The Best Cots For Tent Camping With Reviews

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The Best Cots For Tent Camping

The best cots for tent camping are generally built tougher to handle the unpredictable terrain campers often deal with. Being raised off the ground more than a air mattress is certainly an advantage a cot has. Not only does this create extra storage space under the bed, but it is also optimal for colder weather.

As the earths surface gets rather cold, it’s best to keep your body further away from the chill. So by sleeping on a camping cot that is raised higher, you are increasing the chances of keeping your body warmth inside your sleeping bag rather than being cooled down by the hard cold ground.

However, a cot that is raised higher can also have it’s drawbacks. Which is limited sitting up space. This will depend on how low your tent ceiling is of course. But for simple 2 to 4 man tents, a raised cot may be more of a hassle than a convenience, especially if you are tall. But in saying that, this is camping. It’s part of the fun being put in conditions that are far from like living in our homes.

Every Tent Camper Should Own A Top Rated CotTent Cots For Camping Solo

There’s cots and then there are quality cots built to last. Then there are Tent Cots, which are completely different. These tent cots are basically one person ‘all in one’ camp sleeping solutions. Typically they include a cot with an attached tent over the top for protection. On occasion a pillow and sleeping bag are included in the package. A relatively new concept, but growing in popularity with every passing camp season.

A tent cot is certainly not for everyone, so a high quality cot for tent camping is the more common preference. But quality is key here. It’s important to look for double stitching, weight capacities, weatherproof, durability, rust proof and stability among other things like comfort and portability. So buying any camping cot simply won’t do. To make life that much easier for you, we have thrown together this review guide to buying the best cots for tent camping where on quality is acceptable.

Best Camping Cot With Storage Compartments

Coleman Trailhead II Review

Best Camping Cot With Storage

If having compartments to hide keys, money, smart phones etc while you sleep is an important factor, then you can’t get better than the Trailhead 2 in my opinion. The storage compartment runs almost the entire length of the cot which is 75 inches long. The storage area consists of 2 extra large mesh like pockets and 2 closable smaller pockets ideal for any medications, make up, watches etc. I really favor this cot for the fact it has all these pockets. I hate waking up in the morning not knowing where my keys and phone have been tossed during the night when they aren’t stored in pockets.

But there’s much more to this cot than just it’s compartments. For starters it’s a little wider than your traditional cot. Being 35 inches wide, there is plenty or room for anyone up to 300 pounds (Weight Capacity) to turn and rollover during the night.

At 17 inches from ground height you are avoiding the cold earth, creating storage area under the cot while not being too high that your head may hit the ceiling of the tent.

The TrailHead 2 is a military style cot, so they canvas is heavy duty and has a nice firmness to it. Will you need an extra sleeping pad on top? Well that’s going to solely depend on your comfort levels. While I think it’s fine as is, some may disagree.

The last thing I really like about this cot is it’s sturdy design. Unlike poorly made cots, the TrailHead uses the ‘X’ style of leg support. This ‘X’ creates a strong and very sturdy foundation for sleeping on. Oh, wait there’s one more reason this cot is super awesome. Now center cross bar!. Now that is a hug plus if you hate the sensation of a beam interrupting your back while you sleep.

My only gripe with this cot would be that the corners aren’t rounded and the ends stick out just a little. This could get sleeping bags and such caught on them. However, this is just me being picky. It’s a super tent camping cot with awesome camouflage printed decal.

Coleman TrailHead II Camouflage Cot

After High End Padded Camping Cots For The BEST Nights Sleep?

Chinook Cozy 33 Inch Wide Cot Review

Cots have there advantages like extra height off the ground, storage, no air lose etc. But generally you will find that many people find them uncomfortable. Therefor a sleeping pad is often recommended. Not with this high end padded camping cot by Chinook.

This this is a beast, it barely fits in a 3 person tent. So do make sure you take that into consideration. Thirty three inches wide offering a large canvas to sleep on and sleep on it well you will. Fiber filled material gives this cot the ‘Luxury‘ advantage over many other cots on the market.

Beside being super spacious and super cozy to lay on, the Chinook goes where other cots dare to dream about. This cot is also fold-able and can be used as a beach/campfire lounge/recliner. Which is very rare for a padded camping cot. But the Chinook pulls it off with class and style. To move from a padded cot into a padded recliner is simple. There is a knob on either side of the chair. Turn it anti-clockwise to loosen the knob and adjust the cot to how raised you like it. Twist the knob clockwise to lock it into position. Simple and fast.

Having this custom sleeping surface is a godsend for people that don’t like sleeping on a flat surface. Adjust the cot to the position and your away. The cot has a built in padded pillow as well, which helps for contouring the bed. The other huge bonus to this feature is sleeping on uneven surfaces. Being able to adjust the bed like this now make sit possible.

While being very luxurious and spacious, it folds down to the size of a folding camp chair. Which is quite impressive for a beast of a cot. Welded joints create the strength and stability to the cot making it a might fine luxurious camping cot. Only drawback, the price. But hey, we all need to treat ourselves every once in a while.

Chinook Heavy Duty Padded Cot

Best Heavy Weight Capacity Camping Cots

Where Size DOES Matter!Best Heavy Weight Capacity Camping Cots

Like most things, not all cots are built alike. Especially when it comes to their heavy duty rating. So when your a larger sized person, there is no if buts or maybes. You will need to look at heavy weight capacity camping cots.

These oversized camping cots can be difficult to find in stores. Some cots don’t even state their weight capacity, so you could be taking a huge risk there.

My suggestion?. If you are over 225 lbs in weight, don’t risk it on a standard cot. These cots are usually only able to handle 200-225 pounds max. There is a solution, well a few actually and we have listed them here in our Big Men’s Camping Cots section. Don’t say you weren’t warned if the frame of the cot falls beneath you, or if the canvas starts tearing in a relatively quick period.


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