Best Tents For Dogs – My Top 5 Reviews

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Best Tents For Dogs My Top 5 Reviews

Choosing the best tents for dogs when camping comes down to making a one of two choice decision. The first being, do you want your dog to sleep in the tent with you. Like a Child would occupy a spot in the tent. Or do you want your dog to sleep in it’s own awesome spacious tent?.

Taking the dogs camping is just as enjoyable as taking the kids on the outdoors trip. But not everybody is too fond on the idea of Rover sleeping in the same tent as Mom and Dad. So if you love your Dog, but not that much, then you need to check out the adorable camping tents for Dogs below.

In the below reviews for these dog friendly tents, you can find a few different styles. Like us humans, dogs are unique and have unique behavioral qualities to match. Some dogs like the open air and are used to sleeping under the stars. But with camping, you kind of need to keep them close by. So a tent which is more open is best suited. But on the other end of the scale, you may want to give your dog the luxury of sleeping in a typical looking camping tent, but for dogs only!.

Whatever your dogs sleeping and behavioral patterns are, there’s hopefully a dog tent suitable to meet yours and their needs. If buying a tent for your loyal hound is the last step before heading out the door, lets make it the best tent so that you can have the best camping trip yet!.

*If you are looking for tents suitable for humans and dogs, go here.

Claw Proof Big Enough Tent For A Large Dog

The Petego Umbra Portable Pet House Review

Claw Proof Tent Big Enough For A Large Dog

No it’s not called the ‘Penthouse’ but it’s closest thing to it when it comes to dog camping in style and comfort. This portable dog house will have your dog drooling to go camping weekend after weekend!.

The Petego Umbra Pet Tent is a great way to house your dog when camping or otherwise hanging out away from home. The Umbra Pet is named after the construction style, which is similar to that of an umbrella. If you can open an umbrella, you should have little trouble popping up this light shelter. In fact, it’s probably easier than opening an umbrella. All you have to do is pull two strings and you’re away. With only seconds needed to set up and take down, there is a lot to love about this tent.

The measurements are 35.375 inches on all sides while the weight of the tent is just over six pounds. It also includes a carrying bag so you don’t have to worry about storage when on the road. The strap that keeps the fabric inside is actually attached to the tent. This is awesome becasue you can never lose the strap this way. The mesh windows and cute front porch are designed to make this cute tent a home away from home.

The windows that are located on the other sides are constructed with a mesh material that is claw-proof to ensure your beloved dog stays safe inside. I also love how the front door is not completely mesh, this limits the eager temptations of Rover to tear through it.

The open design allows air to flow freely through the tent so your dog can breath comfortably and provides a 360 degree view so the dog doesn’t have to worry about identifying sounds outside. Though the zipper can sometimes be defective, it is a great pet tent!

Petego Portable Dog House Tent


Most Affordable Dog Camping Tent I Found

The Lumsing Pop Up House Review

Most Affordable Dog Camping Tent

The Portable Folding Outdoor Camping Tent by Lumsing is the perfect way to house your pet when on the go. Whether you are hitting the beach or going camping, this tent will make a comfortable and secure place for your dog, cat or other domesticated animal. I find the best thing about the Lumsing is its price tag. Quite affordable for the camping family looking to provide their dog with the privacy it needs.

One of the reasons this is such a popular choice is the roll up covers on the windows. Each is covered with a high quality material so the pet can clearly see what is going on around them without having to jump up on the sides with their paws. A very affordable unit, it is large enough to hold larger animals but do be wary of larger dogs being able to lift the tent. When assembled, it is 27 inches high with floor dimensions of 45 X 32 inches. This spacious area can all be compacted down and stored in the included carrying bag.

The high quality materials used to make it are dustproof and boasts a waterproof base. Additionally, it won’t allow moisture to seep inside. But for me personally, I use spray tin of waterproof to ensure the tent stays bone dry for years to come.

