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Coleman 360 Light And Sound Lantern Review – Why It’s A No Brainer

Coleman 360 Light And Sound Lantern ReviewJust when you thought a rechargeable camping lantern couldn’t get any more awesome, along comes Coleman with a new and innovative device known as the 360. In this Coleman 360 light and sound lantern review you will discover just what this product offers and whether it’s the right fit for your next camping trip.

While browsing the aisles of our local camping and outdoors adventure store I got stopped in my tracks when I first laid eyes on the Coleman 360. I didn’t hesitate one bit, grabbed it went to the counter and handed over my hard earned money.

Do note this product is available in multiple countries, so for US buyers you can pick up the Coleman 360 on amazon here. But as this is a USB rechargeable device it doesn’t matter where you live, this thing will work.

The reason for the impulse buy was due to lack of a camping speaker, plus the additional lantern never hurt anyone. Sure I already have portable rechargeable speakers I could take with me camping, but this thing just looked so cool I had to have it. Plus it makes for a great centerpiece on the camp table as it provides both light and tunes. What else could a camper ask for.

Coleman 360 Light And Sound Camping Lantern


Initial Review Of The Coleman 360 Light & Sound Lantern

Looks and impulse buying aside, how good is the Coleman 360 Light and Sound really?. Am I disappointed with my impulse buy or is it something I am never leaving my side?. This is what you will find out out now in this review.

As I write this review I am actually cranking out some tunes on the Coleman 360 Light And Sound right now, so it’s certainly had an effect on me right out of the box. But lets get a little more specific on what this lantern offers.

Decent Light SourceColeman 360 Lantern Number Of Lumens

If you’re looking to buy the most powerful camping lantern on the market, this is not the one. For a more powerful LED rechargeable lantern you would need one with 1000 Lumens, something like the CORE 1000 lumens lantern.

But don’t let this deter you, the Coleman 360’s lifetime LED still has a decent 400 Lumens rating. Lumens ratings are just a measurement for the amount of light emitted per second. So the more Lumens the brighter a lantern will be. The typical household light emits anywhere from 300 to 1000 Lumens.

So a 400 Lumen rating is not too bad for a camping lantern like this. It’s not super bright that it blinds you yet it’s bright enough to provide enough light for a decent size tent. In this image you can see it on the floor of a 19ft x 19ft room. Not a great image but it’s enough light for a average size room.

There are 3 light settings which make it easier to save the battery life. Also if you don’t want to wake the kids up in the middle of the night to go outside to the toilet you can switch it to the lowest setting which is only 80 Lumens (More of a night light).

The Lights Battery Duration

The battery life when using the light varies from 7 hours on high to 40 hours on low. But most likely you will have varied light settings throughout the night so I would anticipate a average of 20-25 hours of light source before needing to be recharged.

If extended battery life is what appeals to you more than a lantern with a built in speaker, perhaps you need to take a look at the 200 hour rechargeable Tough Light on amazon. It has the same amount of Lumens (400) but has a far superior 6000 mAh Li-ion battery. However it doesn’t have the speaker and can cost more than this Coleman.

How Loud Is The Coleman 360 Lantern

How Loud Is The Coleman 360 Lantern

When it comes to beat boxes, this is certainly not the best in the industry. So don’t go thinking you can rock out with the tunes blaring around camp. Considering it’s a pretty good lantern after all, I think the built in speaker does a decent job considering it’s designed for camping and not for hosting a party.

Because the music, e-book, audible files etc are streamed via Bluetooth to the Coleman 360, the amount of volume the lantern produces is reflective of how loud your device can go. The Coleman 360 does have volume up and down buttons, but you will also need to use the volume function on your smart phone to get the volume just right.

After all, it’s a lantern with a built in speaker. So don’t go in with unrealistic expectations. Sure it puts out a decent sound and is loud enough, but it’s not a boom box with amplified bass or anything like that. For the most part, it’s loudness is quite sufficient for camping. Unless you are the only one camping in a 10 mile radius, this speaker up at maximum will offend your neighboring campers. So do take this into consideration when using the speaker function.

The lantern can play music for up to 20 hours non stop. But this is without the lantern feature going. Can also be recharged and play music at the same time.

Connectivity Review For The Coleman 360 Lantern

What I loved most about this product was just how easy it was to use. Not just the simple switch for turning the LED light on (left for off and right for light settings low, med, high), but connecting to Bluetooth from my Smartphone.

