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10 Useful Tent Camping Tips For Beginners

10 Useful Tent Camping Tips For BeginnersGoing on a camping expedition means for many people a moment of rest and relaxation. It is lovely to spend a few days not worrying about the day to day hassles of ‘normal life activities. Which is why we have hit upon some tent camping tips for beginners, so everyone can take the hassle out of camping and turn it into an amazing time away.

There are different types of vacations that we have available to us all for minimal cost. Sunny holidays to all parts of the country, skiing holidays, cycling holidays and a holiday where you can stand in the middle of nature, camping. Which is by far our favorite way to spend the holidays.

But as a beginner, camping for the first time may seem very daunting. Sleeping out in the wilderness all alone (Bar friends and family), away from major civilization, limited technology and the out there with wild animals. These are all aspects of camping, but when you are armed with the right information and knowledge, that daunting feeling will soon disappear. In saying that, we have 10 very useful tips for a carefree camping vacation!

10 Tips For The First Time Camper

Leave EarlySetting up a tent tips for beginners

We advise you to travel early to your camping location. Don’t just allow for the drive to the camp site or location, but it’s very important to have plenty of time to set up your campsite. It’s a lot easier to set up your campsite in daylight, compared to when it’s dark or the sun is setting.

Take A Air Mattress Designed For Camping Conditions

Not all air mattresses are created equal, especially when it comes to camping. Many people set up a tent on open ground. This terrain can easily have sticks and rocks which could not only rip your tent, but also the air mattress. So we highly recommend buying a heavy duty camping air mattress. In many cases a battery operated or rechargeable pump is used to inflate the mattress due to the portability of the pump and no reliance on electricity.

Camping air mattress buying tips

Tip To Keep Insects Out Of The Tent

Assuming that you do not like a lot of insects in and around your tent, we have a little tip to minimize these annoying critters from coming in. Face the tent so that the door side from which you enter and exit the tent is facing into the breeze. The wind flow in and around the tent will ensure that mosquitoes and other insects stay away. These insects tend to stay out of the wind and in places where no wind can be found.

Choose The Right Sleeping Bag For The Climate You Are Going To Face

The choice for your sleeping bag is very important when you’re camping. Many people have down sleeping bags because they provide good ventilation. There is a disadvantage in down sleeping bags tho. When down-filled sleeping bags are wet they lose their insulation and lightness. We encourage you to purchase a 3-seasonal synthetic sleeping bag. These sleeping bags are cheaper and offer you all a good year and good rest when you go camping.

Going Tent Camping In Cold Conditions?

Don’t you just hate it when it’s nice and sunny during the day, but during the night it becomes freezing. Be prepared for colder tent camping conditions. A couple little things could make the difference such as: Take a Air Bed suited for colder conditions, Place an extra sleeping pad between your mattress and the ground. The ground acts as a huge ice block and absorbs any body heat you have put into your mattress. Sleep in a beanie, extra pair of socks and even sleep with your clothes inside the sleeping bag for the next day. This way you can change your clothes the next morning from the warmth of your sleeping bag. The clothes may get somewhat crinkled, but hey you’re camping. Who cares right!.

Drink Plenty Of Coffee!How To Make Coffee Over Campfire

Ok so this camping tip is just for the coffee lovers. Just becasue you are leaving your hectic life behind for the great outdoors. Doesn’t mean you should give up on the only thing that gets us through the day. Coffee!!

Making coffee while camping is not as hard as you may think. In fact, here’s six ways to brew coffee while camping. It’s a must read if you can’t go a day without the smell of fresh beans.

Drink Alcohol In Moderation

As much as having a few drinks by the campsite is a great way to relax before bed, in warmer conditions Alcohol can make you feel the heat more during the night. Which can lead to a very uncomfortable nights sleep. Also drink in moderation, nobody want’s to go on a drunken walk through the forest at midnight not knowing their way back to the campsite right!. We all know the dangers of drinking too much, so play it safe when you are in the hands of Mother Nature.

Take Your Own Meat CampingFrozen Meats For Camping

Depending on your situation, having a Barbecue while camping is a great way to feed the masses. But this requires an external source of power/gas to get the cooking on the go. With a Dutch Oven for camping, you only need to have a camp fire and you can cook some amazing dishes. Even food you may not expect such as pizza, bread, stews, bacon and eggs etc.

But the problem is, there usually are no shops in close proximity. Unless you plan to go fishing, you may be limited on meat to cook. For short camping trips, it’s very handy to freeze the meat before you go. This way the meat will last longer and you won’t cause anyone to suffer from food poisoning.

Use Solar Power When Camping If Possible

These days many cool devices are solar powered. So when you can, it’s advisable to charge these devices during the day for power during the night. Such devices can include solar powered: phone chargers, camp lights, torches, lanterns, fans and even emergency radios which can be proved very useful in tricky situations.

Set Up The Tent Before Hand

Setting up the tent can be a tough challenge for anyone who has never set one up before. There’s times when you do run out of daylight, so setting up the tent while the sun is going down can be a time sensitive task. To get the upper hand, practice putting up and taking down the tent at home. Do this several times at your own home the day before the camping trip. Alternatively, Pop Up Tents may be a better solution. These tents are much easier to set up as they basically pop into shape. Perfect for the beginner camper.

Keep Rubbish Away From The Tent

Scrap food kept in rubbish bags can be seen as a buffet to wild animals and bugs. If no bins are available, I suggest keeping the food scraps far away from your tent. At very least, tie the bag up high in a tree. This will make it harder for the animals to get into and eat the scraps.

Got Anymore Tent Camping Tips For Beginners?.

We hope that by using these basic camping tips you are able to have a nice and comfortable holiday. If you have some additional camping tips you feel a beginner would benefit from, please add them to the comments section below. What you feel may be useless information, may be golden to someone else.