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Are Air Mattresses Bad For Your Back

Are Air Mattresses bad for your backThere can be a variety of reasons as to why one would need a air bed. But regardless of the reason, getting a good nights sleep is critical to a productive day, especially if you have had previous back problems. Which brings us to finding out the answer to ‘are air mattresses bad for your back?’.

The answer to this question is not as straight forward as you may think. This is because yes air mattresses can be a great way to relieve back pain for some folks. While others find the feeling of sleeping on air more of a discomfort for their back.

Ultimately it will be a personal decision for you to make. But in saying this, there are some extremely good air mattresses and permanent air beds that have be known as miracle cures, but this is obviously a person to person basis. Permanent air beds can be quite expensive, but are one of the most comfortable and adjustable mattresses on the market in my opinion. Well worth the investment if your bank account allows.

The Best Air Mattress For People Back Problems

Sound Asleep Dream Series

est Air Mattress For People Back Problems

I suffer lower back pain pretty much after a couple minutes of standing, walking, lifting etc. Any sort of exercise always leaves me in pain. So a good supportive air mattress is an absolute must for me.

When it comes to being supportive and less painful on my lower back problems, there is no better air mattress than the Dream Series by Sound Asleep and it’s available on amazon.

There’s a couple of reasons as to why this bed is well designed compared to other beds on the market.

  1. One of the highest from the ground in terms of height. This airbed sits at 19 inches in height and anyone that has suffered back pain before knows just how hard it is to not only get down low. But to also drag yourself up from the ground. So having a maximum height of 19 inches really lowers the impact on getting in and out of bed.
  2. Complete Body Support

The Dream Series Supports Extremely Well

There are many other reasons as to why I love this air mattress so much. But the absolute game changer for me is how well the internal structures of this bed have been designed.

This bed offer complete full body support. I’m sure you have experienced other air mattresses and when you lay on them, you don’t feel fully supported/ Like the air transfers to another are of the mattress leaving you sunken in and feeling like the bed has warped.

This is not the case with the Dream Series. This bed uses what are called internal air coils. These are vertical channels of air that act as supports bars inside the bed. These things are amazing. Even when you sit on the edge of the bed, you are still supported and not sinking to the ground. Now imagine sleeping on lots of these air coil support systems. It does wonders on my lower back pain when trying to sleep.

The Dream Series By Sound Asleep


Does An Air Bed Cause Back Pain?

When moving into a new place, it can take some time before you fully get settled in. This is why many people see an air mattress as the perfect option until they find the perfect bed mattress that they are looking for. Many people usually have an air mattress that can be used by guests when they come over. There are many different types of air mattresses out there, but they all work on the same principle. There have been a number of reasons showing why air mattresses are bad for your back.

Having a good night sleep is important to have a healthy life, but it can be quite uncomfortable when your mattress is causing you harm. There are different types of mattresses in the market today, including coil, foam, latex, wool, and many others. One thing that many people consider when buying a mattress is whether the mattress can cause back pain issues. People who have previously suffered back pain know that back pains are to be avoided at all costs.

Always Consult Your Doctor If You Have Back Problems Before Sleeping On a Air Bed

Air mattresses are one of the most common types of mattresses in the market. There are many different reasons why people consider air mattresses, with the most common being camping. One concern that many people have with the air mattresses is if it is harmful to their back.

The first thing you need to always do is consult your physician or doctor before you can sleep on an air mattress if you have had any back problems in the past. Ask them the effect of you sleeping on the air mattress for a long period of time. It’s not worth risking your spine for something that may not be suitable to your body.

What To Look For In A Air Mattress If You Suffer From A Painful BackDo Air Mattresses Cause Back Pain

All air mattresses have certain disadvantages, and you should never let someone convince you otherwise. There is no 100% perfect anything, so it’s wise to read as many reviews as possible from reputable sources.

One of the common disadvantage of using a air mattress if you have a bad back is the fact that the air mattress will slowly or quickly loose air. This will result in the air mattress having bad ergonomics. This will affect how you sleep and the quality of your sleep will reduce. When you wake up, you will be feeling tired and have an achy feeling that can eventually turn into back aches.

This makes it important to choose an air mattress that doesn’t leak quickly. The best of the best will leak eventually, forcing you to re-inflate it from time to time. This alone makes people reconsider choosing an air mattress and start looking for other options.

But, with the improvements in air mattress technology, certain models of air beds have whats known as a secondary pump or NeverFlat pump. This secondary pump automatically inflates the air mattress whenever there is any air lose. The draw back is that power is required to operate, but these types of mattress make ideal everyday use mattress alternatives.

Quality Is Key To A Good Nights Sleep

Is A Air Bed Bad For People With Back Problems

My #1 Recommended Airbed For Back Pain Sufferers

There are some air mattresses that can help people with back pain problems, but there are also some that may in fact cause more harm than good. So how do you determine the best air mattress for people with bad backs?. Simply put quality, adjustable options and vertical chamber support compared to horizontal air channels. All high-quality air mattresses should have air coil channels that represent support beams which give the body the best kind of overall support.

Choosing a high-quality air mattress is important if you have back pains. Going with the cheap options will result in poor quality sleep, which can affect other aspects of your life. We here try our best to always provide the highest quality air mattresses available which are also air coil support. Going for cheaper traditional air mattresses you can pick up from your local department store may not always be the best option. Many times these $20 air beds are not going to provide the support you need when dealing with a bad back. As a final note and reminder: It is important to talk to your doctor before you can decide whether to use an air mattress in the long term.