What Is The Best Way To Make Coffee Camping

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Recently we have discussed how to make coffee while camping, but of these methods what is the best way to make coffee camping?. For us it’s between the French Press method and Percolated coffee. These 2 methods produce the best tasting coffee with minimal effort required. Each style of brewing a coffee is suited to different taste buds or demands. Which will now look at the benefits and negatives of both methods.

Percolated Coffee When Camping – Espresso Anyone?Ways To Make Coffee Camping

Using a outdoors heavy duty camping percolator you can make a very nice cup of fresh coffee on demand. For percolated coffee, you will need a gas burner, or smouldering campfire to boil the water.

Sometimes when you buy a Percolator, the instructions aren’t always included or very clear. But the process is very simple. Regardless of the type of Percolator you buy, you will need water, a heating method, finer coffee filters (Optional) and a mug.

Start by measuring out 2 cups of water per person. Add this inside the Percolator once you have taken the top off and removed the basket. Once water is inside the cylinder, put the basket back inside. On top of the basket you can add a finer grade filter if you are using less coarse coffee grind.

Add 2 teaspoons of ground coffee to each cup of water you have put in the Percolator. Add a little extra if you like stronger coffee. Put the lid back on the Percolator and stick it on top of your gas burner. Bring the water to boil and turn the heat down to a simmer.

Let the coffee percolate for about 7-15 minutes. The longer you leave it on there the stronger it will taste. Just don’t leave it on too long or the water may evaporate and you will have burned coffee.

The advantage that a coffee Percolator has over a French Press is usually volume of coffee. A percolator comes in larger sizes to cater for larger numbers of coffee drinkers. Great for boot camps and retreats with multiple Families. A Percolator is better suited to finer coarse ground coffee beans to make a lovely espresso, a manual coffee grinder is recommended so that you can grind the beans to the right size.

The Best Way To Make Coffee When Camping

The French Press Camping MethodThe Best Camping French Press Coffee Makers With Reviews

The French Press method of making coffee when camping is the best of them all in my opinion. A French Press is very easy to use, extremely portable and the camping versions are heavy duty enough that you can take them anywhere. Which is very important for the harsh environments that often we face when outdoors.

Unlike traditional home French Presses, the ones made for camping and portability are not made from Glass. They can be made from stainless steel, a hardened BPA safe clear plastic and even in a handy travel mug.

To make a French Press Coffee you will need to invest a few bucks to get a high quality camping French Press. A water heating source is required such as a gas burner. The coffee grounds are typically more coarser than that used for the Percolator method. While this could result in a less stronger flavored coffee, the beans can be soaked in hot water at the beginning for longer to enhance the coffee flavor.

The idea is simple. You add the coffee beans into the bottom of the French Press cylinder. I like to soak the ground beans in hot water for a minute or 2 before starting the process. Once the beans have been soaked for a little you simply add more hot water to the French Press. Put the plunger/lid on top and plunge in a downwards action.

After just a few short minutes 3-5 minutes you can then decanter (Pour coffee into a pouring jug) so that the cooking process stops and you don’t end up with a bitter tasting cup of coffee.

Whats Your Favorite Way To Make Coffee When Camping?French Press VS Percolator For Camping

Both the Percolator and French Press methods of making coffee are very suitable for camping conditions. The french press has portability and speed as it’s advantages. While the Percolators can make more cups of coffee/espresso at a slower rate.

One particular French Press coffee maker that I really love is the travel mug. This French Press travel mug allows you to make a portable on the go cup of coffee while staying warm from the insulated walls of the coffee mug. Great for hiking, backpacking or solo campers not wanting to fuss around with larger sized coffee makers.

How do you currently make coffee when you go camping?. Have you tried any of the above methods before?. Perhaps you are quite content with boiling a pot of water over a campfire to make instant coffee?. Whatever method you use, it’s the end result that matters. A great tasting cup of coffee while taking in nature.

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