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Best Winter Tent Stoves Reviews

Best Winter Tent Stoves Reviews

One of the major reasons people have a problem with winter camping is the cold. Especially inside the tent. In order to combat this, you must be well prepared and have a heat source of some kind. Or you’re going to freeze. One of the best ways to provide consistent heat is by using one of the best winter tent stoves inside your tent.

Before I reveal my personal favorite tent stoves reviews for winter, it’s important to understand a few safety aspects of using a wood stove inside your shelter. Especially if you have never used a piece of camping equipment like this.

Can You Use A Wood Burning Stove In Any Tent?

Safety Concerns

The short answer is NO, you shouldn’t use a wood burning stove in any tent. Nor should you use just any camping oven inside a tent. As you can see in this article, people actually die from using a stove inside a tent incorrectly. It’s a serious issue and one that should be studied further.

The tent you use should be designed to cater for a wood stove. By this, the tent should have a stove jack or chimney so to speak. Cold weather tents are known for this feature. Without having somewhere for the smoke to go (outside the tent), you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Never be tempted to use a wood stove inside a tent without having a stove jack, chimney, hot flue pipe hole etc.

As having the ability to connect your stove to a outlet so the smoke can exit the tent, you should also look for a tent that is well ventilated. Even if it’s freezing outside, open one of the tents vents to let fresh air circulate inside. The heat of the stove will keep you warm regardless.

The tent should also have vertical walls as angled walls have a lower ceiling which can allow the fire to ignite. Ideally a canvas tent or polycotton as it is less likely to catch on fire as easily. Even some Teepee style tents have camp stove capabilities.

What To Look For In A Winter Tent Stove?

A few important things to consider when you want to buy a stove for your tent and survive the coldness of winter.

  • Must have a flue/chimney pipe that is taller than the ceiling height of your tent. This is where the carbon monoxide escapes.
  • A decent spark arrestor on the flue/chimney pipe to stop burning hot embers from floating onto the tent material.
  • Raised off the ground. Most camping tent stoves have legs to keep the fire off the ground. Some come with adjustable legs to cater for uneven ground. Avoid stoves that sit on the ground.
  • Size of the tent stove is important becasue you don’t want to ‘burn’ yourself out of the tent with a large stove and you don’t want a super small one that doesn’t heat up your size tent.
  • Control Over The Heat. Does the stove have a damper which you can control to allow more or less oxygen into the fire.
  • Warmth and the ability to cook?. This is optional, but some ovens come with a cooking element so that you can fry/boil food and water inside the tent away from the coldness of winter.

The Best Portable Wood Stove For A Wall Tent Up To 8.3Ft.

Winnerwell Woodlander Deluxe Tent Stove Pack
The Good
  • Stainless Steel - No paint, rust or corrosion
  • Water Boiler Feature
  • 100.4 inch in height including flue pipe
  • Very Well Made - Heavy duty construction
  • Removable lid for temperature control when cooking
  • Awesome glass panel door (life like fireplace)
  • Includes everything including a fire retardant mat.
The Bad
  • Weighs about 40 pounds
  • Premium product so costs more

If your anything like me and hate wasting money on inferior products and demand premium quality, then it’s essential you check out the Winnerwell Woodlander. While I can’t technically say, but I have a feeling this tent stove will outlast my lifetime. It’s that well build and has some very awesome features that will have all neighboring campers wanting to know more.

I’ve had tent stoves in the past where you need to burn the paint off. This is very annoying which leads me to probably my favorite feature of the Winnerwell. It’s made from stainless steel. No more paint to ever deal with. Along with the obvious benefits of stainless steel being it wont rust or corrode. When it comes to camping equipment like this, it just has to be stainless steel or cast iron if you want any sort of longevity out of the product. So a big thumbs up here.

The single walled flue pipe when connected to the oven is over 8 feet and has a 2.5″ diameter. (Flashing kit available if your tent is bigger than 2.5″) So it should fit most tents in regards to ceiling height. The spark arrestor is also very well made. It kind of reminds me of a outdoors solar light post. This is far from a cheap wire like spark arrestor. This thing means business.