With some products using Bluetooth is a pain in the backside, but with this lantern it connected first go and I had music playing in seconds.

The steps to connect are very simple. Ensure Bluetooth is switched on your device then push the Bluetooth button on the lantern. Next search for device on your phone and it will automatically connect. Very simple. However only one device can be connected to the lantern at a time. So as long as you have a device with Bluetooth, you can play tunes through this awesome camping lantern.

Overview Of The Coleman 360 Light And Sound Lantern

The Pros

  • 2-in-1 device. Saves space when packing compared to a speaker and lantern separately.
  • Water Resistant – I wouldn’t leave this device in the middle of a storm, but if it does start raining on it, it’s not going to blow up immediately.
  • Comes with a USB connection cord so charging this device is straight forward and simple.
  • 7-40 hours of light before needing to be recharged
  • 20 hours of music before needing to be recharged.
  • Lightweight and comes with a convenient handle that can be used as a walking light or hung inside the tent for light.
  • Quite a heavy duty feel to it. Feels like it can take a bit of a camp beating and still produce the goods.
  • USB charging port has a water tight cover in the event of rain.

The Cons

  • Depending where you buy, it can be a little overpriced. If you were to buy a lantern and speaker separate, I’m sure you could cheaper. But the convenience of it being 2-in-1 appeals more to me. You can check the price on amazon for an up to date price.
  • Sound fanatics wouldn’t be happy with the lack of settings for sound.


Is It The Best Rechargeable LED Camping LanternBest Rechargeable LED Camping Lanterns

I love the fact the Coleman 360 is rechargeable as I try to camp with as minimal batteries, power cords etc. So charging this beast up before heading out and not having to worry about it again is a huge plus. But does this alone make it the best rechargeable LED camping lantern on the market?.

In my opinion it is the best rechargeable camping LED lantern purely for the fact it comes with Bluetooth speakers. But in terms of light output, no it’s not the best. 400 lumens is enough for a single average size tent, but for people wanting a far more brighter experience they would be better off with a higher lumen lantern.

Overall I find the Coleman 360 Light And Sound Lantern to be a great buy. I won’t be returning it in a hurry and I see it getting plenty of use. For both camping and around the home use. Makes for a great portable speaker in general. For the price I am very happy with the purchase. To get yours you can check the price on amazon here.

Coleman 360 Light And Sound Camping Lantern


Wednesday 6th of December 2023

Thank you so much for this one sentence! "However only one device can be connected to the lantern at a time." It doesn't say that on the box so I wasn't sure why I couldn't connect to my iPhone and it's because I had previously connected to my iPad and forgot that I did! And I work at Apple! haha

Bryan Ludvigsen

Friday 30th of July 2021

I need to know how to take my colman bluetooth and light apart My charge port fell inside ty


Monday 12th of November 2018


I love being able to count on a  very good lantern review that also gives me the possibility of listening to good music. It seems spectacular to me. 

Your recommendation to go on a trip with the battery already charged is also important. Anyway, I think the time of your battery seems great. 

I'll talk to my fishing friends and then make the purchase. Thank you!



Monday 12th of November 2018

Looks like a really cool and useful lantern to me, thanks for the amazing info about the Coleman 360. I might need one after 2 mothns when I go camping with my dad and uncle, and if the Coleman 360 really is as great as you say it is on this review...I need to look no further.

Overall, pretty good review, right to the point with enough easy to understand info.


Tuesday 13th of November 2018

Thanks Isaac, I think you will find the 360 is handy for many occasions including camping. Good to see you have started your camping preparation 2 months in advance. Hope it all goes to plan for you.


Monday 12th of November 2018

Hi there,

Thanks for the review and for the solid review. A camping lantern with the ability to play music, wow !  It is a very appealing product to have in your camping itinerary and good battery life also.

A couple of questions however:

Is there an option to use conventional (AA or AAA) batteries as a back up should you be out in the wilderness longer than the specified battery life duration?

Also, do you know if there is an option to plug in headphones in order to listen to music/audio books privately?

Best regards,



Monday 12th of November 2018

Hi Paul, no you cannot use external batteries as a back up. But if your worried about running out of power you can always use solar panels to charge a power bank etc. So you can always get power when camping. There is no headphone port as it's not required. If your streaming music via Bluetooth on your phone you can just use headphones on your phone or iPad for example. This lantern is good for chilling out with your legs up under the open sky.