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Storage Containers For Camping Gear

Storage Containers For Camping Gear

People use all kinds of storage containers for camping gear. From plastic bags and cardboard boxes to the more advanced setups. Finding the best solution for your camping gear will ultimately come down to your setup.

For example, the needs of someone kayak camping will be vastly different from someone who is car camping with a trailer. Someone in a kayak will have no need for a bulky heavy-duty container to store their gear, rather a more compact watertight container.

The price of the storage container is also another determining factor. As these containers can range in price in the multiple hundreds, choosing one based on your financial needs is also important.

So with that said, the storage containers listed below have been handpicked to suit a variety of camping needs and budgets. Starting with the best of the best containers that are said to be indestructible.

Best Waterproof Storage Container For Camping Equipment

Best Waterproof Storage Container For Camping EquipmentHigh End

Looks can be deceiving which is something to always remember when it comes to storage containers and this container by Pelican is a good example of it.

While it may look really simple, it’s one of the best heavy-duty and waterproof options available. This high level of quality is reflected in the rather steep price tag. However, if you want the best, you have to pay top dollar.

I believe Pelican has made one of the toughest containers for camping equipment on the market. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of using a Pelican container then you know what you’re getting and if not, you’re about to see what all the rave is about.

When it comes to containers the latches are one of the most important things to consider, especially if you’re carrying heavier camping items. This is why the classic C clamp styled latches on this container really stand out as it’s a simple but extremely effective design. When you combine this with how there is a secondary movement that acts as a pry bar, it makes it even easier to open.

Durability Is Out Of This World

Tough is a word that comes to mind when you think about the shell of this storage container. This is in big part thanks to how it’s made out of Copolymer-Polypropylene. This makes the container extremely tough and able to handle some extreme outward pressure.

Watertight Seals

If you’re someone who wants your gear protected and prepared for any weather event, it’s hard to go past the Pelican. Watertight is how Pelican describes this container and they’re not wrong thanks to there excellent polymer o-rig with a tongue and groove fit system that will keep even the most intense water out.

To increase the waterproofing even further Pelican made some excellent choices with this container. This is the amazing automatic pressure equalization valve that has the important job of releasing the built-up air pressure and keeping the water out.

Made In The USA

Where something is made is really important to a lot of people and I know a lot of people will like the answer to this container. This is because it’s made in the USA which is essential for a lot of people out there.

For most people, the price tag on the Pelican may be a bit of an eye-opener, but anyone that has done the rounds a few times knows that you simply can’t sacrifice quality for price when it comes to storing valuable camping gear.

Pelican 1660 Case With Foam

Indestructible Camping Storage Hard Case

Mid Range

Indestructible Camping Storage Hard Case

There is a lot to like about this Condition 1 portable storage container. First of all, it’s not as expensive as the Pelican brand, yet it offers a great amount of resilience to destruction and resilience to water.

Having these features will give you peace of mind that your items are protected in every situation. Durability, portability, and plenty of features will make this essential in your next camping trip.

Toughest Camping Storage Container

You don’t use words like crush-proof when you design a storage container unless you mean it. With the extremely durable resin, this case is one of the toughest on the market that also has a tremendous amount of shock absorption to protect your valuables.

When looking for something tough you look for something that can survive Texas. With this container being made in Texas will give you the comfort of knowing it was designed to handle the toughest situations and environments.

Packed Full Of Features

Having a great amount of storage is all well and good if you’re storing items that aren’t expensive, how they go in isn’t important. For those who take expensive equipment when they camp, you will want to protect them and that’s what this container offers. The foam it includes makes it easy to customize it to what you need and protect your expensive items.

One of the most frustrating things, when you’re dealing with a storage container, is when you have it open and the lid keeps falling on you. Condition 1 made a very clever design choice by making the lid molded into the hinge which allows the case to stay open and not fall on your hands and arms.

A very simple feature that often gets overlooked and is surprisingly missing from a lot of containers is a handle. You’d be surprised at the number of containers that don’t have one and how much you will use it when you do have one. It’s a nice touch by Condition 1 that they included it for this container.

Overall, I find this container to be one of the strongest and indestructible camping storage solutions for the modern camper. It’s not over the top in price yet offers great value for money.

Condition 1 25" XL Waterproof Protective Hard Case

Best Heavy Duty Storage Container

When On A Tight Budget

Best Heavy Duty Storage Container

While its hard to pass up either of the above options, I know how expensive they can be at the same time. After spending a fortune on camping gear, the last thing you want to do is go bankrupt buying a heavy-duty storage container. Well, the answer is here: Plano.

