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Do I Need To Waterproof My New Tent

Do I Need To Waterproof My New TentI know the feeling, just walked out of the local outdoors and camping store with a brand new expensive tent and you’re super excited about hitting the road this weekend. But then that dreadful thought pops into your head “do i need to waterproof my new tent?”.

Unsure whether you heard it from a friend, read something about it online or  if it was just a random thought. Either way, it’s now in your mind and you need answers.

Quick Answer:

Yes!, you should waterproof a new tent regardless. I recommend the NikWax Tent & Solar Proof. It’s cheap and quick to apply.

Out of this new found confusion, there’s one thing that is perfectly clear. You don’t want to risk going out into the wilderness ill prepared. Nobody does right?.

Unfortunately there’s no one answer suits all here. Some brand new tents are not water proofed before they get boxed up. While other tents are in fact ready to go straight out of the packaging. So this really doesn’t help with the confidence right.

Should I Waterproof My Tent?

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What’s My Recommendations – Waterproof Or Not

If you are uncertain as to whether the new tent you have just bought comes waterproofed, its best to add some waterproofing yourself. For what its worth, you can add a layer of water resistant spray in no time at all and it won’t break the bank either. For the peace of mind, knowing you are sheltered from mother nature its not a gamble worth taking.

What About A Waterproofed Tent?

If you are certain that your brand new tent has a coat of water resistant material on it, then the decision lays firmly on your shoulders. Me personally, I ALWAYS buy a couple bottles of the best tent water proofer anytime I buy a new tent. At the very least, you can spray the seams of the tent for extra protection. This is the most common area for water to leak inside the tent, so adding an extra layer certainly won’t hurt at all. Plus, it’s inexpensive to do as well.

The Truth About Tents And The WeatherShould I Waterproof My Tent

Unless you’re a frequent camper that pretty much lives out of a tent, you wouldn’t be aware of how susceptible to weather tents really are. Tent’s really aren’t the most heavy duty things in the world. A tents world can consist of fading caused by UV, mold and mildew from moisture, holes, tears etc.

But as we only use the tent for short periods of time over a longer time line, they feel as tho they last years and years. That is if you buy a decent canvas tent as well because they are prone to have the longest life.

But if you were to leave your tent out in the harshest conditions without and protection, I wouldn’t give it longer than 3-4 months. The UV rays and wild weather would takes its wear and tear to the next level.

This is why I always recommend not only regular maintenance on your camping tent, but also periodically applying a high quality water proof for tents.

So Yes, You Should Apply Water Proof To A New Tent

Think of putting a water proof on a new tent like adding another layer of paint to your house. As a rule of thumb, on premium paints you get an extra 5 years per coat of weather protection. So if the home owner were to not apply a second/third coat of paint, the paint would be susceptible to extreme wear and tear from the weather.

Just like the waterproofing on a tent acts like paint on a house. Yes the brand new tent may be waterproof, but adding another layer will most likely increase the lifespan of your new tent. The UV rays and general wear and tear will break down the existing water proof coating on a tent, so why not prepare now and add an extra layer or two of protection. Guarantee yourself a nice dryer camping experience this season.

Here’s How To Solar And Waterproof Your New Tent

In this short video, you can see just how effective one coat of high quality water proof spray is. This is why it’s important to waterproof all NEW tents in my opinion.