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Best 4 Room Camping Tents

Best 4 Room Camping Tents

Today I am on the look out for the best 4 Room camping tents. After many hours of non stop research, I’ve come to the conclusion that finding a four room tent for camping is extremely difficult.

So many tents are vague in their descriptions and many only state how many persons the tent sleeps. Which as we know, is never accurate. Trying to determine how many rooms a tent has can be difficult.

There are many huge tents for camping, but are mainly two or three room tents. One room for the Adults, a room for the kids and room for the luggage. This seems to be the common consensus. But what about when you have a larger family and the kids are at the age where they want a room each?. This is when the difficulty in finding a 4 room tent for camping comes in.

Fortunately, after researching far and wide, I did come across a genuine 4 roomed cabin tent which is mentioned below. I have also included links to both 3 room tents and 2 room tents plus additional oversized tents which could be converted into four room tents if need be.

Alternatives To Four Room Camping Tents

Tahoe Gear Carson 14 Person Tent

Alternatives To Four Room Camping Tents

The Carson tent by Tahoe Gear is a huge tent. The total tent foot print is about 27 x 17 feet. So this is going to be important to know when you are mapping out your camping trip.

While technically this is a 3 room tent with a enclosed awning screen room. It’s about the next best thing to a 4 room tent. Well that I could find anyways. So the thinking is, the screened room can be used as a 4th room if needed. IT is bug and rain proof. Just the only thing that’s needed is a tarp underneath to keep you dry.

As for the other rooms, the main is big enough for a queen air mattress. Once set up, there’s still a couple of feet worth of space around the bed. For the 2 adjoining rooms, they are a bout 1 foot smaller. So while a queen can fit, there is only about 1 foot of walking space around the bed.

One of the things that drew me to this tent was the Solar Shield. This is a sun reflector on top of the tent. This panel will keep the inside of the tent cooler during summer. As this is a 3 season mesh like tent, it’s not at all recommended for Winter camping.

Can You Recommend Any Further 4 Room Tents?

AS you can tell from this article, the number of four room tents are few and far between. If you have experience with another type of tent in this category, we would love to know. Please drop a message in comments below to help out our fellow campers.

The Best 4 Room Tent For Camping With The Family

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14 Person Tent Review

When looking to buy a 4 room tent for camping with the family, there’s none better than the Ozark Trail Base Camp in my opinion. It has 4 individual rooms which are divided off from the center main living room. This is a really well designed tents for people with large families.

What I really like about this tent is that each of the four bedrooms has an entry door. Which is great for early mornings or late at night if you want to leave the tent and not wake the whole family up.

Each room consists of 2 largish windows and a storage mesh pocket for your valuables. The windows are a fantastic idea as it allows every person in the tent to moderate the airflow to their room. While also keeping the tent in general well circulated reducing condensation. Besides the 2 mesh pockets in the rooms, there is also a drink holder on the wall. This is simply incredible idea, and will keep the tent ‘spill free’ with any luck.

Some Key Features I Love

  • The rain fly can be removed allowing the whole family to sleep under the stars and not get bitten by insects.
  • Comes with a electrical portal to allow leads/cords to run in and out without compromising the flyscreen bug free zone.
  • Relatively simple design with color coded tent poles.
  • Enough room for the Parents to have a queen size air mattress and the kids to have twin sizes in each room. While a queen can fit in all rooms, I find it takes up to much ‘kid space’.

With not much else on the market for 4 room tents, the Ozark Trails Base Camp gets my personal ‘best rating’ stamp of approval. While being a great tent, I wouldn’t recommend it for Winter camping. The design and openness of it will allow the air to chill down to quickly. If you don’t plan on camping sub zero temperatures, then this tent should do the trick.

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent