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Best Reflective Guy Lines For Tents

Best Reflective Guy Lines

Finding it hard to spot your campsite after a walk along the beach in the middle of the night? Investing in the best reflective guy lines can make finding your campsite at any time of the day all that much easier.

Whether its a midnight visit to the toilet or simply making your way back to your tent after sitting by the campfire, tripping over guylines is infamous when camping.

By having a reflective strip on your tents guy lines you’re able to quickly determine where not to walk and avoid any tripping hazards. Guylines that are reflective also make it easier fo finding your tent when driving up to your site after a day fishing.

There are many benefits to having guy lines that shine bright at night, but determining which ones are the best can be difficult. To make your buying decision a little easier, I have listed 5 of my favorite reflective guylines so you can stop stressing the little stuff and get on with the fun stuff.

Best Reflective Tents Guylines

Best Reflective Tents Guylines

Anyone who underestimates the value of a strong guy line is going to have a horrible time camping which is something Geertop understands. This is why they came out with these excellent guy lines that will help keep your tent secure on your next camping trip.

On your standard reflective guy line, you get a decent amount of reflection thanks to it having just 1 layer of reflective material. Geertop took this to the next level and added a second layer of reflective material which gives it a much higher level of visibility.

Not Just Reflective, But Strong As Well

The strength of these guy lines comes from the high-quality nylon they used when making them. It allows them to handle the harshest weather conditions and handle an impressive load weighing up to 550lbs. Having peace of mind on your next camping trip is easily had with these amazing guy lines.

This set of guy lines offers a good amount of rope so you won’t be short on your next trip. It measures an impressive 13-feet long and a diameter of 4mm which when you combine this with this coming in a pack of 6, you will have plenty of durable reflective rope when you need it.

*Available in a selection of colors to suit your camping style.

GEERTOP 6 Pack 4mm Reflective Tent Guide Rope

Heavy Duty Reflective Guy Ropes

Heavy Duty Reflective Guy Ropes

Chill Gorilla is a company to keep an eye out for, with how they’re constantly looking towards the future and trying to improve their products and bring them to the modern age standard. This is exactly what they did with these amazing reflective guy lines that offer a good amount of reflection and durability.

As with all reflective guy lines, the important factor is its ability to reflect light in poor lighting situations. Even in very little light, the reflection from these guy lines is extremely impressive giving you the ability to be able to see where they are and avoid any accidents.

Most companies will stick with a classic design and refuse to change which is why most guy lines have an aluminum tensioner. This made a lot of sense 10 or 20 years ago, but now plastic materials have come a long way and the polymer tensioners on these guy lines are far better than your standard aluminum ones.

With the tensioners being a polymer instead of aluminum might concern some people thinking it doesn’t have the strength required. That’s not the case with the polymer tensioners on these guy lines as it has the same strength and more durability than an aluminum tensioner.

Chill Gorilla 6 Pack 4mm Reflective Tent Guide Rope

MSR Reflective Utility Cord Kit

MSR Reflective Utility Cord Kit

While this reflective cord may not come in a pack of 6 it’s still worth your time considering if it’ll be right for your next camping trip. MSR has done an excellent job when they were designing this reflective cord.

Starting with the reflective capabilities of this cord is a good way to get a good idea of just how good it is. Even in low light, you will get a decent amount of reflection from this cord. It’s easy to see in the dark with an active light source which can prevent people from tripping over or driving into your tent.

You might think that since it’s a single cord you won’t get a lot of length in your rope. That’s not the case as MSR made the smart choice of making this reflective cord measuring an impressive 49.2-foot long. So while you only have one cord it offers a lot of length to anchor down your tent.

The unique thing about this utility kit is the 4 tensioning rings that come with it. This will help you from having to tie a bunch of keeper knots which can be an annoying thing to do when camping. This alone makes this cord worth your time as it takes some of the annoyance out of camping.

