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Extra Long Camping Cots For Tall People Up To 7’5″

Extra Long Camping Cots For Tall People

I consider myself a tallish and lanky person. Because of this, finding a camping bed suitable to my height can be difficult. As I already have some suitable Taller size air mattresses, now it’s time to find the best extra long camping cots for tall people.

There’s nothing worse then trying to sleep on a cot with your feet dangling over the end. The steel bar surround is certainly not the most comfortable sensation in the world. So by finding a suitable cot for that is extra long is detrimental to having a excellent camping adventure.

Besides the extra length for the actual sleeping part, another factor I take into consideration is the height of the cot. The higher off the ground, the easier it is to get my lanky body in and out of the cot. While I know it may be unreasonable to think all cots should be higher off the floor, I know some actually are. These are the cots I will be presenting here today. Extra long and higher off the ground for quick and easy access.

The Longest Camping Cot 90″ Length!

The Longest Camping Cot 90" Length

The Extra Large (XL) Escalade cot by Alps Mountaineering is the longest camping cot I have ever seen. Suitable for people up to a massive 7’5″, this cot is sure to please even the tallest campers. 90 inches in length is quite rare to find.

Surprisingly, I found this cot to be quite affordable too. When in comparison to some of the other cots with extra length, the Escalade is more than reasonable in my opinion. To get the exact price, view it on amazon now.

From the moment of un-boxing this cot, I was extremely impressed. Not with the absolutely zero assembly that’s required but with the shear quality and design of the cot. Here’s why.

Never Bang Your Head Again!

Because this cot is extra long you be thinking that you would never hit your head on the aluminum frame. Possibly, but at over 7 foot tall, you can still slide up in your sleep and whack your head.

Except for one thing. The Escalade doesn’t have a bar/frame at the head rest end. So you literally will never bang your head on the frame. Wow, this is amazing was my first thoughts.

The other brilliant thing about the design is the amount of support it offers. The 325 lbs weight capacity is sure nice, but what makes this cot so darn sturdy is the legs. They are angled so that the cot doesn’t wobble like the straight up and down vertical legs. Just these two features alone and I am sold.

However, there’s more. The cot is rather wide too. So no feeling of rolling off the side to concern yourself with. It measures 32″ wide. It is a tad heavy at 16 pounds, but for car camping this is completely fine.

Overall, I am very impressed with everything the Escalade offers. It’s comfy to boot and even has side storage pocket for putting keys, smart phone, medicines etc in. For being one of the longest cots designed for camping, it’s a sure winner.

The Escalade By Alps Mountaineering

Perfect Camping Cot For The Big And Tall People

The second tallest camping cot I have much experience with. It’s a huge cot made by Teton Sports. The XXL Teton Sports Outfitter is a whopping 95 inches long, 40 inches wide and 19 inches in height. Adding to that is a serious weight capacity of 600 pounds. So you can clearly see its designed for oversized campers.

Besides the huge size of this cot, what I like about it is that it sits at 19″ high off the ground. Which is similar to a regular bed height. So getting on and off is much easier on this cot. Plus it means you can fit larger carry bags and equipment under the cot for added storage. Huge bonus as my Partner tends to pack heavy if you know what I mean.

Because it is so long and wide, it can be misleading in regards to comfort. But I can assure you, that while Teton Sports does sell a matching cot sleeping pad that goes on top, you absolutely don’t need it. I find a sleeping bag and pillow is rather comfortable on top of the tight knit 600 Oxford denier canvas. However, if you want to go the extra mile, buy the pad for even more comfort. I also love how you cant fall out of this cot. Such a relief.

Can Be Used As A Seat

I feel completely safe sitting on the outer edge of the cot. Which can be quite daunting on some cots. This is because many are not that great quality and the frame is not very supportive.

But with this tank of a camping cot, I feel completely safe due to the strong and tight canvas. But more importantly the unique ‘S-leg frames’. The top half of the legs are interlocked to the bottom half of the leg using a ‘S’ like connection. Kind of like a monkey grip. So being that each of the 3 support legs is actually two halves interlocked, I know that this is more stable than any one piece frame could offer.

The only downside is that there is a bar that runs at the top, so if you are really tall, remember to put a pillow down so you don’t bump your head on landing. Otherwise, the XXL Teton Sports camping cot is one of the best camping cots period.

Teton Sports XXL Camping Cot

7 Foot Long Camping Cot

7 Foot Long Camping Cot

Another popular camping cot for tall people up to 7 foot tall is the Kamp Rite Kwik cot oversized edition. Measuring in at 84 inches long. Just one inch shorter than the above Teton XXL, this cot has a lower weight capacity of  350 lbs and is a bit more narrow (33 inches wide) for the more space conscious campers.

It’s very high off the ground as well, measuring in at 20-21 inches from floor height. Which certainly makes it easier on the knees and joints when it comes time to get up in the morning.

But it is heavy to carry around weighing about 23 pounds. So pick a spot and stick to it. But the good news is that it is a folding cot. So it is rather easy to transport in terms of awkward size. It pretty much folds down to half its size.

Frame Is Tops, Seat Up Is A Breeze

The Kwik Cot is a fairly simple cot to set up. Hence the play on the word ‘Quick’ with Kwik. The support frame is a little different on this model, which I like. For starters there are no bars that run down the center, so you never need to wake in the middle of the night to discomfort.

The frame itself has three rows like you would expect of a longer cot like this. But along the sides, each of the legs connect to each other to create a strong foundation. On either ends are a cross bar to make the cot even more sturdier. These are the little features that often go unnoticed, yet can make or break a camping trip. So I’m glad Kamp Rite have our stability in mind here.

Kamp Rite Oversized Kwik Cot

Extra Long Low Profile Cot For Campers

Not everybody may be starting to feel the pinch in the knees and joints and need a high rise cot. So for the young campers with no concerns on getting low to sleep, this is the longest low profile camping cot I have come across.

The thing that sometimes concerns me with low profile cots is putting my knee through the canvas as I go to lay down. But this ‘Big Bear’ Easy Roll Up cot by World Outdoor Products lessons my fears. This is due to having four support beams that ensure the canvas is stretched evenly without having ‘weak points’.

So the canvas is tighter between the connection points. Another good point to mention here is that each of this connection areas where the canvas meets the four support frames, they have been reinforced with a outer layer of black canvas which are double stitched for greater resistance to tearing.

But How Long Is The ‘Big Bear’ Cot?

The Big Bear is another 84 inch cot which equates to 7 feet. A decent 32 inches wide with a height of 9 inches from ground height. So pretty much the same height as a single level air mattress if you are unsure. So not dead flat on the ground, but still lower then the above mentioned cots.

The only real negative to this cot is that on your first set up, you need to pull the canvas over the frame so it is taut and not loose fitting. This can take a bit of time if you have never done this before. However, it makes up for it when it comes to packing away.

It’s a simple roll up design so that you can store it away in a handy carry case. But you do have to remove the legs before rolling it up. But once you have done this a couple times, it really should only take 2 minutes to pack away. Not a bad compromise for a light 12 pound cot that rolls out to an impressive 84 inches long.

World Outdoor Products Big Bear EASY ROLLUP

The Best Tall Persons Camping Cot…?

While there are a few other 80+ inch long cots available on the market, these four are the best in my opinion. Each is unique in their own way and serve a different type of camper. So I hope you find at least one of them relevant to your needs.

For me personally, I love the Alps Mountaineering cot because of how high it sits off the ground, the incredible 90 inch length and the fact there is no bar around the head end of the cot suits me to the ground.