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Best Air Mattresses Made In USA

Best Air Mattresses Made In USAI must admit, I was a little surprised to discover just how many air mattresses made in the USA there actually are. I mean, made from materials found and built in America. Not American run companies that do all the dirty work overseas (Insert China). But true airbeds made in the USA.

While I didn’t scour the entire world and internet to find out exactly where every air mattress is made, I did spend quite an embarrassing amount of time trying to find available options. I was determined to find at least one reputable brand that does actually make their products for America.

What Air Mattress Brands Are Made In America?

Full disclosure: The results are based on my personal research and hopefully there are more brands that I somehow missed. If this is the case and you are reading this, please do mention the brand of air mattress that is in fact made in the United States.

The Best U.S Made Airbed – Therm-A-Rest

What Air Mattress Brands Are Made In America

The story behind Therm A Rest is quite incredible. For over 40 years this American company have been making air mattresses that are built in Seattle. But whats really amazing is this humble small but innovative company were the original creators of the self inflating sleeping pad.

Since 1971, people have been sleeping under the stars in a whole new way thanks to the self inflating pad by Therm-A-Rest. A self inflating pad requires no pump, and self inflates as the foam inside expands from contact with air.

Most of the available Therm-A-Rest air mattresses are low profile. This means they are ideal for camping and hiking due to their lightweight and portability. However, if you are in the need for a double high raised bed, I don’t think Therm-A-Rest provide such a bed unfortunately.


Close But No Cigar – Sorry Sound Asleep

Sold ONLY In The USA - Dream Series Available On Amazon

Sold ONLY In The USA – Dream Series Available On Amazon

Unfortunately one of my personal favorite air mattress brand failed to bring me the news I was after. You see, I knew that they were a brand that only shipped to the USA, and I knew that they were an online only company.

But what I didn’t know was that Sound Asleep – Dream Series air mattresses are in fact produced overseas. This was a little disheartening as they are designed and developed in New Jersey.

Regardless I am going to mention this air mattress even tho it is not made here in the U.S. Why?. Because it is an American company nonetheless and it is one awesome air bed.

Why is it awesome?. Well, for me the main thing is the support this air mattress offers is simply amazing. This is due to the air coil system going on in the inside. These air coils act as vertical support beams raising the air mattress and keeping your body fully supported at all times. No air mattress blow out or warping here!.

Permanent Air Beds American Made

Yes, this is a air mattress!! Personal Comfort A2 Available On

These kind of air beds are out of this world incredible. But, they have there downfalls. They are not portable, but are to be used as permanent bed replacements. The other downside is that they are incredibly expensive.

The major brands in this niche do make their permanent airbeds in America which is perhaps an aspect to why they are so expensive. But in saying this, people have said these types of beds to literally be life savers. They have incredible medical benefits due to being so adjustable.


What Brands Are Not Made In The USA

Many of the popular brand names in the air mattress and camping world are available in various locations throughout the world. So while it’s unfortunate that they don’t make their products in the USA, it’s understandable that they don’t.

Here is the list of camping and air mattress brands we researched.

Coleman – Couldn’t find a certain answer. On Wiki it states most products are made in China (Which I Do Believe)




Alps Mountaineering – “assembled at the best factories in the world

Milestone Camping – Made In The U.K

Fox Airbeds – Mentioned on product label and also you can see that they were shipped from China on this document.

Do You Know Any Others To Add To The List?

Feel free to share any air mattresses that you know of that are made in the USA. Preferably with a online link so that other folks can check out the airbeds. Thanks in advance.


Thursday 10th of March 2022

Like your web site but wish you would mention where a product is made. ( air mattresses) I'm at a point where I'm looking at anywhere but China.


Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

Which beds ARE manufactured in the USA?


Saturday 2nd of January 2021

Soveiluften makes covers to take China made air mattresses and turn them into a forever mattress. You can even build your own air bed for 1/10th the cost of numbered beds

Flynn Grang

Thursday 7th of December 2017

Thanks for providing the research you found on air mattresses made in America. Unfortunately, like most countries the products are made overseas for obvious reasons.