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What Is Kayak Camping All About?

What Is Kayak Camping All AboutIf you’re an avid outdoors person, then you’ve probably gone on plenty of camping trips by now. Backpacking can be a ton of fun; but everyone wants to try something new every once in a while. Good news: there’s a whole new type of camping for you to dive into called kayak camping.

What is kayak camping all about? At its core, the trip is all about being out on the water and finding a new way to interact with nature. The activity can be a ton of fun; but there’s some things you need to know when setting up for this kind of trip:

Are You In The Right Kind Of Shape To Take On The Waters & Camp

It takes a different kind of endurance to go kayaking than it does to go backpacking. Your arms and torso are going to take the brunt of the work, so you need to make sure that you’re physically ready to take on long sessions. But at the same time, kayak camping is easier than hiking as you don’t have to carry a heavy backpack on your back for hours.

There should be a few spots to practice in your area. Take a few hours this upcoming weekend and practice kayaking with good form. It will help preserve your energy. Make sure your Kayak is suitable for Kayak Camping before you head out too.

Having A Safety Plan When Kayak Camping Is Important

Safety should always be your number one priority when you are planning an extended stay outdoors. Before doing anything else, try to plan out your trip with as much detail as possible. The chances that something will go wrong on your trip are actually pretty low; but you always want to be prepared for the worst. Know where you intend to go, and plan to check in with a reliable friend/family member every so often. Doing so will help immensely if you end up lost or stranded.

Getting The Best Kayak Camping Supplies

What Equipment To Take Kayak Camping

Kayak camping requires you to completely change up your strategy when it comes to supply. Normally, you can play a little more loose when camping or backpacking. It’s easy to get back to civilization and restock on supplies in most cases. When you’re out kayaking things get a bit more difficult. A lot of waterways will bring you pretty far out into the wilderness. It might be days before you see a store again, so it is best to be a little over prepared. This starts with owning a Kayak suitable for camping and maximum storage.

You’ll need different supplies as well, since space is almost always going to be a factor. More compact foods are going to be needed. You’re going to have to worry about weight as well which will rule out a lot of canned goods and the like. If possible, you’ll want to hunt or fish for your food. Just make sure that you have the proper permits.

You should now feel a bit better about planning a trip with your kayak. You should know “what is kayak camping all about?” It’s a type of camping that few are able to physically undertake; but if you feel you are up to the task it can be a ton of fun. Follow the advice given above and you’ll be good to go.

Some Tips For The First Time Kayak Camper

While Kayak camping is pretty simple in what exactly it is, there are quite a few unexpected surprises that you may run into. If this is your first time taking a kayak out and not returning home that day, then you should go through this beginners guide to kayak camping. It may just save the day.

  • Weather Forecast: This is a pretty simple and easy thing to do, but some folks simply don’t do it. Check what weather to expect while you are out on the water and pack your kayak gear accordingly to the weather forecast. Don’t be stuck in a tent that is not waterproof when there is a storm predicted. These Kayak Tents would be a great solution. A long rain jacket or waterproof overalls are excellent ideas in order to prepare for wet weather.
  • Pack in the correct order: First of all, pack your gear. Don’t just throw it in the kayak and hope for the best. Buy one of those laundry bags, the striped variety. They are cheap and heavy duty. They will make unpacking and packing from the kayak to the campsite so much easier.  Then pack your gear into the kayak in order of most relevant. So when you first pull ashore, you want to set up your tent right. So your tent would be best suited packed last. Things like toiletries are not critical, so they can be put in the kayak first.
  • Pack an air mattress of some kind. Don’t be that tight that you are willing to sleep on potentially dangerous ground. But it must be a lightweight air mattress in order to keep things happy in the kayak.
  • Something that is often forgotten is the camping chair. These things can be life savers people, so make room for one in your kayak. Don’t wing it and hope that there is a comfortable rock to sit on at camp. It’s not going to happen.
  • How much water do you drink in a day?. Allow the right amount of water for how many days you plan to camp. Kayak camping is different to regular camping. I.e; Drinking water is not freely available. Some people only drink a quart a day, while others drink a gallon a day. So be prepared. Also if you drink coffee, and use a camping percolator don’t forget to allow for water to cover this mandatory pleasure.
  • If you plan to kayak camp for several days, you will need to think about the foods to bring and how you plan to cook the food?.  Will you be setting up a campfire?. A dutch oven is perfect for camp fire cooking becasue it is very versatile. If you are fishing, you can grill, braise, stew etc all in a dutch oven. Perhaps a solar powered camping oven will be your portable kitchen of choice. It doesn’t matter, as long as you are thinking ahead and preparing ahead.
  • Allow for tides, don’t camp right on the rivers edge. This could end in tragedy. Look for visual signs of where the water rises to at high tide and camp even further beyond that to be extra safe.