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Are Air Mattresses Good For Your Back – Should They Be A Permanent Treatment

Are Air Mattresses Good For Your Back Air mattresses are the perfect solution for sleeping in various situations such as camping, traveling and having more guests than beds in your house. Sleeping on an air mattress can be quite comfortable. Nonetheless, the big question is whether air mattresses are good for your back and whether or not you should use one as a permanent solution.

First of all, if you want to protect your back, you have to sleep on a firm surface. It is very important to be able to maintain the proper alignment of the shoulders and the bones during your sleep. This is how you can avoid putting additional pressure on the vertebrae.

If you can replicate this position, you can safely sleep on an air mattress, as it won’t affect your back. However, if the mattress isn’t properly inflated or if it is strangely shaped, it might affect your alignment, thus causing health issues.

You should also be aware that sleeping on an air bed affects different people in different ways. If you have strong back muscles, you won’t have to worry you’re going to wake up with terrible back pains, even after sleeping on a low quality mattress. On the contrary, weak back muscles may influence your posture, thus making you feel pains whenever you sleep on an inappropriate surface.

People who already suffer from sciatica or other types of chronic back pains should avoid using cheap low quality air mattresses. As a matter of fact, these people should discuss with their doctor about the best mattresses and sleeping postures they should choose.

Permanent Airbed Solution For Back Pain Sufferers

The absolute bed airbed anyone with a bad back could invest in is a adjustable fixed air mattress. These are not your typical blow up mattresses you can pick up from your local camping store. These beds are of the highest quality you can get.

There is no denying how supportive and adjustable these beds can be once you experience one. But with this amount of custom support options and pure comfort there is a high price tag.

If you haven’t already discussed with your Chiropractor or Doctor about sleeping solutions if you suffer severe back pain, now is the time to mention these adjustable airbeds. A recent 7 week sleep study found that 88.9% found a reduction in back pain from trialing a bed like this. Which also resulting in a overall better nights sleep.

What About Airbeds For Non Serious Back Pain – Are They Any Good?

NeverFLAT Air Mattresses Are Great Options

If you are healthy and fit, you can sleep on an air mattress without any problem. Nonetheless, you should pay attention to your sleeping posture. Always make sure your mattress is properly inflated. When the mattress is firm enough to support the weight of your body, you should be fine even if you use it on long term.

If your mattress isn’t firm, it won’t be able to support your back, thus causing morning stiffness and pains in the back. Even the healthiest individual can be affected after a long period of sleeping on improper surfaces.

The problem with conventional air mattresses and people that have a bad back is deflation. If a air mattress deflates during the night you loose support. This can force your back to be uncomfortable and put strain on the already tense areas. There is a solution to this however. This is in the form of a NeverFLAT secondary pump air mattress. This is a special kind of mattress which boasts 2 built in pumps.

The first pump works as per normal (Inflate/Deflate), but with a secondary NeverFLAT pump you will never loose air. This is because the pump works automatically to inflate the air bed whenever the bed looses the lightest bit of air. With the NeverFLAT Range By Insta Bed you can even set the firmness of the bed to suit your support needs and the secondary pump will automatically keep the bed inflated to your desired support level. Which is particularly handy for back pain suffers.

Try An Airbed For Best Results

In conclusion, air mattresses aren’t necessarily good or bad for your back. However, their quality is extremely important. You should always choose a high quality product and inflate it to the level where it provides firm support for your body, without affecting your sleeping posture. You may also want to sleep only on your back, and give up your pillow. The more you manage to maintain your good body posture during your sleep, the better.

If, on the contrary, you sleep on a surface that induces tensions in your neck muscles, your spine joints might dislocate and compress your nerves. Whenever nerves are pinched or compressed, the result is excruciating back or neck pain that’s going to affect your quality of life. If you must sleep on an air mattress, do it, but make sure you pick the right one.