito repellent bracelets will use a sound frequency that is not heard by us humans, but it is specifically designed to make mosquitoes vacate the premises.

How Does It Work?

Just like regular bracelets, you wear them on your wrist or ankle. As mentioned, they are rechargeable and not throwaways, so will need to take a little extra care of them.

They repel mosquitoes by sending out sound waves at a frequency designed to mimic the sound of natural predators of the mosquito, bats. Mosquitoes make a tasty treat for bats so when mozzies hear this frequency they pack up their bags and scram.

Because you wear the bracelet on your body, you have a radius of protection against mosquitoes. Having this sort of protection while you are camping, especially at night time can prove priceless. When used in combination with netting and other repelling devices, you really can win the war on mosquitoes.

Do They Work At Repelling Mosquitoes Away?Best Mosquito Repellent Bracelets For Camping Outdoors

Elaborating more on the ‘yes within reason’ answer. Mosquito repellent bracelets do work at deterring mozzies. But they only work if they are premium quality and usually have a small radius in which they can protect you.

This is why you will see someone wearing a bracelet on each wrist and if possible around the ankles. This will give you much better protection from the mosquitoes compared to wearing just one.

The common mosquito repellents found in the various high quality wristbands include Citronella, Lemon Grass and Garaniol. Insects don’t like this scent and are driven away from it. It doesn’t kill the mosquito, but should deter them from biting you.

The only problem with using mosquito bracelets, especially when camping is that they don’t protect the entire body. Unless you have them in your top pocket or around your belt as well. So in my opinion, these bracelets are an important part of the overall mosquito protection plan.

Are Mosquito Bracelets Safe For Kids?

Mosquito bracelets don’t contain the chemical DEET used in popular mosquito sprays. They use all natural organic ingredients that repel mosquitoes away naturally. So they are considered safe for children to wear. I believe it’s recommended that babies under a few months avoid using mosquito repellents.

How Long Does One Bug Wristband Last For?

This will vary from wristband to wristband. Some are temporary throw aways that can last 20-90 hours per bracelet. While a few others are more permanent and contain a refill chamber. In this chamber you simply add a new repellent tablet and it’s good to go for another 20+ hours.

Which one should you buy?. Well if it’s just a once off weekend camping trip, go for the temporary wristbands. But if you go camping, hunting, fishing, hiking etc regularly that a more permanent solution is the best idea. Plus they can come in camo colors so that you blend into the scenery better.

How Mosquito Repellent Arm Bands Work

There are a number of ways that people attempt to protect themselves from being bitten by mosquitos. With the increase in the number of serious diseases that mosquitoes can carry, this has become even more important than it was in the past.

There are many ways to protect yourself, but knowing how each works is important in deciding what is best for you and your family. Knowing how mosquito repellent bracelets work can help you to make that decision.

A growing trend is using mosquito bracelets to prevent bites. However, many people do not know how mosquito repellent bracelets work to keep them at bay. Essentially they are a bracelet that contains a natural repellent that is carried with you when you are outdoors.

It works by giving off a scent that the bugs find to be offensive. Additionally, as the wearer is moving and walking the scent is being spread in the air all around them. People tend to prefer this option because the chemicals used to create this odor are non-toxic and safe for kids of all ages.

Benefits To Using A Natural Organic Repellent Bracelet

Being able to simply put a bracelet on is clearly one of the most attractive features of this product. Lotions and sprays take a great deal of time to apply and can easily get into the eyes, mouth and even accidentally get inhaled. Additionally, there is no residue left on the skin or clothing, which is especially appealing for those with children. The only downside is needing to take some time to investigate which ones are the most effective at repelling mosquitoes.

Another common means of preventing bites from mosquitoes is to use a spray that contains DEET. DEET is a very powerful chemical that is typically used when people will be in extremely heavily wooded areas where there is a high population of the pesky bugs.

There are a number of studies, however, that show that applying this chemical to the skin could lead to serious health issues when used as a long term form of bite prevention. It is also believed that it can be particularly hazardous when used on children.

Other downsides includes a bitter taste in the mouth if it accidentally gets near the lips and a severe burning sensation if it gets in the eyes. Extreme care should be taken when using a product of this nature, whether it be for kids or adults.

Alternatives To Using Mosquito Bracelets AloneMosquito Repellent Band Alternatives

There are a number of other repellent sprays that are on the market that are sold as being all natural. The effective nature of these sprays vary a great deal depending on the active ingredient that is used as well as the concentration of it in the spray. There are so many to choose from that it can be hard to know how effective they are until you test them for yourself.

It is also important to investigate the chemicals that they contain as even though they might be all natural, that does not mean that they are necessarily safe for use on children. If you are tempted to give one of these products a try you should apply it to a small area on the skin first to be sure that you do not have a negative reaction from it.

You now know how mosquito repellent bracelets work compared to other products on the market. While each product has its benefits and drawbacks, there is only one person to decide which product is right for you and your family. Be sure to consider all factors involved when making your final decision on how to protect yourself and those you care for.



Saturday 25th of November 2017

Nice post on mosquito repellent bracelets. This is suitable for people and families who camp a lot or spend a lot of time outdoors. It is a good idea to protect children with these bracelets. I guess the best way to feel really safe from mosquito bites is to wear one for each ankle and one for each wrist. If you need to wear a chain or a waistband that would be great too. After all, they are colorful and can match the outfit.


Sunday 26th of November 2017

Hi Rebecca, a mosquito repellent chain for around the neck is a great idea. I'm forever swatting bugs away from my face. Great suggestion.