The Plano 1919 storage containers were designed so that you can neatly and safely stack multiple containers on top of each other. They sit on top of each other very easily due to the design of the lid which incorporates the wheels into the design. This can help with saving space on your next camping trip since you’re able to stack them up.

Space is crucial for a storage container and this container offers a good amount of it. I find the interior and exterior measurements are both important since it will allow you to know where it can fit and what you can fit. I will include the measurements below so you can work out if it will be enough space for you.


When it comes to storage containers and moving them, it can be a difficult task since they can weigh a large amount. Thanks to the wheels on this storage container it does make this easier than having to pick them up and carry them which can be difficult.

There is a lot of versatility in this storage container since you can use it for more than just camping. It’s also airline approved so you can take it on a trip by plane if you need to. This is a really useful feature for those who plan to travel and camp who will be going by plane.


  • Exterior – 37.75 Inches Long by 14 Inches Wide by 18.25 Inches High
  • Interior – 34.75 Inches Long by 13.5 Inches Wide by 16 Inches High
Plano 1919 Sportsman Trunk with Wheels

Heavy Duty Lockable Camping Storage Case

Heavy Duty Lockable Camping Storage Case

Rubbermaid is responsible for a lot of quality products on the market and their lockable storage container is no different. You will get a high-quality container that is durable and will protect your important items when you go camping.

The reason this Rubbermaid storage container made it onto this list is that it’s backed by a lifetime guarantee. They say this beast is virtually indestructible and I would imagine this is if you stay under the 135 lb load capacity.

This storage container was designed to be used for some fairly heavy-duty jobs that required heavy tools to be stored in it. In my opinion, this was a good design choice at it needs to be tough to handle such situations and that is what you want when you go camping.

On top of the heavy-duty nature of this container, it can also handle some pretty intense temperatures. It’s able to resist 0-100℉ temperatures which means it can handle most situations except the most extremes. This also allows it to be left in the garage when you’re not in need of it or if you want to use it as extra storage.

Protect Your Gear

One of the first things you will notice about this storage container is how the latches are lockable. This is an excellent feature for protecting your items from unwanted hands. Some people would consider that it doesn’t come with a lock a downside but I disagree. This allows you to choose a lock that is more suitable for your needs.

Many people are cautious when leaving their gear at the campsite as they go off to fish for the day. By having a storage container on-site in which you can lock, is a highly valuable feature. Unfortunately, theft is everywhere, including campsites. So one can never be too prepared.

Plenty Of  Storage Space

This large 48-gallon storage container offers you a lot of room to put a good amount of items in it. With the insides offering 40″ by 17″ by 14″ worth of room you won’t have a hard time fitting everything you need into it. This can make it heavy if you fill it right up so it might be difficult for you to move without help.

Rubbermaid ActionPacker️

Best Collapsible Folding Camping Storage Container

Best Collapsible Folding Camping Storage Container

CleverMade understands that storage containers take up a lot of space when you’re not using them, especially after you have unpacked them and set up your campsite. With these heavy duty containers being collapsable it will help with saving space around the campsite, in your garage or shed when you don’t need them.

Something that I really like about this particular container is that it comes in a 3 pack for those who want even more containers. This works really well since they’re designed to stack together which can cut down on storage space by allowing you to stack them 3 high and have them all storing something. This leaves you with more room elsewhere.

Space is important with containers and these by CleverMade have a good amount of it. When you have them open they measure 23″ long by 15.4″ wide, and 12.8″ high which fits a lot of room for your next camping trip.

Heavy Duty And Collapsible

Being made out of strong plastic that’s 100% polypropylene gives it two good advantages with one being it’s very durable. The second being that the containers themselves are fairly lightweight with them just weighing 4.1lbs each. This gives them a lot of versatility since you can use them for moving a lot of small items at one time.

One thing to note with these storage containers is that they don’t come with lids which can be an issue for some people. This does mean that you can’t leave them outside if you store something important in them. In my opinion, this isn’t a deal-breaker as the versatility of them more then makes up for it.

They serve a purpose and that purpose is to not store these things outdoors in the weather. But for storing gear like ropes, guy lines and the odds and ends every camper has, they are a good addition.

