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How To Make Air Mattresses More Comfortable

How To Make Air Mattresses More ComfortableInflatable mattresses or air mattresses are slowly becoming a popular solution especially when one needs an easy-to-use bed. One of the reasons for this is that air mattresses are easy to set up, and can be deflated and stored when not required or in use. Many people prefer using these mattresses for camping or as overnight guest beds, while some resolve to use these mattresses as a replacement for regular foam or spring mattresses.

Although air beds may have improved exponentially over the past few years, some people find them less comfortable compared to a traditional bed. This however doesn’t mean you cannot make the most out of these fancy beds.

Outlined below are a few tips on how to make air mattresses more comfortable then they already are.


The Best Ways To Make An Air Bed Comfortable

Custom Support Levels

Air mattresses can to be inflated to the recommended pressure before they are used or you can inflate to the amount of support you need.  A properly inflated air mattress should give you an almost similar level of comfort as a foam mattress.  If you however wish to use the mattress for several days, you should then check its pressure and re-inflate after every 24 hours to help maintain the recommended pressure. Re-inflating the mattress helps keep it firm and supportive for a restful night’s sleep.

However, a very good solution to maintaining support from a air bed is to invest in a air mattress with a secondary built in pump. Not too many brands make these types of beds, but if you can get your hands on one, you will never look back. What the secondary pump does is automatically inflate the air bed when it looses air. Without you doing anything, the pump will kick in and inflate the air mattress to your set desired level. Which is very good for people wanting a airbed for everyday use.

Bulk The Bed Up With A Mattress Topper

An air mattress may feel a little harder than it should be during the first few nights.  This makes the bed uncomfortable for many people. Nonetheless, using a mattress topper can help create or add extra cushioning on the bed. The extra cushioning therefore makes it easier to sleep on the mattress without turning and tossing through the night. Quilted pads and foam egg crates you can buy on amazon are the most commonly used mattress toppers today.

Don’t Forget The PillowHow To Make Air Bed Softer

While as simple as it sounds, you should always take a pillow with you when you plan to sleep comfortably on a air bed. But it’s surprising how many folks forget to bring the pillows camping thinking the air mattress is sufficient. Lying on a flatbed can be uncomfortable at times.

Using a pillow can, however, help improve or ensure proper spinal alignment for a more restful night. One of the reasons why you should sleep on a pillow is the fact that it helps reduce stress on the neck and back.  The type of pillow you go for can, however, make or break your experience on this bed. While cheap pillows may be enticing, it would be advisable to go for fiber-based or other high-quality pillows out there.

This Is A Must! – Use Bed Sheets and Covers

Another often forgotten item, especially when camping. A sleeping bag is not always enough. One thing you need to know about air mattresses is that they adapt to the surrounding weather or temperature. This means the air inside will get hotter in hot weather and cold at night. To prevent such from happening, consider using bed sheets and bed covers on top of the mattress. This creates some insulation preventing air inside from making your bed cold.

Place The Air Mattress On a soft surface

Instead of placing the mattress on the cold hard floor, consider putting it on a mat or any other soft surface. Ideally you want to have the air mattress raised off the ground. Not only does this protect the plastic/rubber materials of the air bed, but it also keeps the air inside the mattress cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter. Depending on your requirements for sleeping, a raised air mattress with a built in frame may be the perfect solution.

Air mattresses do not bode well with hard surfaces, which is one of the reasons why they can become increasingly uncomfortable with time. You can as well use an old carpet under the mattress to provide some cushioning. The soft surface also reduces cold action by the floor, which could make the air inside the mattress cold.

You should also consider creating a headboard for the air bed as well.  Although an overlooked feature in most beds today, the headboard creates a comfortable place for one to lean on hence improving the bed experience. If you however wish to use the mattress for a long time, consider investing in a mattress stand to keep it off the ground. The stand also provides some elevation from the ground hence preventing it from getting cold especially at night.

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