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Best Air Mattress For The Money When On A Tight Budget

Best Air Mattress For The Money When On A Tight Budget

I’ve never really understood what people mean when they clarify that they want the best air mattress for the money in 2017?. Sure I get what they are saying, but it doesn’t really give much information away as to what exactly they want.

Sure it’s not hard to find an inexpensive budget air mattress. But is it going to be able to withstand the purpose for you buying it in the first place. You see, I still remember my first ‘cheap’ air mattress and I thought it was the best thing ever as it cost me under $20. All I needed it for when I was working away from home for a week. So instead of paying a fee more bucks to get something decent , I went with the cheapest air mattress I could find.

Air Mattresses Can Be Cold To Sleep On!

Unfortunately it was Winter and I was sleeping on timber floors. During the night I woke up on these timber slats because the air mattress had already deflated. After just a few hours on the first night!. As I was working Rural, taking it back to the store was not an option. So for the rest of the week, I was forced to set my alarm clock every few hours so that I would wake up and put more air into the deflating air bed.

Geez that was a cold and annoying week away. But the moral of the story is: NEVER buy the cheapest air mattress you can find. Instead, have a list of certain requirements that you need, and set a budget. Be willing to compromise on the budget slightly and you will more likely be able to find the best price air mattress that is up to standards.

In this list below you can find the best air mattresses for the money according to their classification or category. For example, a camping air mattress is not so well suited to a semi permanent bed replacement. In each category we will be bringing you the best air mattresses with the best prices so that you don’t feel like you need to buy cheap.

Best Budget Air Mattress For Camping

The Coleman Quickbed Soft Top Airbed

Best Budget Air Mattress For Camping

When it comes to camping beds, this is one area I would not go too cheap one. There is nothing worse then being stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a deflated air mattress. Which is why it is also important to know what type of pump your bed requires; Is it built in, is it rechargeable, does it take batteries etc. Never go camping ill prepared,we make this clear in our camping airbed buying guide.

If camping on a budget is your thing, what I recommend is the Coleman Soft Plush Top Air Mattress. This thing is quite incredible for the price tag it boasts. Now remember this is a budget model, and we have hand selected this air mattress based on what we consider affordable but not over the top.

This air mattress uses coil technology support beams which I always recommend no matter what the occasion. This is just a better all round strong and supportive bed. These air coils are inside the mattress and are what keeps you from hitting the ground when you sit/lay in bed. Horizontal beams tend to blow out and warp. But this Coleman uses horizontal beams of air which are far better in my opinion.

The other nice touch is the flocked top. Normally for the price of this air mattress, you would get the annoying PVC plastic top which makes noises every-time you move. But with a flocked soft top, you eliminate this issue and get a more comfortable bed as well. Unfortunately the price doesn’t include a pump, but they are fairly cheap anyways. Great buy for the camper on a budget.

Coleman Soft Top Air Mattress ' Quick Bed'

Best Inexpensive Air Mattress For Indoors

Intex Mid Rise Soft Plush Built In Pump Airbed

Best Inexpensive Air Mattress For Indoors

This Intex airbed is incredible value, I still can’t believe that there are air mattresses double the price that offer less than the Intex Mid Rise. Compare this Intex to other Indoors Everyday Use Air Mttresses Here. This is probably the best price air mattress on the market for durability, comfort and ease of use in my opinion.

With its price out of the way, what makes the Intex worth throwing a few bucks at?. Well, there are quite a few positives about this bed, so lets have a look.

  • The Intex air mattress includes a built in pump. This is a pump installed into the airbed, all you have to do is connect it to the wall and you can start inflating/deflating. Simple and ideal for indoor air mattresses
  • While ideal for indoors use, the Intex can also take external pumps which not many air mattresses can do. So this means you can buy a cheap battery/rechargeable pump and have a very nice camping mattress for less than $50!.
  • Raised air mattress sits at 13 inches in height. This is not quite as high as the more premium airbeds, but still higher than a single profile air mattress. Great for people with back problems as you have less distance to lower yourself down to.
  • Soft suede like materiel on top of the air mattress completes this amazing value for money airbed. The soft top reduces ‘plastic’ rubbing noises and is more comfortable/warmer to sleep on.

My Overall Opinion

When you find out just how much bang you get for your buck with this Intex, you will seriously be finding it hard to ever spend more on another air mattress again. From my research, this is without a doubt the best value going around.

With additional features not yet discussed, the Intex only gets better. If a higher profile air bed with a built in pump is what you are after, then give the Intex some serious thought.

Intex Mid Rise Soft Plush Built In Pump Airbed

Best Price Air Mattress For Hiking, Travel Etc

Fox OutFitters Airlite Air Mattress Review

Best Price Air Mattress For Hiking

As a hiker or backpacker, sometimes its best to buy the best quality bed you can afford. Living life in the wilderness is not always relaxing and peaceful as it’s made out to be. Times can get tough and tricky to say the least. The last thing you want to come home to after a 12 hour frustrating trip is a barely there air mattress. So investing maybe a little bit more than what you would consider cheap is not a bad idea.

Which leads us to the Fox OutFitters Airlite air mattress. Yes this is a air mattress and not a sleeping pad and yes it is lightweight. So it is applicable to the portable outdoors lifestyle. That’s without even mentioning how compact this thing squeezes down to.

The thing about hiking is that you want to carry as little as possible. So air mattresses are normally kicked to the kerb for a self inflating pad as they don’t require a pump. Which is fair enough.

But, the Airlite comes with a built in foot pump that is extremely simple to use. So you have to carry nothing more, but you get to sleep on a thicker more comfortable portable bed. Which is simply the ideal situation for me. If you plan to camp in one spot for several days, you may need to top up the mattress every now and then. But I found from my experience that it stays firm for about a week before needing more air.

I could continue to go on about how awesome the Airlite is, but I think it’s best you find out the price on amazon first before going further into your product research. Once you evaluate comfort for money spent ratio, I do believe the Airlite is air mattress that is great value for money.

Airlite Air Mattress By Fox Outfitters

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