CleverMade 62L Collapsible Storage Bins

Best Canvas Camping Storage Bag

Best Canvas Camping Storage Bag

For those who are looking for something that is easier to carry the heavy-duty camp equipment, it’s hard to go past this duffle bag by Bear&Bark. The reinforced handles on this bag give it a lot of durability when it does get to those heavier weights you will be carrying. This gives you peace of mind when carrying it that the handles won’t break.

Durability is the overall theme of this duffle bag in my opinion. It’s made out of cotton canvas which is so tough it’s what they use to make some of the most durable tents on the market. I like this since you will want to protect what’s inside and the last thing you want is for the fabric to be something cheap and unable to handle what you’re carrying.

Something that can be an issue with gear when you go camping is having to clean it when you get back. Having to hose your gear out and hoping you get everything can be an issue. So I really like how this duffle bag is machine washable, it makes cleaning much easier and quicker.

Perfect For Camping

While most people will go this isn’t a container so it’s not going to be as good for camping. In my opinion, this duffle bag is excellent for camping since it can carry things that are longer than your standard container. Being able to carry things like your tent poles and sporting equipment is useful for those family camping trips.

One thing that is hard to get is a good scale of is just how large this duffle bag is and how much room it has. It’s extremely large with it measuring 50-inches long by 20-inches wide. This gives you a lot of space for your gear on your next camping trip.

Canvas Military and Army Cargo Canvas Bag

Camping Trunk Cargo Organizer

Camping Trunk Cargo Organizer

There is no secret that when you go camping space is at a premium especially if you go camping with the family. The amount of gear you will need to take is incredible and not everything is going to fit in your standard container. This is where this excellent storage container by Starling’s comes into play.

Starling’s designed this storage container to handle all the small bits and pieces you take when you go camping. Things that would normally be left to float around in your trunk with the possibility of getting broken. With this storage container having 3 compartments this is no longer an issue in my opinion.

To add to the level of versatility this container offers you’re able to fold it down into a much smaller foldable bag. This is useful for when you don’t need it so you can just store it in your car for when you do. It’s a good idea to leave it in the trunk of your car for moments when you go shopping and need to put loose things in your trunk.

Strong And Robust Storage Solution

The first thing you would notice about this storage container is that it’s made out of fabric and not plastic like most others. This might be a cause for concern for some people but the fabric itself is an extremely durable 1680D Oxford polyester. They improved on this even further by giving it extra stitching to make it even tougher.

One of the smartest moves that Starling has done was the bottom of this storage container. The bottom is made out of a 3-layer waterproof board which can help keep the water out of the container. This is really useful for when it’s been raining and the back of your pickup has gotten wet. This bottom will help with keeping the water out.

This one you can load up with smaller camp items and throw in the trunk when it comes time to go camping. Things like headlamps, lanterns, batteries, pocket knives, first aid, hammer etc.

Starling's Car Trunk Organizer

What To Consider When Buying a Storage Container For Your Next Camping TripWhere To Store Camping Gear

Before choosing your next storage container for when you go camping. There are certain things you need to consider to help make your next camping trip a more enjoyable experience. Learning what the most important things are is essential for preventing issues that can come up by going with something that’s wrong for your next camping trip.

With storage containers purpose to literally be to store things the amount of space they have to store things is something to consider. Making sure your container is large enough to fit what you will need on your camping trip is crucial in making sure you’re prepared for anything.

It Needs To Be Heavy-Duty

This should really go without saying but the durability of your container can make a big difference in what you can take. Even if you’re not planning on taking a lot it’s still a good idea to go with something that’s durable. It can help prevent your container from breaking and leaving you in a difficult position.

There are a few ways the durability of a storage container can be improved and things you should pay attention to. These are the handles and the lids of the storage container. Lids can be flimsy and if you’re planning on stacking something on them you will want a strong lid. The same goes for handles and carrying your container with a heavyweight inside.

Knowing what the container is made out of is one of the best ways of learning how durable it is. So it’s a good idea to find out what it’s made out of to help with preventing your container breaking when you need it most.

Storage Containers Make Camping Stress Free

If you’re planning on taking multiple containers then the color of your container is more important then you might think. If you go with multiple colors you can set them up so each color is dedicated to one thing in particular. This will make finding what you need much easier to do and small quality of life improvement.

Something that I rarely ever see mentioned when it comes to storage containers for camping is just how important it is to have one that’s waterproof. This is mainly for those with a pickup truck who will be storing their container in the back of there truck. By going with waterproof you can rest easy knowing the items inside are getting ruined by water.