The product also includes metal stakes so that you can anchor it to the ground. Without sufficient breeze, the inside can become stuffy. Also, very large strong dogs might be able to pull up the stakes. However, I think it is a sound tent with a lot to offer for such a low price. Definitely worth considering.

Pop Up Lumsing Outdoor Pet Camping Tent


Best Tent For Outdoors Dogs

Esk Pet Playpen Review

Best Tent For Outdoors Dogs

Everyone likes to have a place to call their own, including your pets. The ESK Collection Pet Tent Exercise Playpen will give your dog their own space right in your own living room. Thanks to the easy set up and take down of the little crate, you can take it with you on the go and set up wherever you like.

For instance, if you want to visit friends and take your dog with you, take along the playpen. The familiarity with the sensory input from it will help your dog to feel more secure. The top of it can be removed while you are at home and then attached when you are at the beach, camping or otherwise in need.

What I like most about this type of dog tent is that it is see through. My dogs are use to sleeping outdoors, but I don’t want to tie them to a tree when camping. So the Esk is a great choice as it allows my dogs to still sleep in open air, while I’m assured they are are not only comfortable, but safe from running free.

The crate weighs less than five pounds and folds completely flat. The weight is not too heavy which makes it ideal for car camping. The enclosed carrying case is just superb when it comes to packing up. Makes life much easier when things just work!.

Each of the six panels is 13.5 inches wide, with the overall tent having a diameter of 33 inches. Constructed with Oxford cloth, the tent is subject to damage from teething puppies and animals with excessive energy or chewing problems. Additionally, the zippers are sometimes difficult to navigate. Otherwise, a great tent!

Esk Outdoor Play Pen For Dogs


Best Tent For Small Dogs

The Green Alcott Explorer Pup Tent is a great choice for making sure your beloved canine pal has a place to relax. With a waterproof base, this tent only weighs 1.5 pounds! Because it is so lightweight and small, you should have no problem getting it included with your gear, whether you are traveling, hiking camping or just visiting friends across town.

That’s what makes this tent so good. Having the freedom to take your dog with you anywhere knowing he/she has a safe place to sleep. The tent is so light you may find yourself ‘camping out’ a lot more.

It is large enough to hold one large dog or a couple of medium ones. It has a low profile which can help to deflect the wind. But taller dogs may find the ceiling too low and prefer the ESK which is more open. It comes with mesh windows to ensure that your pet will be able to breathe clearly all through the day and night. The product includes a travel bag and four stakes so that you can ensure it doesn’t move from the ground. For a tent like this, I’d recommend looking into a dog friendly camping bed as well. This will help preserve the tent and keep your pets super comfortable and rested for the nest days adventures.

One of the drawbacks to this tent is that the pegs are not as sturdy as some other tents in the same price class. This is not a huge issue as tent stakes are relatively cheap these days. I always carry more than enough pegs to counter any unpredictable storms and windy experiences anyway.

However, the rest of the features are solid. While you might need to replace the pegs at some point, the durable construction and sleek design make this a great choice for taking your dog along and providing your beloved canine with their own secure space!.

Green Alcott Pup Explorer Tent


A Tent For The Indoors Puppies

A Tent For The Indoors Puppies

This tent by Best Pet Supplies is just too cute to not mention. While with this tent, I highly recommend you keeping inside your tent, the larger adult tent. This is becasue of it soft and luxurious plush materials used. I would also recommending wiping down your puppy and cleaning its paws before jumping into bed.

This will keep the inside of the tent nicer for longer. But in saying that, the materials are machine washable. So go as crazy as you are willing to clean!.

This tent is probably not going to win over many campers, but if your dog is a Glamper (If that’s possible) then there’s nothing better. The tent even has a foam insert plus a pillow. Now this is a comfortable dog bed.

But as mentioned earlier, the only drawback is that I would only use this tent as an indoors bed for puppies. This tent does come in three sizes which you will have to determine the availability from the seller on amazon. Well, that is it for now, 5 of the best dog tents for camping both indoors and outdoors. Happy camping with your best friend.

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