MSR Reflective Utility Cord Kit

Lightweight Reflective Guy Lines

Lightweight Reflective Guy Lines

If you’re someone who needs a lot of high-quality reflective guy lines then these just might be the guy lines you’re after. Coming in an excellent pack of 12 Kratarc knows that you can never have enough reflective rope when you go camping. It can ruin a camping trip if you don’t have enough rope so why take the risk says Kratarc!

This set of reflective guy lines comes in two separate colors with one being yellow, and the other green. They’re very bright which adds to the how visibly they are when you’re in poor lighting. Combining this bright color with excellent reflective material makes seeing them an easier task.

For my old school fans out there who want nothing to do with a plastic tensioner then Kratarc have you covered. They went with the classic aluminum tensioners so you know what you will get when you get these excellent aluminum guy line adjuster.

One thing that can be frustrating with having so much rope is that it can be hard to store and trying to store them loose is not recommended. With Kratarc including a storage bag for the rope does help with this annoying issue. While this is a small thing, it’s something that is highly appreciated.

KRATARC 12 Pack 4mm Outdoor Guy Lines

Light Duty Thin Reflective Guylines

Light Duty Thin Reflective Guylines

Not everyone needs the most heavy-duty reflective guy lines when they go camping and need something that’s a bit thinner. Aidier understands this, which is why they made this excellent light-duty rope that still offers a good amount of strength.

Reflectiveness is the big selling point of a reflective cord as it’s meant to make camping safer. The reflection on this cord is impressive, in some cases, the cord is just as visible in the night as it is in the day time.

Great For Camping & Backpacking

In my opinion, this guy line makes an excellent choice if you’re a backpacking camper who needs something that doesn’t take up a lot of space or weigh a lot. With this cord only weighing 2.3oz it won’t affect the overall weight of your backpack which checks a big requirement for a backpack camper.

One thing to note with this rope which is a bit of a downside is that it doesn’t come with a tension adjuster. This is a bit of an issue as it will mean you will have to go and get your own for this rope. While it’s not a dealbreaker it would have been better if they included one for convenience.

AIDIER Reflective Nylon Cord

Basic Guyline Considerations

Having a basic understanding of what a guy line is meant to do will make a big difference in your ability to chose where to set up and be safe. So there are a number of things you need to consider when it comes to your guy lines.

The first thing you need to understand with guy lines is their purpose and why they’re important. A guy lines job is to help keep your tent secure and make your tent more structural stability.

The last thing you want when your camping is for some heavy rain and wind to take your tent away. Even a tent designed for high winds will heavily rely on some quality strong guylines, so don’t underestimate the importance of these camping essentials.

The Weather And Your Guy Lines

Trying to keep your tent dry is an essential part of camping as if everything gets wet your trip can be ruined. Most people think it’s just the rain that causes your tent to get wet but condensation plays a big part. It can build up and cause your tent to get water in it.

Guy lines are an excellent way to prevent this by using them to tension your rainfly away from your tent. This will make sure the condensation doesn’t leak onto and into your tent. One thing to remember is to keep checking the tension as it can sag when it gets cold.

Guy Lines Strengthen Your Tent

In my opinion, the strength of your tent can be increased a lot just from having strong guy lines set up. Heavy winds have a way of ruining tents that guy lines will help in preventing which is what makes them so crucial. You will want your guylines to reinforce not only the rainfly but also the poles themselves.

Snow is something that can bring your entire camping trip undone. The weight can cause your tent poles to break leaving you in a dangerous situation.

By using a guy line it gives your tent more strength and can remove the pressure on the poles making it safer. A great winter camping tip is to use reflective guylines to make your tent more visible during the day and the nighttime. Should someone need to find you in an emergency, having reflective lines that are bright colors will help emergency services find you quicker.

Constantly checking your guy lines and re-tensioning them is important in keeping your tent secure. There are a number of ways of doing this but the simplest is to use a trucker’s hitch. There is the option of going with a tensioner which is a good option since it doesn’t require the trucker’s hitch.