Some Amazing Features Of This Stainless Steel Tent Stove

  • The glass door window is such a brilliant idea. It really does make you feel like your at home sitting in front of the fireplace. Again, very well made with strong looking joints supporting the door.
  • The water boiler is an absolute treat for campers like myself that don’t mind a hot beverage during the cold winter nights. It’s as simply as turning a valve and presto, hot water.
  • Heats very well up to 450° and can warm a tent room to the size of about 150 square feet.
  • Comes with side racks for keeping logs, food, trays etc. This can also be used as handles when transporting the stove.
  • Can cook with this stove. There’s a lid which can be removed so that you can even do open flame cooking or want to control the heat in your pan better. Great idea.
  • Comes with a fire retardant mat which is a welcomed feature for any camper.

There’s so much to the Winnerwell Woodlands tent stove it’s an incredible winter camping asset. It’s heavy duty, heats up very well, boils water, does the lot basically. But as you may expect from a ‘Deluxe’ model, you do pay for what you get. So this is the premium tent wood fired stoves and if you can afford to invest in quality. I highly recommend you do so with this brilliant stove.

Winnerwell Woodlander Deluxe Tent Stove Pack

Heavy Duty Steel Camp Tent Oven Over 10 Ft. Flue Pipe

Heavy Duty Steel Camp Tent Oven Over 10 Ft. Flue Pipe

The next step down from the Winnerwell Woodlander is this Alpine ‘Camp Chef’ design. Unlike the previous stove, this one does need to be burned outside first so that the paint can cure on the oven. A bit of an annoyance, but for the price I can’t complain too much.

This is more of a old school heavy duty wood fired stove that seems to live forever. Nothing too fancy about this model, but it certainly can produce some above average warmth. I’d reckon the Camp Chef could warm a small house or unit, permitted this was an indoors oven. But it’s not, it’s intended for use inside a tent during Winter to keep warm in the snow and chilly breezes.

I do like how sturdy the whole oven is. This is achieved by the adjustable legs. Makes it easier to set up on slightly uneven ground. Once it’s set up, the 5 inch diameter chimney pipe reaches over 10 foot. So just about any tent that has a stove jack could use this model.

When you go to put some dry wood into this stove, you may surprise yourself at just how deep this thing is. It can hold a fair amount of firewood. If you’re dealing with roughly 22 inch logs and quarter them, you could fit 8 -10 in at a time. A box of firewood will keep you warm for several hours.

Because the entire unit is made from 1/8″ thick steel, you don’t have to worry about ‘burning out’ the bottom of the stove. It’s not a cheap flimsy tin oven. It’s very heavy duty.

The only thing missing from this (As it does include racks) is a water boiler. There is a more expensive version that includes it. But in my opinion, the best water bole is the Winnnerwell model. The last thing worth mentioning is that the door doesn’t fit 100% snug. This is not really an issue for me, but some may be hesitant. But as this is steel, it does cool down very quick. This is handy for when you have to leave the tent and not want to worry about the stove keeping the heat too long while you are away. Overall, a very good mid range budget tent oven with just the right amount of features.

Camp Chef Alpine Stove With Damper And Side Shelves

Basic Durable Firewood Oven For Camping In A Tent

Best Tent Wood Stove For The Money

If your on a strict budget, but want a firewood stove for your tent that will last a long time, then the HQ Issue is a really good choice. This one doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles as it is purely intended for heating the inside of a tent or cooking food with.

The stove is made from cast iron (Door) and black galvanized steel. So again, this one will also need to have a burn out prior to camping or at least outdoors at the campsite so that it can cure. Because it is steel, it can rust. So try keep it away from the weather and if it does rust, treat it like a household pan. Some paper towel and vegetable oil wiped over the surface. The oils help keep it from rusting.

When you include the flue pipe, it stands at 7’10” tall. Not quite as tall as the other two, but not everyone has a 8 foot tent. One thing I did notice with the pipe is that it needs to be screwed on from the inside. This is becasue the hole were slightly larger on the outside and it made more sense to me to make it very tight from doing it in reverse.

While you can cook on top of the oven as there is enough space, I would have preferred an opening for greater heat control. But nonetheless, it’s very easy to through a pan on top and whip up some bacon and eggs.

The unit itself is smaller than the other two. But that is to be expected as this is in the budget range. This goes with the legs (Which are removable for portability) as well. They are only about a foot in height. I would prefer them be higher, but this can easily be fixed with a brick or something of fire resistance and strength. But overall, I’m pleased with the HQ Issue winter tent stove. It’s certainly one of the best for someone on a very tight budget. The cast iron door and strong steel construction are enough for me to justify the decent price.

HQ ISSUE Outdoor Wood Stove