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Camping Safety Tips With Kids

Camping Safety Tips With KidsCamping is a popular hobby for many people, and with children out of school, summer presents an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with nature. Whether you are planning a weekend trip to a new campsite, or a lengthier one through a national park, it is always crucial to be prepared to ascertain that you and your loved ones will be safe.Understanding these important  camping safety tips with kids will go a long way to protecting your kids from any mishaps.

Having 3 kids all under the ages of 7 myself, I know all too well the dangers children can attract. Accidentally on purpose or purely to get under Mom and Dads skin, it doesn’t matter. Children attract danger, so it’s very important to monitor them when camping.

Such simple things such as eating the wrong leaf to investigating new land can present many dangers while camping. Children can be so unpredictable and if you have ever taken them camping before, you know the headaches that come along with the journey. But ensuring that our kids are safe and sound the entire trip is what really matters.

Camping opens up a whole new world of beautiful unseen nature, relaxation, peacefulness and so on. But it also has it’s harmful side that less experienced campers will surely endure. Especially when the kids with the wildest imaginations are coming along. That being said, prevention is the best form of protection. So learning a few pointers will definitely not harm you or your kids. So here are a few important Family camping safety tips with kids.

Monitor Your Kids & Plan An Emergency Site

When you first rock up to a camp site, everything is a new experience. As Adults we are much more aware of our surroundings. But kids tend to be a bit more free in their observations. They won’t pay attention to the big tree next to the camp site that us adults can clearly see as a beacon for base.

So in the first few hours at least, I recommend keeping an eye on the kids more than you maybe would normally. Let them become familiar with their surroundings without the possibility of getting lost or injured. Once the kids have worked out, where the campsite is, where the toilet is, where the fishing hole is etc etc. Then you can relax more so.

It’s also a good idea to mark a spot on your campsite as the emergency evacuation area. This can be marked out with an old pair of shoes,hat etc. Anything that tells the kids subconsciously that this is the safe zone. Mommy and Daddy will find me here. Camping safely is just another skill us Parents can teach our kids.

Camping with your kids and pets can be a good experience. However, it takes intensive and careful planning to make it so. Ensure that you have the right clothing to protect you and your kids from the hot sun or cold temperatures. Teach your kids what to do if they get lost and ensure they each have a flashlight. It’s also important to review the camping rules on a regular basis to make sure everyone stays safe.

Safety Equipment When Camping With Kids

Always Bring The First Aid Kit

Safety Equipment When Camping With Kids

One of the most forgotten camping items, yet the most valuable in times of need. You should personalize the first aid kit to ensure that the contents meet the needs of the entire family, situations as well as activities. Usability is the key to a great first aid kit. Do not include items you know no one will need. Instead fill it with antiseptics for bruises and cuts, pain relievers, bug spray, tweezers and other standard meds for ailments.

Even so, having a well-packed first aid kit is not enough to ensure a safe camping trip with your kids. You should also know how to diagnose and treat people when the situation calls for it. The number one rule of emergency treatment is to give priority to the severe injuries and attending to them while you wait for medical help. Check for airway restrictions, circulation as well as breathing.

You should also pack emergency supplies to ensure safe camping. These supplies include, but are not limited to:

-Insect Protection
-Warm Clothing
-Fire Starters

Sleeping Safely At Night Camping Tips

Sleeping Safely At Night Camping Tips

Disc-o-Bed Bunk Cot For Kids On Amazon

Getting the kids to sleep is a hard enough task in their own beds in the comfort of home. So getting them to sleep in a foreign bed out in the woods can be quite a task. So it’s important that they have a comfortable camping bed to sleep in or your sleep will be directly affected. Getting a good night sleep is another camping safety tip as it will ensure our kids brain is fully functional in the morning and they don’t do anything (too) silly.

There are two options for kids to sleep when camping. They are an air mattress designed for kids, or a camping cots/bunks made for kids.

By having an adequate sized camping bed for the kids will prevent injuries from falling off a double raised airbed. These types of beds will ensure the child has a good nights sleep without the fear of rolling off the edge.

Campfire Safety For KidsCampfire Safety For Kids

Night in the outdoors is always enjoyable if you have a campfire. You can sit around it and tell stories or talk about fun things. You can even roast mallows on sticks or even cook hot dogs. However, it is always important to ensure safety when making campfires, especially with kids around.

Ensure that you have the fire in an open space and set up rocks around it. Also, don’t forget to keep a bucket of water or soil close by. Before you recede to your tents, ensure you put out the campfire fully.

But kids are very curious beings, so getting them to not poke and prod the fire can be a difficult task. Setting up boundaries early on with your kids is detrimental to their safety. Avoid letting the little ones put sticks on the fire as this can encourage them to do so when there are no parents around.

The Wildlife That Is Camping

To protect you and your loved ones from poisonous plants, ensure that the clothing covers you completely. Protective clothing is also crucial for protecting you from bugs. Ensure that you apply bug repellent regularly and carry calamine lotion in case you come into contact with poisonous plants.

Being attacked by wildlife animals is the last thing you want for you and your kids. So, keep the campsite clean at all times, and this includes keeping your garbage, coolers, food, utensils and cooking equipment well hidden. If you see a bear approaching, light or fire is an ideal deterrent. Also, bear in mind that bears are wild animals and so, feeding them is never a wise move. Equipping your campsite with Bear Repellent is a safety tip that could save your life. If there is any threat of bears near your potential camp site, it’s best to move on or at the very least take steps to minimize the bear entering your site. A Bear repellent can help.

Swim In Safe Waters

Swimming in the river or lake can be fun, but it can be a source of infection or disease if you are not careful. You might accidentally drink it and get diarrhea. If you are going to swim, shower before and after the activity. Always supervise your kids for the same and if you intend to boat, ensure everyone wears a life jacket. Do your research before you head out to camp. Make sure the waters are safe to swim in.

Camping calls for a lot, especially when you decide to take the young ones with you. However, if you are prepared and follow these camping safety tips with kids, you can be confident that the trip will be an enjoyable and memorable one for all.