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The Best Coffee Pots For Camping

The Best Coffee Pots For Camping

The best coffee makers for camping come in different pot sizes and use a variety of Barista style techniques to produce some of the best coffee known in the outdoors. Problem is, not all coffee pots are created equal. More often than not, consumers aren’t aware of the high quality makers available to them. This is the result of in store product selections being generally limited.

But when you open up the online world to the great outdoors you can find a vast variety of camping coffee makers suitable for just about anyone. Even the solo camper only needing a single cup.

In the past we have reviewed a selection of different machines based on the method used to make the coffee. But today we are simply answering the hard question once and for all. What is the best coffee pot for camping, regardless of technique used. Based on personal opinion and experience we have gotten it down to just 3 suitable coffee makers that can wear the badge of certified Sleeping With Air Top Rated Products.

My Best Rated Camping Coffee Pot Of All Time

Linkyo French Press Gets My Vote

It’s never easy determining which product to buy over another product, and it’s especially hard for a coffee maker suitable for camping conditions. It’s not like buying a coffee pot for the kitchen where you know it can handle the cruisy life of resting on the bench out of harms way all day long. With camping you need something that is heavy duty and durable enough to handle the bumps and grazes the outdoors offers.

Which is part of the reason I recommend the Linkyo, as it is built tough to handle the camping lifestyle. The Linkyo is a double wall insulated French Press style of maker made from food grade stainless steel. This means it is safe to drink from which is always a plus.

The French Press method is the simplest, but most tasteful method of making coffee when camping in my opinion. However if you prefer a really strong tasting coffee, then a Percolator is probably more your style as it handles finer coarse beans better. But for portability and ease of use, the Linkyo coffee pot ticks these boxes and then some.

What I found very appealing about the Linkyo is that it doesn’t use those paper filters we always have to ensure we pack. The Linkyo comes with 3 stainless steel fine filters which could pretty much last you a lifetime. These are not disposable so don’t throw them out!.

They add to helping the environment too by creating no waste due to being BPA reusable filters. Which therefor there is no need to purchase extra paper filters every time you go camping. When it comes to preserving the beautiful wilderness, I like to do my part as little as it may be. So using less paper filters was certainly a decision in choosing the Linkyo as the best camping coffee pot on the market.

Linkyo Fine Grade Stainless Steel French Press

#1. Camp Site Heavy Duty Coffee Maker Pot

The GSI Outdoors Percolator 12 Cup

The GSI is a Percolator style coffee maker rather than the French Press like the Linkyo model. Percolator is slightly different in that it needs to be in direct contact with a heat source. Whether by camp fire or a gas burner. So it needs to be tough enough to handle flames and smouldering coals.

Which is why in instances like this I can’t go past the GSI percolator model. Unlike many other percolators, the GSI is made from heavy duty gauge stainless steel and not from Aluminum. Even the coffee grind basket is a durable metal designed to withstand the tough conditions. The benefit being that stainless steel retains heat better and won’t leave that metal taste in the coffee like I have experienced from other aluminum coffee makers.

The GSI makes a great camp site option when you have larger number of coffee drinkers. As it makes 12 cups (Depending on size of cup), its suitable for larger Families or a get together with a group of friends.

With some percolators, the basket which holds the beans is not always covered completely.. Which can cause the beans o get into your cup. But with the GSI coffee pot there is a stainless steel lid to trap the beans in the basket. Minimizing the chance of beans ending up in you cup.

It’s the small little touches that make the GSI a great camping coffee maker. Another small but very important attribute is the handle. Made from a silicon plastic which doesn’t heat up like a metal handle, you won’t burn your fingers when lifting the pot off the heat source.

My #1 Pick - GSI Percolator

Bit Of A Caveman Camper?

Ok, so not all of us like these fancy high tech coffee machines that can whip up a Barista style coffee in under 10 minutes. So what is a cave man to do?. Continue on making Instant coffee?. No way!

Believe it or not, people have been making coffee over a campfire for generations without the use of appliances as seen above. If this sounds like your cup of tea, or coffee I should say then you must learn the art of ‘Cowboy Coffee‘.

If you have never made coffee while camping before and want to start out on a cheaper budget. Then this may be the right avenue for you to take. In my opinion it’s more hassle than its worth and the end result is not as good. But what’s good for me, maybe bad for you. So this is most definitely a way to make coffee in a pot outdoors.


Thursday 30th of March 2017

Haha, I remember last year's camping session with a group of friends, and we failed miserably at the coffee pot over the fire thing. Needless to say, we are in the lookout for great camping utilities and this seems to be a good selection.

Since you've recommended the GSI coffee pot, I'll see if it fits our style. Only a few months left before our next weekend camp! Thanks for the review :D


Friday 31st of March 2017

Making coffee camping doesn't have to be that difficult anymore thanks to these awesome camping 'must haves'. I can't wait to go camping in a couple of months too. Bags are packed already. The GSI is a great choice, I hope you love it as much as me and my Wife do.